Boston's Hidden Restaurants

Chang An

10 Concord Crossing, Concord, MA 01742
(978) 369-5288 Find location!

Photo of Chang An, Concord, MA As Chinese restaurants go, Chang An is very unusual in the fact that it has a comfortable, low-key atmosphere, which can't be said for all of its competitors. Indeed, many Chinese restaurants in and around Boston reside in tiny holes in the wall that look like they used to be pizza places or sub shops, while others are over-the-top gaudy with porcelain dragons, artificial waterfalls, and enormous fish tanks. Chang An, however, reflects the upscale clientele that lives in beautiful Concord and the immediate area.

Speaking of Chang An's menu, it has a very familiar feel to it, as many of the entrees would be considered Americanized Chinese food as opposed to, say, King Fung Garden's authentic Chinese offerings. Still, this is as good as Americanized Chinese food gets: The hot and sour soup at Chang An is made milder than most, allowing the delightful tastes to come through; the dan dan mein has an addictively creamy peanut sauce that compliments the noodles; and the chicken with mixed vegetables is about as healthy a meal as you will find in a restaurant.

While Chang An does not quite measure up to King Fung Garden or East Ocean City in Chinatown, it holds its own against most suburban Chinese restaurants. And because Chang An is hidden behind a railroad bed on a side street in a part of Concord that is off the beaten track, it is rarely busy. Good Chinese food, plenty of parking, and little difficulty getting a table...what more could you ask for? Chang An is definitely worth a visit.