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Boston Restaurant Blog -- July, 2008

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Outdoor Dining at Khushboo in Lexington

The past few weeks have been extremely humid in the Boston area, so there have been relative few days to dine outdoors comfortably. We did manage to find one of those rare days a couple of weeks ago, however, and took advantage of it by going to Khushboo in the center of Lexington.

photo of Khushboo, Lexington, MA Khushboo is an Indian restaurant that resides in the space that Bel Canto used to be in years ago. Bel Canto was one of my favorite restaurants, not only for their excellent deep-dish pizzas, but also for their 2nd-floor patio that overlooked Lexington. The restaurant is gone, but the patio remains, though it looks a bit worse for wear these days, as I discovered when we grabbed an outdoor table the other night. The interior of Khushboo looked a bit tired as well, with its overall feel being less inviting than other Indian restaurants I have been to in the Boston area. But the food was very good; we started with the delicious Punjabi tikki (fried potato patties with carrots and radish) for an appetizer then moved on to the entrees, with the chicken dosa having an excellent mix of flavors (and being about the size of a small baseball bat) and the chicken dilrooba having a truly exotic taste, with a fine mix of mushrooms, herbs, and spices.

Service was a bit of a mix, as one of our waiters was cheerful and friendly, while the other was the complete opposite (it seemed like he was having a very bad day). They occasionally went missing here and there, but were mostly efficient. Prices were pretty reasonable, though perhaps just a touch higher than I'm used to paying for Indian food (but this is Lexington, where everything indeed seems a bit more costly). And even though the patio has seen its better days, it was great sitting outside above street level and taking in the mild breezes as we ate.

I can't say that Khushboo is my favorite Indian restaurant in the area (that might go to Kashish in nearby Belmont), but it really wasn't bad at all, and is certainly a good option for outdoor dining on a warm summer night.

If you are looking for the address for Khushboo, here it is: Khushboo, 1709 Massachusetts Ave, Lexington, MA, 02420. Phone: (781) 863-2900.

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MH said:
We returned to Khushboo this week, and the experience was a decent one once again. The interior seemed to have been updated a bit, or at least cleaned up, as it seemed a little more inviting, while the outdoor patio (where we ate) remained a nice spot on a warm summer evening. We tried the cheese naan (excellent, with a bit of oil on top and a delicious house-made cheese inside the bread), the chicken korma (creamy, spicy, and just about a perfect dish), and, once again, the chicken dilrooba, but this time it was ordered "hot," and was it ever hot, in fact almost too much so, causing some of the flavors to be masked by the heat (I can't imagine what "very hot" would be like for this dish). Once again, service was a mix of very friendly and, well, not so friendly, and prices were average to slightly above average. I would say that the terrific 2nd-floor patio is the main draw at Khushboo, though the food is indeed quite good here.
Posted on 8/18/11

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