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Favorite Chinese Restaurant in the Boston Area?

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What are some of your favorite Chinese restaurants either in Chinatown or elsewhere in the Boston area? [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted by hiddenboston)

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rb wrote:
fantasy island in salem has good chinese ciusine. formerly known as dave wongs china sails.

kw wrote:
Taam China in Brookline. Kosher and Soooo good.

Joe G wrote:
Sichuan Garden in Woburn. Hot Dry chicken and XLB are great.

Jcakes wrote:
Golden Temple, Washington Sq.

mdt wrote:
Gourmet Dumpling House in Chinatown

Jim Dunna wrote:
Gourmet Oriental- Weymouth, Ma. Great food ,great staff

Will wrote:
I really like Mandarin Cuisine in Needham/Newton. Great quality of food.

ep wrote:
Hei La Moon at 88 Beach Street, Boston.
Arrive before 11;45 to avoid the wait at Lunch. The best dim sum

JSH wrote:
Gourment Dumpling in Chinatown

jkj wrote:
Ten Ichi in Natick; best Dim Sum around

RGB wrote:
CK Shanghai in Wellesley Hills is the best around.

jb wrote:
sun kong in malden for dim sum, schezuan garden in woburn, out of asia in saugus, and china pearl in woburn

larry r wrote:
The Wok in Wellesley

Jay M wrote:
FuLoon, Malden
Chilli Garden, Medford
Sichuan Gourmet, Billerica

Elise wrote:
All Season's Table in Malden.

AF wrote:
Fuloon, in Malden
- Golden Garden, on Concord Ave. in Belmont
- Gourmet Dumpling House, in Chinatown
- Winsor Dim Sum, in Chinatown
- For kid-friendly and Americanized buffet items, Great Wall in Bedford, near Lexington MA

ep19 wrote:
KOWLOON---has everything Chinese. Thai, Polynesian, Szechuan and everything Wong...a North Shore legend

j0hnnymac wrote:
i'm surprised i'm the first to mention Mary Chungs is Central Square Cambridge.

SS wrote:
Shangri-La, Belmont

JW wrote:
Seven Stars takeout in Roslindale. Limited menu but freshness and quality as high as Myers/Chang.

Crystal S. wrote:
Billy tse

Kimberly C. wrote:
Great Chow Quincy

Alexandra S. wrote:
Dumpling House

Holly M. S. wrote:
Sichuan Gourmet in Framingham!

@bigsam20 wrote:
greentea newton

@StarCanuck wrote:
Green Tea in Lynn. Killer mai tais and phenomenal people watching. Very much a cross-section of society.

@JosephVictor81 wrote:
does Taiwanese count? Gourmet Dumpling House, Chinatown.

Chantelle D. wrote:
Gourmet Dumpling House & East Ocean

Stewart M. wrote:
Shanghai Gate

Spike wrote:
Mee king bridgewater

dgk wrote:
Shanghai Gate in Allston
Gourmet dumpling - Chinatown

if wrote:
House of Chang and Mary Chung in Cambridge

Marla M. S. wrote:
Quincy Dynasty, Billings Road in Quincy

jn wrote:
Golden Temple in Brookline is awesome

Cameron R. wrote:
Taiwan Cafe.

Frederick W. wrote:
For traditional, I like Best Little Restaurant in Chinatown. The former Ho Yuen Ting.

Paul M. wrote:
Sichuan Garden, Harvard Street, Brookline. You just covered their neighbor, Family Restaurant. Get the shredded potatoes with green chilis.

Cameron R. wrote:
Taiwan Cafe.

RN wrote:
Asian Gourmet, in Concord MA

heidi wrote:
Best Little Restaurant (yes, that's the name!)Chinatown
Shanghai Gate, Allston
*No chicken fingers or pupu platters on either menu.

Matthias wrote:
Qing Dao Garden in Cambridge, easily.

tara wrote:
Chinese Mirch in Framingham

pmd wrote:
cathay pacific in Quincy

@inaglassortwo wrote:
love gourmet dumpling house and peach farm.

@guycos2 wrote:

@Thoughtfuleats wrote:
Great Wok in Arlington

Jay M. wrote:
Define Boston area - I'm willing to drive, but... Gene's Chinese Flatbread Cafe, Sichuan Gourmet (both original locations), FuLoon in Malden and Chilli Garden in Medford. I'm looking forward to trying Mulan in Waltham, but have not yet been. I'm less familiar with Taiwanese cuisine. PS: I am privy to an email chain among Chinese immigrants listing their faves town by town, but I don't read written Chinese, so I usually borrow a translator. Someday I will share.

Andrew D. wrote:
New Jumbo Seafood

Nancy N. O. wrote:
Gourmet garden in swampscott very good....

Maria P. S. wrote:
Mu Lan in Cambridge.

Mar O. wrote:
China Sky in Winchester

Adgballs D. wrote:
Q's Chinatown. Hot pot, sushi, & delicious bubble tea

Dana G. S. wrote:
Bamboo. Bedford ma

Tim C. wrote:
Billy Tse's! Best apps and Mai Tais around

Vincent G. wrote:
Victoria Seafood in Allston, it looks like a hole in the wall but has the best spicy salt lobster and pan fried noodle in Boston.

