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Transcript of Online Panel Discussion, August 12, 2010

Topics: Clam Shacks, Ice Cream Stands, Farm Stands

Below is a transcript of a live online panel discussion on clam shacks, ice cream stands, and farm stands that took place on Thursday, August 12, 2010. The panel included Michelle from @funfearlessbean; Alison Arnett of Alison Arnett Consulting (; Lingbo Li (@LingboLi,, interning at; and Richard Chudy, private chef, writer for; and several others. The hour-long chat included talks with the panel on each topic, followed by viewer participation. [Note: The original discussion can be replayed at the following link: and please go to the restaurant discussions link to check out our other chats.]

Marc H. (hiddenboston): Hello, and welcome to a discussion on popular late-summer and early-fall topics concerning restaurants and food! This is our third discussion, and this time, we have a diverse mix of people on our panel, including media folks, food bloggers and writers, and restaurant chefs. The format is slightly different this time as well, as we will address each topic first with the panel, followed by questions and answers from the viewers who are watching this.

Marc H.: Before beginning, why doesn't everyone on the panel introduce themselves? I'll start--I'm Marc, the founder and owner of Boston's Hidden Restaurants and the news-based blog Boston Restaurant Talk.

Michelle: Hi there! It is Michelle from @funfearlessbean. I'm the creator and author of my local food and lifestyle blog - Fun and Fearless in Beantown. I like to explore Boston's culinary scene - from local markets, Boston restaurants, food and drink events, and cooking classes - and of course like to talk about it all!

Gina Tempesta: Gina Tempesta, news and Boston traffic reporter.

Richard Chudy: Hi, Marc. Richard Chudy here, private chef, writer for Boston Burger Blog, and as of this week,

Amy Traverso: Hi there. Amy Traverso, contributing editor at Boston Magazine and occasional blogger at

Manny Sifnugel: Chef/owner of Masona grill, american peruvian restaurant.

Alison Arnett: Hi, I'm Alison Arnett of Alison Arnett Consulting. Since leaving the Boston Globe, I've done a variety of things all food related and delicious. Right now I'm finishing a newsletter for Salumeria Italiana in the North End where the tasting is fantastic.

Lingbo Li: I'm Lingbo, I'm a food blogger at, president of the Harvard Culinary Society, and I'm currently working at for the summer.

Rolando: Hi, I am Rolando Robledo, co-founder and executive chef of Clover Food Lab.

Alison Arnett: Raymond Gillespie will be down soon. He's chef at Salumeria Italiana and was formerly at Mamma Maria's. He's a great gardener too.

Marc H.: Let's start off with a subject near and dear to the hearts of so many people in the Boston area (and one that is good to talk about now, as once the cold weather hits, many of them will close for the season). The topic is clam shacks, but I'd like to avoid talking about the popular ones (Woodman's in Essex comes to mind) and focus on lesser-known clam shacks and seafood shacks first in the Boston area and then in the rest of the region. Do any of you on the panel have any favorite seafood shacks between say, the New Hampshire border and the Cape Cod Canal?

Richard Chudy: Big fan of The Clam Box in Ipswich and Dube's in Salem.

Gina Tempesta: not an expert on the subject at all but I will have to say, I have been to The Tides last and this summer and was very happy with the seafood.

Alison Arnett: What's the name of the one on Wollaston Beach that everyone south of the city had to go to as soon as it opened in April?

Marc H.: Alison, are you talking about Tony's Clam Shop? I'm a quasi-regular there, actually.

Rolando: Think that's called Clam Box.

Alison Arnett: I remembered Clam Box too.

Lingbo Li: Third? Fourth? Clam box.

Manny Sifnugel: Actually in Cape Elizabeth, Maine Two lights lobster shack, old time favorite.

Michelle: I know that Red's is known more for their lobster roll but I'm a big fan of the fried clams there. I believe Red's is in Wiscasset, ME. It is an annual stop on the way to Boothbay.

Manny Sifnugel: In Ptown Townsends when it used to be at the pier, great lobster roll, no mayo just lemon, celery, scallion.

Amy Traverso: This is not a seaside clam shack by any stretch, but I'm always impressed with the quality of the fried seafood at Kimball's in Westford, out past Acton.

Richard Chudy: Farnham's in Essex also comes to mind.

Amy Traverso: I agree, Richard. Farnham's does really well with frialator.

