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Favorite Ice Cream Stand in New England?

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What is your favorite ice cream stand in New England? Do you like it mainly for its ice cream, its atmosphere, its location, or a combination of all three? [Go here to post a reply.]
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REPLIES (last updated ):

D wrote:
Richardson's period!

Mike wrote:
Somerset Creamery, Somerset, MA. Its ice cream, atmosphere, and the smell of freshly made waffle cones.

jc wrote:
Cherry farms in Danvers ma.

mlecorn wrote:
Somerset Creamery in Somerset, MA!

Frances wrote:
Captain Dusty's in Manchester by the Sea.

ds wrote:
Bedford Farms.

Robert S. wrote:
Peaceful Meadows in Whitman.

Roger wrote:
Uhlman Farms in Westboro, MA
Johnson's Drive-In in Groton, MA

robert wrote:
Treadwells in Peabody.

MS wrote:
Bubbling Brook in Westwood.

JS wrote:
Uhlman's in Westborough.

KM wrote:
Ice Cream Sandwich in Sandwich on the Cape!

Jack on Cape Cod wrote:
Dairy Twist in Pembroke.
Quality, variety and personality!

la wrote:
Richardson's in Middleton...great frozen yogurts.

Derek wrote:
SoCo Creamery in Great Barrington in the Berkshires!

Ellie Ray wrote:
Here's a little known gem -- Gibbie's in Worcester.

Suzanne wrote:
Sullivan Farms in Tyngsboro.

BL in Boston wrote:
Meola's in Sterling!

Heather wrote:
Rota Spring Farms in Sterling. The BEST homemade ice cream ever! The Indian pudding ice cream is like Autumn in a cone. Plus, the have goats to pet, and the belted Galloways meandering in the field next door. Better than Kimballs, and I like their Indian pudding ice cream better than Sundae School's (gasp). But if you're on the cape, Sundae School is still the place to go. And I wonder why I'm not losing weight...

DM wrote:
Dick and June's in Beverly. Wood's in Westport. And rapturous red raspberry at Benson's in Boxford.

RJ wrote:
Erickson's, on the Stow/Maynard line. BEST.

SMG wrote:
Hayward's in Nashua, NH!!

Jude wrote:
Rota Spring Farms in Sterling, if we're at home in central MA, but Erickson's if we're en route from work (in Boston) home.

Neil wrote:
Crescent Ridge in Sharon.

Dawn A. wrote:
Crescent Ridge Dairy in Sharon, MA.

Jen P. wrote:
Peaceful Meadows in Whitman!

LG wrote:
Meadowlands in Tewksbury. Atmosphere used to be better when it was just a field behind, instead of Mcmansions, but the ice cream is terrific.

Jody Thomas wrote:
Crescent Ridge in Sharon, MA. So many flavors one as good as the next but the Orange Pineapple Ice Cream is a definite standout! And there's nothing like a nice ice cold glass of their milk from a glass bottle. And they will gladly deliver it to you!

cc wrote:
Dribbles in Scituate.

DM wrote:
North: Benson's in Boxford. Two words: Wild Raspberry.
South: Wood's in Westport. So what if it's Gifford's? It's GOOD.

M.G wrote:
I'd go with Kimball Farm.

Dorothy B wrote:
Emack & Bolio's in Orleans, MA

DWH wrote:
#1: Sawyer's Dairy Bar, Gilford, NH.
#2: Nona's Homemade, Hingham, MA
#3 Russ Treadwell's, Peabody, MA

BC wrote:
Ice Cream Sandwich in Sandwich, MA - worked there for 8 years, best homemade ice cream around!

ldoll13 wrote:
Cherry Farm, Danvers

Roger Shepard wrote:
Uhlman Farms in Southboro, MA
Johnson's Drive-In in Groton, MA
Kimball Farms in Lancaster/Westford/Carlise, MA
Erickon's in Maynard, MA

anonymous wrote:
Kimballs Farm in Westford

CT wrote:
Shaker Pond Ice Cream, Alfred Me.