Rich D. wrote:
Dumpling Cafe

Tony S. wrote:
Fuloon in Malden

Richard B. wrote:
Depends on what one needs, for good food: Shanghai Gate or Mary Chung; for dim sum: Hei La Moon or Ocean Pearl, or Winsor.

tg wrote:
house of chang! get their mushroom salad and sauteed lotus root for a nice change.

anonymous wrote:
Asian Gourmet in Concord and Qing dao in Cambridge. Both authentic not Americanized.

anonymous wrote:
Su Chang's Peabody

BA wrote:
Mandarin Reading has great food and wonderful shows including Chinese New Years, music, plays, cooking, calligraphy, and origami classes. Sato ll Stoneham has some really good stuff too.

TvM wrote:
Peach Farm, Gourmet Dumpling House, Shabu Zen, Shoju, Pho Pasteur, Bon Chon Chicken

Anton wrote:
Gourmet Dumpling House.

red wrote:
Jade Garden on Tyler st
Salt and pepper squid, live shrimp, whole fish, pea pod stems....and big lobsters with ginger and scallion

Paul M. wrote:
Jo Jo Taipei, Allston. China King, Chinatown. Both have great soup dumplings.

Chantelle M. wrote:
East Ocean in Chinatown. And...Cathay Pacific (it's fun dammit!!)
And Gourmet Dumpling House. Also Chinatown

Becca F. wrote:
Mary Chung's

Stewart M. wrote:
Shanghai Gate

Amy C. N. wrote:
All Seasons.

Julie K. wrote:
Mandarin Gourmet @ Chestnut Hill - good service, good food!

Lynne H. wrote:
Mary Chungs!!

Nina F. wrote:
Hei La Moon in Chinatown for dim sum, sichuan palace in chelmsford

Claire B. S. wrote:
I second Mary Chung's

Michael W. wrote:
Billy Tse's in Revere

Mike F. wrote:
Bernard's Chestnut Hill

Ken H. wrote:
Kowloon, Out of Asia, (saugus)
Panda Castle, malden

Paul M. wrote:
Not one vote for Jo Jo Taipei in Allston? China King in Chinatown?

@planningminion wrote:
Quincy Dynasty

the master wrote:
OLG in Winthrop
Chau Chow in Chinatown
Little Asia in Orient Heights
HKD in Winthrop

ts wrote:
Shanghai Gate in Allston.

SZ Donut Boy wrote:
Bamboo House in Wakefield. Always great!

mj wrote:
Yenching in Harvard Square
Mary Chung's in Central Square
Billy Tse's in Revere
Quan's Kitchen in N. Attleboro
China Pearl in Chinatown
East Ocean in Chinatown
Young China in East Providence

Dana wrote:
Sichuan Garden in Woburn - excellent drinks, too!
China Garden - great take-out in Malden!!

Dave wrote:
Peach Farm in Chinatown
Shanghai Gate in Allston
Billy Tse's in Revere
Kantin (and really every stall) at the 88 food court Fuloon in Malden

Mike Bern wrote:
Mandarin Gourmet at putterham circle in Brookline

BMM wrote:
Lotus Blossom Sudbury
For take-out Number One Taste Belmont
Agree on many others listed above

Original 617 wrote:
Sichuan Palace in Chelmsford and Sichuan Garden in Woburn....i do however miss the Diamond Head in Saugus.

cls wrote:
Shanghai Gate in Allston
China King and Dumpling Cafe in Chinatown

Pm wrote:
China cruisine north reading

ep wrote:

Will wrote:
Quincy Dynasty in Quincy and Tsang's Cafe in Duxbury

Frederick W. wrote:
The Best Little Restaurant in Chinatown. Flawless.

@bpmnoodlelab wrote:
My favorite Chinese food place is on Washington Street called Dumpling Cafe. The pork soup dumplings are the BOMB!

@y2000k wrote:
Quik Pik for Chinese BBQ meat takeout

@YepItsLauren wrote:
Dumpling Cafe in Chinatown. :)

@j0hnnymac wrote:
Mary Chungs

@alisonplante wrote:
the new Dumpling Palace in Back Bay, and Sichuan Garden in Brookline Village.

@Redsoxlover2001 wrote:
Wah May's in Fairhaven, Mass

@Holmboy79 wrote:
Sichuan Garden II or 3 Country Bistro in Woburn. Both are radically different but awesome.

@laManaMayor wrote:
#Tahiti in #Dedham #BestTakeOut too.

Gfro wrote:
Little hole in the wall in Revere, don't like telling to many people but why not, Peter Woo's it is!

jd wrote:
Q lounge

ashley wrote:
Mandarin Cuisine in Needham!

s wrote:
Tahiti in Dedham

Eric wrote:
Imperial terrace, Quincy. Unreal how good the food is here! It's been there forever and for good reason.

rj wrote:
Love peter woos in revere!

greygarious wrote:
Gene's Chinese Flatbread Cafe, Woburn.


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