Rolando: I was recently relocated to MA from the Providence area. Down there and Iggy's is where I take my kids in the summer. In Warwick at Oakland Beach. There is a more rustic version in Narragansett.

Alison Arnett: And this isn't fried food, but since we're straying, the lobster roll at Rowand fish store in Beverly is excellent.

Alison Arnett: And by the way Rowand is under the bridge in Beverly so it's literally hidden - though not a restaurant.

Gina Tempesta: also not a seaside clam shack but I'm a big fan of Turner's in Melrose Center.... I live in Melrose and it's hard to beat imho.

Marc H.: Speaking of Red's, Townsends, and Two Lights, how about clam shacks and seafood shacks elsewhere in New England that aren't all that well known? Red's is actually pretty well known, and well worth going to!

Amy Traverso: There's another Kimball's branch in Jaffrey, NH. Both are very good, with terrific ice cream, too.

Manny Sifnugel: Rye, NH ray's seafood, Also not a clam shack but in East Boston Rincon Limeno, great Jalea Real all fried seafood.

Richard Chudy: Five Island Lobster in Maine is awesome.

Manny Sifnugel: Gilberts chowder house, Portland, Maine.

Amy Traverso: The Fish Shack in Rockport deserves more attention than it gets. Nice water view, too.

Marc H.: Has anyone been to Thurston's up by Acadia National Park? I've heard from some people that it is one of the best seafood shacks in New England. More lobsters than clams, I believe. Oh, and Amy, I totally agree with you on The Fish Shack. Some of the best lobster I've had.

Amy Traverso: I've been to Thurston's. It's great.

Gina Tempesta: what about Portsmouth NH - I'll be up there the weekend after Labor Day - any suggestions in that stretch?

Marc H.: Chauncey Creek in Kittery might be a good option, Gina.

Amy Traverso: If you want to skip the endless lines at Red's, go to Sprague's across the street. It's about 90% as good as Red's, which might be just good enough if you're in a hurry.

Marc H.: OK, let's let some of our viewers talk about favorite clam shacks. Looks like we have a few posts already....

adrienne: Aunt Carrie's in Narragansett, RI for the clam chowder and the clamcakes! They have red, white and clear chowder. Dunk the clamcakes into the chowder just like you would a donut into a cup of coffee. To die for!

art: Brown's in Seabrook.

@justincancook: I like Shaw's in New Harbor, Me and The Lobster Co-op in Pemaquid, Me... both for lobster and fried clams. They're both pretty out of the way, and pull the lobsters right out of the ocean.

Patrick Maguire: Marc- Where aren't you a quasi-regular? Mac's Shack in Wellfleet is one of my favorites.

Marc H.: Hah! Hi, Patrick!

Steve: Down on the Cape in Orleans- Sir Crickett's on Rt 6A.

Amy Traverso: Mac's Seafood in Wellfleet is my favorite beachside restaurant. Great onion rings!

Manny Sifnugel: mac's shack really rules.

Darcy: Mac's in Wellfleet is amazing! Also just a short trip down Route 6 is Arnold's in Eastham - great fried clams and onion rings!

Manny Sifnugel: How about Captain Marden's in Wellesley

Marc H.: Manny, I've heard a lot about Captain Marden's. What do you like there?

Alison Arnett: What wouldn't you like at Capt. Marden's?

Richard Chudy: Captain Marden's is great for retail too, much cheaper than say a Whole Foods.

Manny Sifnugel: Pretty much everything, super fresh and shacky

Marc H.: I really need to get there. Haven't been able to get past Cafe Mangal and Milestone in that town.

Alison Arnett: My coworker suggest Brown's in Salisbury nh near Portsmouth.

Art: Brown's is in Seabrook, NH. Salisbury is in Massachusetts. The steamers at Brown's are fabulous.

Alison Arnett: Yes, you're right -- a little geographical snafu.

Rolando: Captain Scott's in New London, CT is always great for lobster/clam rolls & fish sandwiches - oh and Fred's Shanty is a must when you are in town.

Rolando: Abbott's in Mystic, although they are larger and much more popular.

Lingbo Li: For the transportation disabled here, anyone have transport tips? Places near train lines, etc?

Amy Traverso: Lingbo, what about Kelly's at Revere Beach?

Marc H.: Lingbo, Belle Isle Seafood in East Boston is pretty close to the Blue Line.

Palo Alto: Royal Roast Beef is walkable from Orient Heights, Kelly's is closer to Wonderland not Revere Beach Station.

