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Twelve Pasta Dishes from Boston-Area Spots

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Twelve Pasta Dishes from Boston-Area Spots

photo of manicotti from Maria's Restaurant Braintree, MASeveral years back, a list of twelve pasta dishes from restaurants in the Boston area and beyond was posted to this site, and it included some real favorites, mostly from little-known spots in the region. Now it is time for "Part 2" of the list, and this time the focus is on only the Boston area, and mostly under-the-radar places once again (though Terra and maybe a couple of others aren't quite as hidden as the rest). Included here are a number of classic Italian-American dishes along with traditional Italian items, and there is also a Greek meal and an old-school American dish as well.

Go to the link below to check out the list.

12 More Pasta Dishes in the Boston Area

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