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Best Mexican Food in the Boston Area?

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Where do you like to go in the Boston area for Mexican food? Looking to focus on authentic Mexican here, and no chains if possible, thanks! [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted by hiddenboston)

REPLIES (last updated ):

CG wrote:
El Sarape in Weymouth hands down.

Gazza wrote:
Taqueria El Amigo on Willow Street in Waltham. Very small, very good.

LD wrote:

djcp wrote:
Casa Molina in Lynn - REALLY good, really cheap.

mikedel wrote:
El Sarape in Braintree and La Paloma in Quincy are neck and neck in my book!

GS wrote:
Cafe Azteca in Lawrence. Great food but inexpensive. The musician is wonderful. Well worth the trip from Cambridge.

TFM wrote:
I lived for a decade in California (various) and even Ensenada, Mexico. I lived in L.A. down the street from the place that won "Best Taco" in the L.A. Weekly years and years in a row..."The nameless taco truck on the corner of El Centro and Santa Monica". Boston, my original and present home, has always been a disappointment. That is, until I was taken to Angelas in Eastie. WOW. Better than many of the places I frequented in Mexico! The only place I suggest to visiting friends from Cali.

Texan Transplant wrote:
El Potro in Union Sq, Somerville has been the only place that has tasted like real Mexican food to me. It made me insanely happy.

da wrote:
Angelas Cafe-EBoston
Tu y Yo-Somerville
Dorado Tacos & Cemitas-Brookline

popplers wrote:
I really like Ole in Inman Sq. The food is delicious & they always treat us well. (Not cheap, but worth it.)

SC wrote:
Mexico Lindo in Melrose - the enchiladas suizas are excellent and so is everything else!

JayDee wrote:
I also think that Boston is a disappointment, when compared to many places in the west. Even in NYC good Mexican food is rare, according to my Mexican friends there. Angelas I found an expensive disappointment (the pollo con mole poblano wasn't even cooked in the mole, the sauce was just poured over a very generic chicken breast), I expected much better. The place in Union Square is good, El Sarape is pretty OK too. La Paloma in Quincy is a, greasy, Americanized image of Mexican food, not the real thing. I did like the taqueria in Waltham! Still waiting for the killer hole in the wall place, the best Mexican food is never about fancy dining in my opinion.

SH wrote:
Tenoch in Medford Square! The only place in the Boston area where you can get tortas. I love the Torta Tenoch and Torta Choriqueso but everything there is simple, good food.

RGL wrote:
Mexico Lindo in Melrose, Main St. I lived in Texas and should know.

nbarrettboston wrote:
the painted burro, davis square!! ceviche!

LJ wrote:
Sea Breeze on Dorchester Avenue in Dorchester.

JD wrote:
+1 for Angela's in East Boston

Goat Girl wrote:
As a 2nd generation San Diegan and half Mexican, finding good Mexican food has been hard since moving here last Dec. The only place I go back to repeatedly is The Aztec Restaurant in Framingham on 135 just as you leave Natick.

JB wrote:
Agave Mexican Bistro in Newburyport!

ld wrote:
tijuana in chelsea... anyone else been?

Janice W. wrote:
La Paloma, North Quincy

Krissy wrote:
Taqueria El Amigo in Waltham!

EF wrote:
La Reina on Bennington St. in East Boston is the best. Tenoch also has fantastic tortas. Torta campechana is my favorite.

MPL wrote:
Casa Romero
Gloucester St, Boston, MA

Stewart M. wrote:
Taqueria El Amigo

Greg P. wrote:
I like Anna's Taqueria in Cambridge, and really like Taqueria Mexican in Waltham.

Brian B. wrote:
El Pelon's!

Mike F. wrote:
Paisano in Waltham, hands down.

Zayda O. wrote:
Ole for a sit down, Angela in east Boston for most authentic, tenoch for taqueria

Mark S. wrote:
The two best authentic Mexican restaurants are Tu Y Yo in Somerville , and Angela's in East Boston. Authentic Mexican is more than food filled tortillas in cylindrical or semi-circular shapes.

Kimberly C. wrote:
Ole in Cambridge!

Lori G. P. wrote:
Sol Azteca in Boston, not the one in Newton

Diane M. H. wrote:

Pancho wrote:
El Sarape.

Dana K wrote:
El Centro in the South End!

A S wrote:
Tenoch in Medford & the North End -- their mole enchiladas and tacos are outstanding!

DF wrote:
Zocalo in Back Bay is the best authentic Mexican in the area. Nothing is even close.

JF wrote:
Mi Mexico Lindo in Methuen - don't miss the mole poblano.

Kristyn wrote:
El Sarape Braintree/weymouth landing!

@alliepinnyc wrote:
taqueria Mexico in Waltham

@LocalEats wrote:
Tu y Yo!

AFL wrote:
Taqueria El Amigo!

@rrabboini wrote:
I like Taqueria Mexico. They have locations in Framingham and Waltham.

cf wrote:
Tenoch in Medford

Sharon B. C. wrote:
rudys cafe

Jennifer M. wrote:
Howling wolf in Salem!!!

Carrie M. W. wrote:
El serape!!!!!

Nancy N. O. wrote:
La Siesta, Winthrop

Carl C. wrote:
Tu y yo is good. Casa b is really good

Cameron R. wrote:
My faves: El Centro(South End), The Painted Burro(Davis Sq), El Triumfo (South End) and El Pelon (Fenway).

Marco B. wrote:
Sol Azteca beacon st!

@Emmie12750 wrote:
Oscar's Pinatas in Tewksbury! :-)

@SteveTweetstoo wrote:
Durado in Brookline

@gordon_ryan wrote:
It was mentioned a few times, but Tenoch is without question the best authentic Mexican I've had in Boston.

