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Restaurants That Are Both Romantic and Reasonably Priced?

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What are some restaurants in or very near Boston that are both romantic and relatively inexpensive? [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted by hiddenboston)

REPLIES (last updated ):

anonymous wrote:
Ten Tables in JP is awesome, romantic and totally reasonable. They also do local in season food.

MC Slim JB wrote:
Not counting special deals, just everyday menus, a few romantic places I like that aren't too pricey:
Ten Tables (I like the ambience of the JP one more than the Cambridge one, though the food is the same at both
Grotto on Beacon Hill
Ecco in East Boston
Estragon in the South End
Casa Portugal in East Cambridge
Addis Red Sea in the South End

raquelle wrote:
Macchu Pichu in Union Square. Especially if they have live music. Its dark, exotic, cozy and not loud.

Willow wrote:
Giacomo's North End (great italian food)
Bar Lola in the Back Bay (tapa style, great sangria)
75 Chestnut in Beacon Hill (tucked away, great food and townhouse vibe).

KellyP wrote:
Sophia's Grotto, in Roslindale Village. Afterwards you can go by Solera next door for a bottle of wine.

Linda wrote:
224 Boston St Dorchester.

ShelT wrote:
Gaslight on Harrison Ave is consistently good, fairly priced and is evocative of a Paris bistro.

bc_husker wrote:
If you don't mind the noise, Dali in Somerville is dark and romantic. Especially when the waiters throw a little Spanish around.

Richard A. wrote:
Dali. Great atmosphere. Ask for special couples window seat.

Jessica M. wrote:
Antique Table in Lynn. Nice dim lighting (lol) and great food and atmosphere.

Kristen N. wrote:
Bella Verona

Sharon B. wrote:
Park in Harvard Square with their extensive drink list and classic library-type decor. Because books and booze are damn sexy.

HEC wrote:
Spiga, in Needham MA Very nice ambience, very good food.


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