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Unreviewed Restaurants >> Massachusetts >> Trattoria San Pietro (Norwell)

Trattoria San Pietro

***** (3 stars, based on 5 reviews)
376 Washington Street (Route 53), Norwell, MA 02061
(781) 659-2009 Find location!

Trattoria San Pietro is a Northern Italian restaurant in Norwell, MA, that Boston's Hidden Restaurants has not yet reviewed, but is considered a restaurant of interest by this Web site. Below is a section where our readers can give us their own reviews of Trattoria San Pietro.

Sample items on the menu at Trattoria San Pietro include Italian peppers stuffed with sausage, linguini with little neck clams, cinnamon ravioli stuffed with pumpkin, braised short ribs, and veal chop in a wine sauce.

Cuisine: Northern Italian
Cost: moderately expensive
Location: South Shore
One Reason to Go: little-known upscale Italian spot

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*****trish from Braintree, MA, says:
My experience for dinner at this lovely establishment was in a word, delightful! I had dinner there last night to celebrate an aunt's birthday. We had made reservations for a party of 8. And when one member of our party stated she was very cold, the server did not hesitate and turned on the space heater situated nearby by our table and soon we were all toasty and warm. The servers were exceptional and very patient with a few of us who had missed the nightly specials and kindly repeated them for us. I ordered the pumpkin and cinnamon raviolis and was thrilled with my meal and just finished my left overs and they were as good it not better than last night! I look forward to coming back here again for dinner or for a luncheon with girlfriends!
(Posted on 3/10/11)

*****LAS says:
Its just okay. The South Shore dining experience is dismal at best. Tosca and Cafe Tosca is good, these other places are nothing outstanding, and it is a damn shame.
(Posted on 5/10/10)

*****A.P from Hingham, MA, says:
Excuse me but I work in the restaurant business but let me ask you from the other point of view ROBERT say u had a reservation @ 7 pm for your mother's birthday or whatever and the same owner that you spoke to on the phone told you you had to wait because a walk-in was sitting at the table that was RESERVED for you? Then what would you have done? I've been to Trattoria San Pietro and I have been to Scarlet Oak (unfortunately) and the fact that you are trying to compare the two makes me sick.
(Posted on 1/10/10)

*****P.C. from Norwell, MA, says:
Wow! Having a bad day Robert? Rest assured those who visit Trattoria San Pietro will not be disappointed. One of the finest staff of servers, bartenders and hostesses on the south shore.The food is the best around. Enjoy Scarlett Oak Robert...but remember there is a reason Trattoria is one of very few south shore establishments that has been around 14+ years.
(Posted on 10/9/09)

*****Robert C. from Weymouth, MA, says:
This past Saturday my Brother and Sister-in-law took my 78-year-old Mother-in-law to the Trattoria San Pietro for a belated birthday dinner at my suggestion. They arrived around 6pm and were asked by the Hostess if they had reservations, which they did not. The Hostess proceeded to call over the owner who was nearby. The owner explained that although the restaurant was empty now they had reservations starting at seven. They could seat them but in an hour, they would have to leave or they could sit at the bar.
My mother-in-law is 78, has a bad hip and walks with a cane; so sitting at the bar on a high stool was not going to happen. They ended up going to the Scarlet Oak and had a great time and fantastic dinner. When they got home, they told me what had happened at Trattoria San Pietro, I was shocked. The gist being that they could not be seated in a restaurant that has no one in it. What restaurant turns people away from an empty room? I called promptly and asked for the owner. She told me the same thing; they could have stayed to have dinner, they just had to leave in an hour. I asked her if the restaurant was booked by one function, she said no it was individual reservations.
I was floored. This person was basically saying you're good enough to spend $24 on a main course, $12 on and appetizer, and $7 for a mixed drink but you may or may not be able to finish it by the time we kick you out? The real slap in the face was it was for people who may not show up on time over an hour later! I have a seriously hard time thinking that, in this economy, suddenly at 7pm all the tables for three were going to be full. Once again, my mother-in-law is 78, how long did they think they would stay?
Has anyone ever been told on walking in that they had only an hour to eat? What would they have done if they went over there allotted time, turn them out in front of everyone?? If they were full, put up a sign that said reservations only. I had always wondered why this part of the South Shore has a weak showing when it comes to the amount of good restaurant reviews.
Now I know, because this is what we have come to expect. Bad service and mediocre food that is presented like they are doing you a favor by letting you spend your hard earned money to eat it. What a bunch of ____. Do yourself a real favor. If you're thinking about going to the Trattoria San Pietro, don't, go to the Scarlet Oak down the street instead. You can find better Italian restaurants almost anywhere; why go here and have to deal with sub-par food and rude service. To be fair, the owner, after telling me I had no idea what I was talking about, offered to give then a complimentary dinner. It took 20 mins of being talked down to and my telling her I was posting this first before she even offered. We told her thanks but no thanks...I wouldn't eat there again if it was free for a year.
(Posted on 10/5/09)

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