Lingbo Li: Ah great! Thanks guys.

Marc H.: Let's move on to another "seasonal" topic, namely ice cream stands. What are some places under the radar that you like to go to within an hour of Boston? I'll go first here--I really like Dairy Barn on Route 28 in Randolph, not only for their Richardson's ice cream, but also for their excellent soft serve (and tasty dip options).

Richard Chudy: not under the radar, but growing up a block from Cabot's in Newton was and is a real treat.

Michelle: I'm a big fan of Mac's Dairy Farm in Tewksbury, MA. I think they are supplied by Richardson's.

Gina Tempesta: have a gallon of Richardson's Grapenut ice cream in the freezer. So we usually go to Richardson's or Soc's in Saugus.

Marc H.: Soc's, yes! We go there quite often, typically on the way back from Rockport/Gloucester.

Amy Traverso: Not to sound like a spokesperson for Kimball's, but I love their old-fashioned ice cream flavors, like maple walnut, buttercrunch, and Grapenut.

Richard Chudy: Agree, Amy, Kimball's is awesome.

Rolando: Love buttercrunch.

Marc H.: And the Kimball's in Carlisle is a bit of a hidden gem.

Manny Sifnugel: One time after Walden pond day trip, took a wrong turn in Lincoln and ended up buy a farm that has a great ice cream parlor and lots of great pies, cant think of the name.

Marc H.: Hmmmm...anyone know the place that Manny is talking about? Verrill Farms in Concord? They don't have ice cream, do they?

Michelle: Meadowlands in Tewksbury is another popular spot. They make their ice cream in house. Hodgie's is right off of 495 in Amesbury and their ice cream is great and servings are on the larger side. I think a 1/4 kiddie is a typical small.

Amy Traverso: For me, summer wouldn't be summer without Sundae School and Four Seas on the Cape. They're quite popular, though.

Lingbo Li: I had great ice cream from Gray's in Providence recently. Also a great grapenut!

Rolando: Gray's is fantastic in Providence. I def agree.

Marc H.: Gray's in Tiverton? I love that place, and it's near a vineyard, which is always a good thing.

Manny Sifnugel: All my kids went to school in Newton and Cabot's was a must, super friendly staff and great double thick coffee frappes.

Gina Tempesta: also going to Lizzy's on Moody Street Saturday night - we are going to try the jalepeno mango - last time we went they were sold out so I'm very intrigued.

Alison Arnett: How about Erickson's in Maynard. I like Kimball's, too. And Puleo's in Salem (they now have a store in downtown Salem, too -- and today is farmers' market day)

Marc H.: Erickson's has great ginger ice cream. Perfect place to go after apple picking, which is very early this year, by the way.

Alison Arnett: I bet Manny is referring to Erickson's which is only open in the season.

Manny Sifnugel: That's it thx Allison.

Alison Arnett: How about Erickson's in Maynard. I like Kimball's, too. And Puleo's in Salem (they now have a store in downtown Salem, too -- and today is farmers' market day)

Michelle: Heritage Farm Ice Cream in Lowell, MA is another great spot - right on the river and usually lots of entertainment going on in the summer.

Marc H.: We did Heritage as part of a food trip last year. The ice cream was indeed terrific.

Amy Traverso: I'd like to encourage everyone to try out the delicious new line of from-scratch ice creams from Batch, made here in Boston.

Gina Tempesta: Amy - who's selling the Batch label?

Michelle: I know Savenor's (in Cambridge) is selling Batch - not yet in Beacon Hill.

Amy Traverso: Two young women named Susie and Veronica. They make it in Jamaica Plain. Truly from-scratch ice cream is very rare. Most places, even some of our favorite Boston icons, use pre-made bases and add flavoring.

Rolando: I work with the girls from Batch in Jamaica Plain at a shared commissary kitchen - They are great and I get a special deal.

Amy Traverso: Batch is also sold at Formaggio Kitchen.

Rolando: Michael's Dairy in New London, CT has always been amazing - Butter Pecan, Black Raspberry, Coconut, Choc-Peanut Butter.

Manny Sifnugel: Watch out Friendly's is making a comeback.

Gina Tempesta: yeah I love Four Seas. Also there was a place in Saugus where the sister's made home made gelato - Lil-n-chics...Joe Pace bought them out and now someone else- must see if there's still homemade gelato...and yes I all about the buttery buttercrunchs and grapenuty flavors.

Richard Chudy: of course there's always Christina's in Inman Square.