Davincivirus wrote:
Skinners in East Bridgewater, MA
Cresent Ridge in Sharon, MA
Peaceful Meadows in Whitman, MA

jv wrote:
Dairy witch!!!

Melissa wrote:
Rich Farm's ice cream in Oxford, CT! Great ice cream, ample seating, and you can go visit the cows that make the milk that makes the ice cream that you're eating while you're there!
Creative flavors (a favorite is Cookie Monster, homemade vanilla ice cream dyed blue with huge chunks of homemade chocolate chip cookies in it.) Totally worth visiting if you are in that part of CT!

jc wrote:

Ashley wrote:
The Sundae School! Orleans, MA

LG wrote:
cherry farm in danvers by far

BS wrote:
Erickson's, Maynard-hands down. Right texture and sweetness. No one comes close.

Meg wrote:
Dresser Hill in Charlton! Bonus points if you can find it, it's out in the sticks haha

SJM wrote:
1. Moo's Place Homemade Ice Cream - Derry, NH
2. Kimball Farm - Westford, MA
3. Hayward's - Nashua, NH

Laura Raposa wrote:
Gray's Ice Cream in Tiverton, RI
Somerset Creamery in Somerset, MA
Wilbur's in North Scituate, MA

Sally wrote:
Kimball Farm with Richardsons trailing closely

Barbara wrote:
Kimball Farm Westford

RP wrote:
Bedford Farms, Bedford MA
Pizzi Farm, Waltham, MA
Buttonwood Farm, Griswold, CT (you have to check out their sunflower festival in july, all proceeds benefit "make a wish" )

Leah K (bffoodie) wrote:
Bedford Farms
Chilly Cow

jr wrote:
Erickson's in Carver, MA

Bri930 wrote:
Farfar's in Duxbury

Sarah K wrote:
Trombetta's in Marlborough

Ellen K wrote:
Lone Oak, Rochester, NH

LRC wrote:
Benson's (since 1932), West Boxford, MA
White Farms, Ipswich, MA
Christina's, Cambridge, MA
Richardson's, Middleton, MA

Jay wrote:
Ron's in Hyde park and Dedham Ma.

Mary wrote:
Down River in Essex!

JCP wrote:
Treadwell's in Peabody, MA!

LEH wrote:
Dr. Mike's in Bethel, CT. Especially their Rich Chocolate.

James wrote:
Top 5 ice cream places:
Kimball Farm (Westford, Lancaster, Carlisle MA, Jaffery NH)
Jay Gee's (Methuen MA, Salem NH)
Richardsons (Middleton, MA
Bedford Farms (Bedford, Concord MA)
Rota Springs (Sterling, MA)

Bubba wrote:
Crescent Ridge Dairy, Bay Rd., Sharon, Ma

Bill P wrote:
Flayvors of Cook Farm, Hadley, MA

mudda wrote:

hannah wrote:
Bedford Farms, Bedford MA

greg wrote:
FarFar's Duxbury, MA

Ed L. wrote:
Kimball's Westford, MA

@nmaclennan wrote:
uhlman's in Westborough

@rcsnika wrote:

@kzmccaff wrote:
captain dusty's in Manchester mass!!

@DRSamsonII wrote:
tie between Richardsons and Toscanini's!

@MacKidSSBoston wrote:
Dribbles in Scituate!

Paul F. wrote:
Dribbles in scituate

Laurel wrote:
Hodgies II Salisbury, MA

@angiechats wrote:
Main Street Creamery & Cafe in Wethersfield, CT. #

Rose A. wrote:
Another vote for Kimball's!

Matt G. wrote:
Sully's Chelmsford Ma. Has Kimball's beat.

HD Barnett wrote:
Gotta be Kimball's...
Another would be Scoop City in Claremont, NH

jf wrote:
Sugar Hill bridgewater

ss wrote:
Round Top Dairy in Damariscotta Maine

Vincent B. wrote:
Sundae school Haawich!! And Ready? Liliuokalanis Laconia!!

