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Kebab Factory

414 Washington Street, Somerville, MA 02143
(617) 354-4996 Find location!
--- Winner, Best Indian Restaurant in Boston Area, 2011 (also 2009 and 2006) ---

Photo of Kebab Factory, in Somerville, MA The Kebab Factory is unique in so many ways: It is hidden in a mostly unknown part of Somerville on a street that isn't very well traveled; it is a restaurant that practically oozes coolness, from the Euro music to the industrial look inside to the almost overwhelmingly colorful lighting fixtures on the ceiling; and, well, it has a kind of offbeat name. Put all of this together, add some totally amazing Indian cuisine, and you have one of the most appealing Indian restaurants in the entire Boston area.

The Kebab Factory is owned by the same people who have brought some other outstanding Indian restaurants to the Boston area, including Kashmir in the Back Bay and Diva in nearby Davis Square. And while those restaurants are worthy of a visit, The Kebab Factory may be a better option mainly because not many people know about it, so it might be easier to get seating on a weekend night. Plus, the atmosphere, as stated earlier, is worth the admission. Oddly enough, even though The Kebab Factory has the atmosphere of a trendy restaurant, it actually seems more like a humble little neighborhood eatery, complete with friendly waitstaff and a generally mellow clientele.

The menu at The Kebab Factory is similar to other Indian restaurants in the Boston area, with one exception; the restaurant has, as the name implies, a whole lotta kebabs. From chicken to beef to trout to lamb to potatoes, there is a kebab dish for everyone here. But if you aren't into kebabs, all the standards are here, including excellent naan (with the peshawary naan being particularly good) crunchy and slightly sour and bitter vegetable pakora, tasty samosas (including a veggie version), a chicken korma whose smooth and creamy gravy includes almond and cashew paste, a similarly nutty-tasting malai kofta (tender vegetable balls in a cream sauce filled with various herbs and spices), a delicious version of chicken tikka masala, and an impressively earthy chicken saag.

Some people say, mostly tongue in cheek, that perhaps The Kebab Factory should change its name in order to attract more people. I am not in that camp, however, as the name just adds more quirkiness to a truly offbeat restaurant. If you like Indian food and are looking for a rather atypical dining experience, The Kebab Factory is a very good option.