Alison Arnett: Another is Benson's in Boxford.

Gina Tempesta: again...all about the buttercruch and I have to admit - I like Friendly's buttercrunch.

Manny Sifnugel: How about one of the local favorites, Toscanini's, great mango sorbet, served it with grilled shrimp and siracha, Really?

Rolando: Gray's in Tiverton.

Alison Arnett: This makes me want to go home and make ice cream!!

Richard Chudy: making a batch of sweet corn ice cream with blackberry thyme sauce right now!

Rolando: Blackberry Thyme sauce - YUM

Gina Tempesta: that sounds yummy and interesting Rich.

Manny Sifnugel: Making ice cream is as simple as it tastes, if u know what i mean. Last wine dinner we made peach ice cream then filled profiteroles with the and chocolate sauce, ohlala.

Amy Traverso: Manny, half the battle for me is remembering to put the canisters in the freezer 24 hours in advance!

Alison Arnett: Although if you have an old-fashioned machine and have to pack the salt and ice, it gets tedious. My White Mountain broke down but the electric ones just aren't the same.

Rolando: Make vanilla ice cream every July 4th - the kids start and I always have to finish it - White Mountain of course.

Manny Sifnugel: Right Allison, almost everytime we use the old fashioned crank machine it becomes a day job, little spinning maker does most of the work for you and results are usually great.

Gina Tempesta: I remember doing that with my dad as a kid Alison but I remember the excitement being short-lived-LOL!

Marc H.: By the way, I almost bought one of those soccer ball ice cream makers, but then I realized that I never play soccer. :-)

Marc H.: OK, before we move on to all the viewers out there posting about their favorite ice cream stands, how about the panel talking about ice cream elsewhere in New England? You've already mentioned a couple of places and yes, I love Four Seas, too.

Amy Traverso: Beals Ice Cream in Portland, ME.

Michelle: I like the ice cream at Boothbay Ice Cream Factory in Boothbay, ME. It gets to be a bit of a mob scene but the ice cream is always fantastic.

Marc H.: I'll jump in on this one as well--Kate's Seafood on Route 6A in Brewster. Their ice cream really is delicious, and they also serve some decent burgers and dogs.

Steve: Did you have the blooming onion at Kate's :)?

Marc H.: No, but my guess is it's good?!

Marc H.: Ok, time for our viewers to talk about their favorite ice cream stands that might be a bit under the radar. Any faves out there?

jo: White Farms Ice Cream in Ipswich. Frozen Custard is an instant flashback to being 8 years old.

Art: Hodgie's in Amesbury... the best ginger ice cream I've ever had.

Patrick Maguire: Love Kimball's, +2.

Steve: Smitty's in Falmouth is really good, right on Rt28.

jo: Landlocked Dairy Joy in Weston.

Marc H.: And Jo, my guess is, you posted this for their clams, but I'm a bit fan of their ice cream as well!

jo: yes, my dad is forever going there for lobster rolls too.

Guest: Pizzi farm Ice Cream, Waltham.

Palo Alto: Spadafora in Malden tends to get overlooked and is really inexpensive for good soft serve and richardsons. Celebrty in Watertown is great for regular SS (good dips, etc) and Louie's in Somerville is also a classic.

Marc H.: Before we move on, any other favorite ice cream stands from either our panel or our viewers? Any places in Vermont or perhaps the Berkshires?

Amy Traverso: Chocolate Springs cafe in Lenox serves terrific ice cream.

Michelle: Not quite in the Berkshires but Bart's in Amherst was always a popular spot, along with Herrell's in Noho.

Marc H.: I know I've been to some ice cream stands in Vermont, but I can't think of any offhand for some reason. Oh well, on to our next topic....

Karen Covey: Gray's in Tiverton is worth the drive. Great coconut ice cream!

Steve: Bart's brings back fond memories, thanks.

Marc H.: Moving on once again, let's talk about farm stands. There are some great ones out there that many seem to know about, such as Wilson Farm in Lexington, which I personally go to quite often. But there are also some real gems out there, and in fact I just learned about a couple recently--Small Farm in Stow, which is a friendly little place where you can pick all kinds of veggies, and Sergi Farms, which is located on a side street in Belmont and was talked about yesterday on the Boston Globe chat--never even knew it was there. Any favorites that you have near Boston?

Jacqueline Church: Sorry to be late!

Marc H.: Hey, Jacqueline! Feel like doing a quick intro for everyone?

