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Thursday, December 22, 2011 (updated )

Ten New England Restaurants in Scenic Locations

photo of the Old Mill in Westminster, MAOver the past few months, we have been posting photo slideshows that focus mainly on various food items from Boston-area restaurants. This time, however, we focus more on atmosphere than food, with the main theme being on dining spots that are in particularly scenic locations. Ten such restaurants are shown here, including some that are fairly closed to Boston as well as others that are elsewhere in New England (all can be done in a day trip from Boston, though a few would admittedly make for a rather long day trip).

Here is a link to the slideshow, which includes such spots as a pizza restaurant in the middle of a deep valley, a family spot on a pond with a waterfall, and a slightly upscale eatery on the shoulder of a mountain:

Slideshow of Ten Scenic New England Restaurants

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