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Boston Restaurant Blog -- August, 2008

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dinner at Viola Restaurant and Wine Bar, Braintree

A few months back, I was excited to hear that a new Italian restaurant was coming to South Braintree. One reason is that the section of Braintree that Viola Restaurant and Wine Bar opened in is a rather restaurant-poor area (with all due respect to Sintra and a couple of others). But after making the trip over to Viola, I'll probably keep looking for places around South Braintree, as I was a bit disappointed in the place.

photo of Viola Restaurant and Wine Bar, Braintree, MA From the outside, Viola looks promising, with an attractive sign in front of the nicely renovated building it is housed in. And the inside of Viola is pretty nice, too, with a dark, modern feel to the place. (I wouldn't quite call it cozy or romantic, but it is appealing enough.) Unfortunately, the atmosphere was probably the highlight of my experience at Viola, as the food just wasn't anything special. The minestrone soup that I started out with was decent enough, with fresh vegetables mixed into a tasty tomato-based broth. But the margherita pizza was practically inedible, as it came to the table with a greasy film on top which gave it an unpleasant texture and taste. The crust wasn't much better, as it was thick and doughy with almost no salt or seasonings, and the sauce was just so-so. The veal bracciolettine was a little more palatable, though the pasta didn't taste all that fresh and the veal was tasty but rather tough in places. Desserts looked very nice, though we didn't have enough room to try any of them.

Service was just ok, with the person waiting on our table handling our orders with little passion. But she was quick and efficient, and was by no means unfriendly--just a bit distinct and distracted at times. As far as prices, they were mostly reasonable, especially compared to prices at a similarly mid-upscale restaurant closer to Boston.

It is possible that the folks at Viola are still working the kinks out and that the food will be more consistent as time goes on. But until I hear that this is indeed the case, I'll probably hold off on going back there, especially since we discovered an outstanding Italian restaurant called Ecco, which is not too far away from Viola in Weymouth. Stay tuned for a report on them soon...

If you would like the address for Viola, here it is: Viola Restaurant and Wine Bar, 1209 Washington Street, Braintree, MA, 02184. Phone: (781) 848-8980.

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anonymous said:
Although pricing was fair, the atmosphere showed too much attempt to present illusion of real restaurant as opposed to chain. The whole experience seemed contrived. Food, atmosphere and wait staff reminicent of dressed up Olive Garden.
Posted on 8/31/08
eo said:
Excellent food - adorable - get there early...going all the time.
Posted on 10/14/08
MAS said:
I have been a few times and with many friends. We all had great food and fun! The wine list is fabulous and the food is excellent.
The first time we went the service was slow as in any new restaurant but the last few times it was great. Ten of us went for my birthday and everyone loved their entire meal; we all had an appetizer and a meal as well as salads and desserts. The tables are close but quaint. Viola "VERY" reasonable prices unlike other restaurants in Braintree.
If you have not tried it yet there is a wait almost every night so go early or call and make a reservation.
Posted on 10/23/08
jd said:
This used to be a Kentucky Fried Chicken. It is a very small fast food location. I went there and the hostess was [not nice] so I left!
Posted on 10/24/08
rms said:
I thought that the food was good and the prices fair. Lunch is a bargain. I sent 3 friends there and they were happy. Tables are close together; I would like to see them expand the place.
Posted on 1/4/09
rms said:
This is my third trip there. On our last visit there (1/9/09), I was very disappointed with the lunch. We had the veal parm. The veal was tough and the sauce was thin and tasteless. Not like on our last visits. Service was good and friendly.
Posted on 1/9/09
mjb said:
I was reading the comments on this site and was shocked. I have been to Violas multiple times - for lunch and dinner. It rates up there with Ninos in Hingham, but without the crowds... a more intimate, quiet setting. I also had the experience of a party of 15 going there for lunch and all 15 loved it. Try it, I am sure you will love it. Great food, friendly the way, I have been to Ecco many times as well and Violas is just as good, if not better....also it ranks right up there with Campanale's in Braintree (I think it may be better)...bring an appetite, I always have brought home a doggie bag...
Posted on 1/23/09
RAO said:
Four of us went for dinner last night and we really enjoyed ourselves. The Bar area is very very small and when you are waiting for your table there is no place to stand without getting in the way of the staff coming and going from behind the bar. The bartender's swinging open door should be moved to where the bar cash register presently is so customers won't feel in the way while waiting for their table.
Posted on 3/7/09
JPD said:
Viola's is awesome. Love the atmosphere and the food is excellent. I love the chicken bella boca.
Posted on 1/30/11
mjm said:
Went to Violas for lunch today, after waiting what seamed a lengthy time to be approached by a waiter, he said u here for the buffet? We asked how much is it and could he tell us what was on it, it was a struggle but he told us and then said well help yourself, never taking a drink order... while at the salad bar he was behind the bar cursing (the f word) that all the glasses were in the kitchen. During our lunch he could clearly be heard cursing loudly at one of the chefs and that he was out of here... he should be fired. I said to my lunch companion well there goes our waiter, it's a shame he came back, I feel bad for the owner that he has no idea how they're representing his restaurant in his absence.
Posted on 9/13/11

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