Jacqueline Church: Sure, I guess most people know me as The Leather District Gourmet and recently I'm trying to fill Christine Liu's tiny-but-bit shoes as Boston Citysearch Contributing Editor.

Jacqueline Church: My vote for ice cream stand is Richardson's in Middleton. Family farm, really rich healthy milk from happy cows.

Jacqueline Church: I also wondered whether any of our experts can tell me if the old Dairy Joy is still as I remember from my working in Waltham days. Good but expensive?

Marc H.: Definitely good but expensive, Jacqueline. We went a few weeks back and it was certainly pricey. But nice to sit at the picnic tables on a warm summer night.

Rolando: Dairy Joy is def still there. I had soft serve from there about a month ago - very nostalgic.

Guest: Now Dairy joy is just fair and even more expensive....lines arent as long as they used to be when you drive by.

Gina Tempesta: Sally Frank's in Melrose - they just expanded to a second day/evening...they are expanding to Friday evenings to give more of the working folks an opportunity to shop and are going for a festival type atmosphere.

Richard Chudy: Russo's beats all, if I'm not there at least four times a week something is wrong.

Lingbo Li: It's probably a bit too well-known, but I always love the one on Harvard's Science Center lawn.

Amy Traverso: I love visiting Drumlin Farm in Lincoln. There's usually a great display of veggies for sale at the entrance. Then I head to nearby Codman farm and buy eggs and meat from the fridge. It's all done on an honor system.

Manny Sifnugel: Just because it is so close to me i frequent Allandale farm, great produce, jim the farmer is super friendly and my friend Gretchen works there. go get some heirloom tomatoes right now.

Rolando: Urban Farm Stand - Red Planet Vegetables sell out of there driveway in Providence on Saturdays - (Like a produce yard sale).

Alison Arnett: I love Small Farm. Marilyn Donato, who ran Canaan Farms in Wenham, now has Vidalia in Beverly Farms. Not quite a farmstand but she really knows her stuff and stocks it with mostly local.

Marc H.: I bought so many sun gold tomatoes at Small Farm the other day that I'm eating them like grapes at this point.

Gina Tempesta: yup Marc - my sun golds are in now - first time I'm done them and they are great! We have a little patch here - only one Roma so far, one cuke and the summer squash...not lookin too good-LOL!

Marc H.: I'm hoping to grow sun golds this fall/winter in my AeroGarden (if it still works). I'm no longer using the kits--growing whatever I want to grow these days (including cayenne peppers and mustard plants).

Richard Chudy: I have a CSA at Allandale this summer, it's been fantastic.

Alison Arnett: There's also Ward's Berry Farm in Sharon. The brothers who own it are very dedicated and the produce is exceptional.

Rolando: Allandale is great. Verrill is great.

Amy Traverso: Land's Sake Farm in Weston is nearby, and they run a great farmstand, as well as a pick-your-own operation. I think they have a limited supply of PYO tomatoes at the moment.

Rolando: Ward's is awesome - of course Russo.

Amy Traverso: We're heading up to Russell Orchards in Ipswich this weekend for the last of the PYO blueberries.

Rolando: Russo's is great for variety and price.

Richard Chudy: I Like Verrill, but find it a bit pricey for the same products I can find elsewhere.

Raymond Gillespie: Grateful Farm in Franklin is a favorite of mine. Eggplants and melons are coming and everything is organic.

Michelle: A bit further north of Boston, I get some great produce from East Street Farm in Tewksbury. They have some of the best corn around. I believe they also work with the Vision House (a head trauma center) and Vision House residents work there to help re-enter a work environment.

Manny Sifnugel: There is this small farm on Nahanton rd in Newton, also great products like chard and the obvious corn, cant think of the name.

Amy Traverso: Manny, I think you're thinking of Newton Community Farm.

Michelle: This summer, I get a lot of my produce from Siena Farms and Silverbrook Farms.

Gina Tempesta: concur on the East St for corn.

Marc H.: Before we open this topic up to all the viewers, how about some farm stands elsewhere in New England that are good enough to be included as part of a road trip? I know, there are so many out there that it's tough to choose, but perhaps mention one or two that really stand out, either because of it being in a scenic location, having a great selection of items, etc.

Marc H.: And by the way, I'm a huge fan of Dutton Farm Stand in Newfane, VT. It represents everything that is good about that state.

Amy Traverso: Not a farm stand, but the Portland farmers market is absolutely worth a trip. Every time I go there, I want to move.