CB wrote:

JC wrote:
El Centro in the South End and Brookline.

WW wrote:
Ole! Love it.

anonymous wrote:
Howling Wolf in Salem MA is incredible and super fresh!

Phil L. wrote:
Three Amigos, Stoneham

George S. wrote:
Hate to admit it but I don't think Border sucks. As I replied before Azetica in Lawrence rocks

Amanda R. wrote:
Taqueria Jalisco in Eastie. No fanfare, no wait, Mexican prices and TRUE Mexican flavor vs. Salvadorian or Colombian.

Heath B. wrote:
El mariachi in Easton

Lisa M. M. wrote:
Jose's of course in Cambridge !

Carol D. wrote:
Tenoch, in Medford Square, is the best we've ever found and we've been looking for many years.

PVarrasso wrote:
Taqueria El Amigo in Waltham, no question.

Tess W. wrote:
Casa Romero - Back Bay. So good ....

Lauren A. wrote:
Tenoch is the best, and super inexpensive!

DAN wrote:
Good news, SH. There's a Tenoch in the North End and their mole is first rate ...

slprquattro wrote:
El Sarape.
There is also a little taqueria in Canton in a strip mall that is supreme.

AnneR wrote:
El Centro in the South End for a sit down meal. El Triunfo in the South End for takeout although it is Mexican/Salvadorean.

mtd wrote:
acapulcos in Beverly and cafe lupita in Lawrence

vgrgv wrote:
Mi pueblito in east boston.

BMH wrote:
Casa Romero right off of newbury street.

Emmie wrote:
I'm a big fan of fajitas and ritas on West St in Boston.

Jim S. wrote:
Taqueria El Amigo on Willow Street in Waltham but don't anyone

Stewart M. wrote:
Taqueria el Amigo is where I go when I'm homesick, let's put it like that.

Marco B. wrote:
Sol Azteca!

Lily B. D. wrote:
Tenoch! Only place worth mentioning.

Diane M. H. wrote:
Tenoch!! Medford and The North End.....

Rich D. wrote:
Sol Azteca. Indeed! Their fish in cilantro sauce is amazing. Best chips and salsa, nopalitos and more.

Nan D. wrote:
@Eat More Mexican. Catering only, but it's the best!

Ken H. wrote:
Tijuana, Broadway Chelsea !!!

Denise K. wrote:
Casa Romero!!!

Kimberly C. wrote:
Ole Mexican Grill Cambridge

@RodrigoATCG wrote:
Taqueria el Amigo is by far my favorite for tacos de bistec (I grew up in Mexico City eating tacos), trust me, you want these!

@dcwalker26 wrote:
Paisano in Waltham

@gmoshfegh wrote:
yeah it's a chain, but border cafe is really the best!

@eileensideways wrote:
Howling Wolf, Salem.

@Chrisdapos wrote:
Taqueria Jalisco!!

jlwalshy wrote:
Tijuana by far in chelsea

SCR wrote:
How about La Victoria, now in Arlington Center and still in Beverly? Their Tortas rival Tenoch.

trumpeter201 wrote:
I'm surprised I'm the first to mention La Siesta in Winthrop. Great food, great margs, and strolling mariachi's on Saturday nights.

Scott wrote:
La Siesta

dave wrote:
Angela's in East Boston
El Pelon near BC
And El Sarape in Weymouth

ToesTen wrote:
I am amazed that no one has mentioned (raved about!) Jose's in Cbridge off Rindge Avenue! There over 20 years and still fabulous!

Denise K. wrote:
Love Casa Romero Mexican Cuisine in the Back Bay!!! Sol Azteca in Brookline is also quite good!!!

Kim S. wrote:
Border Cafe!

Jesse B. wrote:
El Amigo - Waltham

Chantelle M. wrote:
El Triunfo in the South End

Mike G. wrote:
Mezcal in Worcester, Mass

Sarah M. wrote:
El Sarape in Braintree and Rancho Chico on rt 1 in Plainville.

Debbie C. C. wrote:
El Amigo Waltham...can't get more authentic then there

Diane M. H. wrote:
Tenoch Mexican!! In Medford Square and The North End!!

Amy H. G. wrote:
Ole in Cambridge.

Timothy K. wrote:
El Azteca Attleboro MA

Jon H. wrote:
Rincon in East Somerville

David H. wrote:
El Sarape - Braintree

@JoeyWanKenobi wrote:
Hacienda Corona, Lynn. Exceptional.

@matthewisles wrote:
I second the vote for @TenochMexican. Their taco selection is unrivaled, and easily rivals all my old favorite spots in SF.

@sabourinj wrote:
Howling Wolf, Salem MA

@allisonryder wrote:
La Paloma!

@st822 wrote:
@YourTownWaltham definitely taqueria el amigo in Waltham. Best al pastor I've had anywhere.

@Mr_Gelinas_WHS wrote:
@YourTownWaltham Best Mexican..Taqueria El Amigo, Willow St., Waltham MA

@uFloodApp wrote:
AAAAAAnd... now I have to go get some food from @TenochMexican, the hands-down best Mexican around.

@player_kathy wrote:
I second La Paloma !!

Kristin, Boston wrote:
Sol Azteca in Boston, El Sarape in Braintree, La Paloma in Quincy, Jose's in Cambridge and El Puerto in Somerville - all delicious! Say no to chains!

cctala wrote:
Tenoch; and a bowl of posole at Emiliano'z both in Medford! Beantown Taqueria on Mass Ave for real authentic flautas

bjm wrote:
Moes Hanover Ma

dp wrote:
Paisano in Waltham. Wet burritos!


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