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Ten Macaroni and Cheese Dishes in the Boston Area and New England

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Some options for mac and cheese lovers in the Greater Boston area and beyond.

photo of macaroni and cheese from Ashmont Grill, Dorchester, MAA number of years ago when the Boston's Hidden Restaurants site was just starting out with slideshows and lists, an early post on five macaroni and cheese dishes in the Boston area went up, looking at a few of the better options in the region. Well, a "Part Two" of this list has been posted, and this one looks at ten more mac and cheese options not only in the Boston area, but also in other parts of New England. Included here are macaroni and cheeses from cheap eats spots, slightly more upscale places, and toward the end, one from a scenic spot on the Cape that is a must for seafood lovers.

The link below will take you to the new list of mac and cheese dishes.

Ten Macaroni and Cheese Dishes

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