Raymond and Alison: Chestnut Farm at Arlington Farmers Market has great pork shoulder, spicy pork sausages -- ray. I also like Over the Meadow meats at Marblehead Farmers Market.

Richard Chudy: Just cooked a meal on Nantucket and did all of the shopping at Bartlett's Farm. Absolutely stunning and impeccable produce.

Manny Sifnugel: I think if in NYC, 14th street farmers market is not to be missed.

Marc H.: The Union Square farmers' market, Manny? I've been to that one several times. Love it!

Gina Tempesta: yup - love Union Sq too!

Amy Traverso: It's even great in February. I hope the allegedly forthcoming Boston year-round public market will fill that void.

Alison Arnett: If we're going far afield, how about the farmers' market in Provence.

Marc H.: Oh, boy, does that ever sound good. Road trip?

Marc H.: All right--let's open this up to all of you who are watching this. What are some of your favorite farm stands in the Boston area or elsewhere in New England?

Karen Covey: Volante Farms in Needham is a nice, family-run place with a great assortment of produce.

jo: Route 119 out throw Littleton and Groton is littered with great farm stands.

Palo Alto: There used to be a pick your own Strawberry place at the top of Summit Ave in Winchester (right above Arlington Hts too). There still is a farm there, but they stopped doing the PIY (3+ years ago) and I have always wondered what happened. In the Dartmouth area there are lots of great roadside stands -- flowers, eggs, tomatoes on the honor system.

Guest: Russell Farms, Woburn.

Manny Sifnugel: Was in Nantucket two weeks ago and bartlett ruled but the fresh fish at a couple of the fish markets were out of this world, best swordfish ever had and of course gorgeaus scallops.

Rolando: Providence Farmer's Market on Saturday is awesome - and the Winter market is great - year round local food and products.

Jacqueline Church: I just met a bunch of farmers participating in the RAFT (Renewing America's Food Traditions) program via Chefs Collaborative and Slow Food. Would love to see these highlighted at local markets.

Steve: Again on the Cape is Coonamessett Farm in Falmouth, you can join the farm and pick your own. Tony Andrews Farm near there too. And hopefully the Boston Public Market will keep it's momentum up here.

Marc H.: I recall reading an article in the Globe on Coonamessett Farm. There's some kind of weekly Jamaican buffet there, right?

Steve: Yeah Jamaican buffet and lots of other special events, check their website.

Rolando: We will be doing a RAFT event at Clover sometime soon.

Jacqueline Church: There are a series of dinners coming up around town to highlight these RAFT veggies. I'll post on them.

Gina Tempesta: Jacqueline - very interested in the RAFT events....and yes I do love Smolak Farm - but we tend to go in the fall for fudge and a hayride.

Alison Arnett: Yes!!! to the Public Market.

Jacqueline Church: Looking forward to my first visit to Smolak farms coming up.

Jacqueline Church: Yay! Rolando - let me know deets and I'll include it.

Karen Covey: ditto here too (!!) for the Public Market!

Palo Alto: Its not a farm stand but they do have their own farm: Sid Wainer in New Bedford is somewhere you should check out at least once.

Karen Covey: I'm a big fan of Sid Wainer too. It's a small place but usually has a bunch of things you can't find anywhere else.

Jacqueline Church: Anyone know if that piece in the Herald on the public market is just campaign smear or does it = real delays?

Jacqueline Church: Wish they'd spent the time and money put into that video into informing the public about "our" market instead. People want to know how to help make this happen. To whom we should write, etc. just keep getting "we're working on it."

Amy Traverso: I've gotta run. Thanks so much for having me!

Alison Arnett: Yes, thanks, Marc. It was fun.

Marc H.: Yes, sadly, it looks like it's time to call it a day. This was a lot of fun--so much good information you posted on all three topics. Thanks to those of you who were on the panel, and thanks to everyone who watched this and/or participated!

Gina Tempesta: yes - nice chatting with everyone - now I'm STARVAH- IN!

Manny Sifnugel: Thx Marc, anytime u need a blogger just let me know, it was fun.

Jacqueline Church: Thanks!

Michelle: Thanks Marc for having me!

Steve: Thanks everyone!

Richard Chudy: thanks, Marc, great chatting with everyone!

Rolando: See ya at Clover!!

Karen Covey: thanks for the panel. great info.

Marc H.: Bye, everyone! Thanks again!