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Twelve New England Restaurants in Scenic Locations

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Some dining and drinking spots to go to if you like great views.

photo of Harbor Lounge, Provincetown, MAA few years back, a list ten New England restaurants in scenic locations was posted here, and now a "Part 2" of this list is up. Unlike Part 1, many of the spots shown here are very obscure, with some being cafes and takeout places, others being bars, and still others being parts of other businesses. In addition, most of these are within 1 1/2 hours of the Greater Boston area, so for the most part, they can definitely be checked out while on easy day trips from the city (and a few are in the local area as well).

Go to the link below to see the list of scenic spots. And keep checking back for a "Part 3," which will be posted at some point down the road.

12 Restaurants in Scenic Locations

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