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Boston Restaurant Blog -- May, 2014

Below are blog entries from May, 2014. Use the links in the left column to do a quick search of blog entries, or to see blog entries from other months. And feel free to use the "Comments" links under each blog entry to reply to us; your comments just might end up in our Boston restaurant blog! (Note: This page is part of our restaurant features section.)

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May, 2014

Saturday, May 31, 2014
Info on the Friends of Boston's Hidden Restaurants Group Page

As some of you know, Boston's Hidden Restaurants has a Facebook fan page where new posts on reviews, photos, and questions can be found, along with posts from our news-based sister site (Boston Restaurant Talk). Well, there is also a Facebook group page that is a bit more casual and free form, with the focus being on discussions about restaurants in the Boston area and beyond. And unlike the Facebook fan page--where all posts are started by the Boston's Hidden Restaurants site--guests are also able to start their own threads on whatever topic they choose. The link to the group page can be found below:

Friends of Boston's Hidden Restaurants Group Page

Also, if you are looking for the fan page, it is at the following link: Boston's Hidden Restaurants Facebook page

Thanks again for all your support!

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Thursday, May 8, 2014
Twelve Chicken Dishes from Restaurants in the Boston Area

photo of chicken parmigiana from Pearl Street Station Restaurant, Malden, MAA number of different foods have been looked at in the slideshows that Boston's Hidden Restaurants has posted over the past few years, including pasta dishes, soups, breakfast items, burgers, pizza, and more. For this slideshow, chicken-based food items are the focus, including everything from wings to soups to chicken pot pie and more. And unlike some of the previous slideshows, this one focuses exclusively on restaurants in the Greater Boston area, though the last one is perhaps just outside of the region (not by much, though!).

The link below will take you to the brand new slideshow on chicken dishes.

Slideshow of Twelve Chicken Dishes

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