@JiminCMajor wrote:
mad maggies in north andover

@domesticgddss wrote:

kristin r. wrote:
Acushnet Creamery - Acushnet, MA

Dan Malis wrote:
Benson's in Boxford; Woods in Westport; and, although it's not a "stand", Tosci's.

@notkosherblog wrote:
Crescent Ridge when I used to eat ice cream. I would think their cows makes the basis for great burgers though!

AC wrote:
Sunday School-Harwich

js wrote:
Richardsons Middleton
Cherry Hill Danvers
Christina's Cambridge
Flavors Hadley
Thank me later.

JA wrote:
Rota Springs by far and I've had more than half of these!

mhd16 wrote:
Coffees ice cream in Marblehead!

rb wrote:
Ice cream smyth - lower mills Dorchester no doubt!

Maryellen C. K. wrote:
Bedford Farms!!!!!

Ken O. wrote:
Hodgies (various)

Janet B. wrote:
Flint Farm in Mansfield, MA!

Paul M. wrote:
Four seas ice cream in Centerville, MA

Mike G. wrote:
Christina's in Cambridge and Peaceful Meadows in Middleboro and the Juice Bar on Nantucket.

Laura M. wrote:
Nona's Hingham

Elizabeth P. wrote:
Trombetta's Farm in Marlborough. All home made. Terrific variety of flavors. Great family owned.

Joanne D. R. wrote:
Acushnet Creamery

Esther B. wrote:
Martel's in Saco, Maine and Bubbling Brook in Westwood, MA

@Chase79Chris wrote:
I have to rep the Northshore and go Richardson's...though if I don't want to leave the city JP Licks is my go to

@GregoryDoyon wrote:
Far Far's in Duxbury!!

@NeedhamWine wrote:
black raspberry from kimball farm with a sugar cone on top...can't beat it!

Shawn S. wrote:
Crescent Ridge in Sharon.

Lyndon F. wrote:
Farfar's Danish Ice Cream Duxbury

Chris D. wrote:
Richardsons in Middleton but if you can't get there Cream - Abington!

Lisa R. M. wrote:
Ice cream machine, Cumberland RI

AF wrote:
Scoopies in Newton

Jay wrote:
Ruby Rose Frozen Custard in Poland, ME. Rota Spring Farm in Sterling, MA. Smiling Hill Farm in Westbrook, ME. Kimball Farm in Carlisle, MA. Uhlman's Ice Cream in Westborough, MA. Abbott's Frozen Custard in Brighton and Needham MA. Lakeside Dairy Bar in Naples, ME. Spruce Pond Creamery in Franklin, MA. Black Cow Ice Cream in Millis, MA. White Mountain Creamery in Chestnut Hill, MA.

@thealburns wrote:
Dairy Twist in Pembroke has best hard ice cream and soft serve

@map_maiden wrote:
Gotta go with Kimballs!

Wezee wrote:
Kimball's in Jaffrey, NH

Shelby K. wrote:
Kimball's in Westford MA

Jennifer K. D. wrote:
Sundae School, Harwich Port.

Robin C. wrote:
Forever favorites are Crescent Ridge in Sharon and JP Licks Newest cone connection is Gracie's Ice Cream and on Cape Cod for Summer dairy fun it is Sundae School Ice Cream

Walter P. wrote:
Rota Spring farm in Sterling

Sandra T. wrote:
Rota Spring

@Cuddlebear19 wrote:
Love Sundae School In Dennis, Massachusetts...!!!!!

mb wrote:
Ron's Ice Cream in Hyde Park & Dedham. Great selection !

bjm wrote:
Sawyer's Dairy Bar Gilford NH
Farfar's Duxbury, Ma

Liz K. wrote:
Brickley's in Wakefield, RI

BL wrote:
Chilly Cow Arlington, MA

Darren wrote:
Sully's in Chelmsford!! Large scoops, reasonable prices!

Marisa wrote:
Ron's in Dedham
Bubbling Brook in Westwood
Crescent Ridge in Sharon
Sundae School in Dennis


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