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Quincy Dynasty (CLOSED)

49 Billings Road, Quincy, MA 02171
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Photo of Quincy Dynasty, Quincy, MA North Quincy and the neighboring Wollaston section of the city have become a "Chinatown South" of sorts, with a number of decent Chinese restaurants (as well as some Vietnamese and Japanese dining spots) calling this bustling part of Quincy their home. And while many of these places are little more than tiny storefronts with a handful of tables, there is one North Quincy restaurant called Quincy Dynasty that offers its customers lots of elbow room in a quiet, comfortable environment, as well as some of the tastiest Chinese food in this restaurant-rich southern suburb of Boston.

Quincy Dynasty has a large menu with a variety of Chinese-American items in addition to its more traditional fare. They also feature a luncheon buffet on weekdays and dim sum every Sunday. The menu itself has all kinds of Mandarin, Hunan, Szechuan, and Shanghai-style dishes, with some standouts being a wonderfully hearty (and non-greasy) plate of scallion pancakes, an oddly-textured but flavorful e-foo noodles with scallions and mushrooms, a seafood platter that consists of a nice mix of calamari, scallops, and shrimp, a rich-tasting duck lo mein, a sizzling beef and garlic dish with a bit of heat in it, a marvelous version of moo shi pork with sweet-tasting hoisin sauce, and a delicious minced chicken in garlic sauce. The restaurant also has a few dishes that touch upon other Asian cuisines, including a solid (if unspectacular) pad Thai, a tasty offering of Singapore noodles with little in the way of heat but lots of flavor, and a plate of udon noodles in satay sauce. Quincy Dynasty also offers a number of soups, including a good version of wonton soup, minced beef with cilantro, spinach with tofu, and the ever-popular hot and sour soup (their hot and sour is not excessively spicy, but does have a decent kick to it). Part of the menu is dedicated to healthy, low-fat dishes, and yet another part has a few sizzling platters (including the aforementioned seafood plate).

Quincy Dynasty can perhaps be seen as a decent alternative to restaurants in Boston's Chinatown neighborhood, especially if easy parking is important. The food at Quincy Dynasty might not quite reach the level of Chinatown's best, but it is a lot better than your typical suburban Chinese dining spots. That, plus the low prices (most dishes are below $10.00), should be enough to convince Chinese food lovers to try this peaceful, pleasant place just minutes south of Boston.