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New England Restaurants With Good Chicken Pot Pie?

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What restaurants have some of the best chicken pot pies in New England? What makes them better than your average, ordinary chicken pot pie? [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted by hiddenboston)

REPLIES (last updated 5/29/14):

len wrote:
Kens Kickin Chicken.
omg what can I say it's the best chicken pot pie. Ever ..get the one with the stuffing in it die for!

Ed wrote:
Pick up a Willow Tree pie.

tanya wrote:
Definitely Kens Kickin Chicken in Salem!

Jen O wrote:
On the Cape- there are three- Marion's Pie Shop in Chatham for take out and also for take out- Sam's Deli in Eastham, and the Cottage St Bakery in Orleans.

LBM wrote:
O'Hara's and Paddy O's in Newton!

amd wrote:
Definitely Highland Park Markets in CT!

Kelsey wrote:
Kelly's Diner in Somerville. Tuesdays only.

anonymous wrote:
Henrietta's Table and the Charles Hotel nom

mm wrote:
Kens kickin chicken hands down!!!

corinne wrote:
Best chicken pie...Hart House restaurant, Ipswich!!!

Ron A. wrote:
John Harvard's is the best I've had.

Nate wrote:
The Colonial Inn in Concord, MA - very nice traditional chicken pot pie.

JDB wrote:
Mrs. Murphy's Kitchen in the Dot!

JS wrote:
John Harvards Brewhouse by far.

TB wrote:
The BEST is Ken's Kickin Chicken. They do it correctly and nothing but top ingredients. I hope they stay this way when they get BIGGER.

mmm_in_ma wrote:
Amhreins in South Boston serves a delightful Chicken Pot Pie with a puff pastry crust. You don't feel like you need a nap after indulging! Amhreins - Open since 1890!
80 W. Broadway

emj wrote:
Centerville Pie Co, Centerville, MA. Their crust is amazing and it is all chicken, no veggies and they give you a container of gravy on the side to take home with you! YUM!!!!!!! Also, you can eat in or buy one to take home and bake!!!

foodiegal wrote:
John Harvard's!

ja wrote:
Chix pot pie eggrolls at The Red Rock in Upton, MA. Gravy for dipping! Delish

Janine wrote:
Harrows in Reading, MA.

cm wrote:
Kens Kickin chicken in salem ma is the best chicken pot pie hands down ... Get the one with stuffing ... I tried the buffalo chicken pie it was the. Bomb this place rocks

Manda Carco of MandaMonium wrote:
Ken's Kickin Chicken!!!! I wish there was one closer to Medford though, hint hint hint ;) ;)

mat wrote:
kens kickin chicken is the best huge pc of all white meat carrots fresh and big gravy to die for and the crust is outstanding get the one with stuffing so so good best in new england by far

JHP wrote:
Harrows in Reading

andrew wrote:
Ken's Kickin Chickin!!

@chrisbentson wrote:
dogwood in JP

@stephanboston wrote:
the wave marion ma

kathleen wrote:
Wilson Farm. Lexington Ma. Real biscuits on top!


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