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The restaurant blog section that is within Boston's Hidden Restaurants can now be read as an RSS feed. And our restaurant closings and openings section as well as our questions and answers, viewers' favorite restaurants, and unreviewed restaurants sections are also readable on RSS now. What is RSS? Well, it stands for Really Simple Syndication (or so they say!).

With RSS, you take the address of an XML file, paste it into an online RSS feed reader or a downloadable standalone RSS reader, and instantly be able to read any of our restaurant blog, viewers' favorite restaurants section, restaurant closings and openings list, questions and answers feature, or unreviewed restaurants section anytime you want. Furthermore, RSS allows for automatic updates, which means that anytime a new blog entry is written, or anytime a restaurant closes or opens, the item will automatically be shown when viewed in the RSS format.

Should you use a downloadable reader that you access from your desktop, or an online RSS feed reader? Well, the choice is yours, as each has its pros and cons. A couple of good desktop feed readers are RssReader (for a PC) and NewsFire (for a Mac). A couple of online RSS readers that you can use are My Yahoo and Google Reader.

Below you will find the addresses of the XML pages that access the Boston Restaurant Blog, the restaurant closings and openings, viewers' favorite restaurants, questions and answers, and unreviewed restaurants features. Remember, these are to be used in a downloadable or online RSS feed reader. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will try to help you get up and running with RSS feeds!


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