Boston's Hidden Restaurants

Best Hidden Restaurants in the Boston Area, 2006

It is time once again to pick some of the best Boston restaurants on our site for 2006! Last year, we picked terrific restaurants from several categories, and this year, we have even more categories from which to choose. Read on to see our picks for best restaurants of 2006 in the Boston area. (Note: This Best of 2006 Boston Restaurant page is part of our restaurant features section, which also includes our 2005 Best Boston Restaurants List).

Best American (New) Restaurant, 2006
Duck Creeke Tavern, Wellfleet, MA (CLOSED)
The Duck Creeke Tavern is just about the perfect place to eat on Cape Cod; indeed, if you like the thought of exquisite upscale American cuisine in a cozy, romantic old spot within walking distance of scenic Wellfleet Center, this is the restaurant for you.

Best American (Traditional) Restaurant, 2006
C.F. Donovan's, Dorchester, MA (CLOSED)
Every neighborhood should have a restaurant like C.F. Donovan's. Friendly, reasonably priced, comfortable, and home to a chef who makes some of the best food in Dorchester, this Savin Hill dining spot is a true hidden gem.

Best Breakfast Place, 2006
A Lighter Fare (now the Marketplace Cafe), Milton, MA
Hidden behind East Milton Square on the second floor of an upscale shopping center, A Lighter Fare is little-known, but oh so good. Some of the best home fries in the Boston area can be found in this spacious breakfast spot, as well as terrific quiche and outstanding French toast.

Best Chinese Restaurant, 2006
Shanghai Gate, Allston, MA
Sure, Chinatown has some outstanding restaurants, but this little-known restaurant in the heart of Allston serves up the kind of authentic Shanghai and Hong Kong cuisine that is rarely found outside of that district. The fact that Shanghai Gate is frequented by Asian students further hints that the food here is the real deal.

Best Greek Restaurant, 2006
Greek Corner, Cambridge, MA
Greek Corner is one of many terrific restaurants along Mass. Avenue in North Cambridge. It is a great place to go for Greek specialties such as lemon chicken soup, spinach pie, grape leaves, pastitso, or moussaka. Greek Corner is a popular takeout place, but they do have a number of tables if you wish to dine there.

Best Hamburgers, 2006
O'Sullivan's, Somerville, MA
A 2005 winner, O'Sullivan's is a true favorite of Boston's Hidden Restaurants. The juicy, delicious hunks of meat that are cooked up at this friendly local tavern are something special, and you can get them dressed up with a variety of tasty toppings.

Best Indian Restaurant, 2006
Kebab Factory, Somerville, MA
This was a tough one, as Classic India in Quincy and the Himalayan Bistro (a newcomer) in West Roxbury are both worthy of this honor, but Kebab Factory simply has too many great items on their menu, including a number of kebabs as well as a type of Indian pizza. The atmosphere is pretty funky, too.

Best Italian Restaurant, 2006
Rabia's, Boston, MA
Fairly new, little-known, and extremely romantic, Rabia's is one of the best-kept secrets in the North End of Boston. Tucked away on Salem Street, Rabia's serves a mix of Northern and Southern Italian dishes as well as some other Mediterranean cuisine, and somehow manages to keep the prices to a reasonable level.

Best Mexican/Latin Restaurant, 2006
Las Palmas de Cuba, Hanover, MA (CLOSED)
Is it possible that there is a Mexican restaurant at least as good, if not better than, El Sarape in Braintree? Las Palmas de Cuba might just be that place, which is no surprise, as this Cuban/Mexican restaurant includes a former manager of El Sarape.

Best Pizza, 2006
Galleria Umberto, Boston, MA
Galleria Umberto is only open for lunch, and they close when they run out of pizza, but you would be hard-pressed to find a better slice of Sicilian pizza in all of New England. This tiny North End spot is an institution of sorts among the locals, but relatively unknown to tourists and other visitors to Boston.

Best Seafood Restaurant, 2006
Village Restaurant, Essex, MA
Spacious, comfortable, and friendly, the Village Restaurant may not be all that hidden anymore, but it is a fantastic seafood restaurant that is still relatively unknown considering the quality of the food. Located in a town that is known for its seafood, the Village Restaurant is a terrific alternative to its more famous, and crowded, neighbor (Woodman's) a few doors down.

Best Thai Restaurant, 2006
Dok Bua, Brookline, MA
Dok Bua once again wins our vote for best Thai in the Boston area, and for good reason; the food served at this former convenience store is not only at the top of the food chain for Thai cuisine, but also is incredibly cheap.

Best Vietnamese Restaurant, 2006
Pho Yuen Dong, Quincy, MA (CLOSED)
We never thought that Apsara in Providence would be knocked out of the number one spot, but Pho Yuen Dong, a newcomer to the Boston restaurant scene, is indeed that good. This comfortable place south of Quincy Center serves up some outstanding pho as well as a wide variety of other Vietnamese dishes.