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Boston Restaurant Blog -- September, 2007

Monday, September 17, 2007

Saturday Night at Stars on Hingham Harbor

We finally made it over to Stars on Hingham Harbor a couple of Saturday nights ago. We tried a few times to get there over the past year or two, but it was crowded each time, causing us to hit the Liberty Grille, which is across the street, and a couple of restaurants in nearby Hull. But this time around, Stars was a bit less crowded, so we decided to give it a try.

photo of Stars on Hingham Harbor, Hingham, MA Stars, which looks like a classic American diner from the outside, actually feels like one half family restaurant, one half sports bar inside. We opted for the dining area, which was a bit on the noisy side and packed with families. We started with an appetizer that turned out to be outstanding; the steak and cheese spring rolls (no, that's really what they were called) were tremendous, with tender shaved steak mixed with gooey cheese, all wrapped inside a Chinese spring roll. Unfortunately, the dining experience at Stars went a bit downhill from there, as our entrees weren't quite up to par. The grilled pizza was rather bland, with a crust that was not very crispy and almost seemed stale. And the portobello sandwich had little taste, and paled in comparison with the best I've had in the Boston area (the Ashmont Grill in Dorchester). Service, which I've heard is a bit spotty, was mostly good, though it took a long time for us to get our check.

I don't see myself going back to Stars anytime soon, especially with so many other good dining spots nearby (including the Liberty Grille, which has excellent pizza, by the way. Stars seems to be a good place to go as a family, though, as it is indeed one of the most family-friendly places I have been to on the South Shore.

For those who would like the address and phone number for Stars, here it is: Stars on Hingham Harbor, 3 Otis Street, Hingham, MA 02043. Phone: (781) 749-3200.

Stars On Hingham Harbor on Urbanspoon

Stars on Hingham Harbor

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MH said:
We went back to Stars this weekend, for breakfast this time. Everything was good, though nothing was really outstanding. The blueberry muffin was pretty tasty, and the home fries were browned nicely and just greasy enough. The Belgian waffle wasn't bad, though it was a bit dry and crusty. Coffee was excellent, though. Overall, not too bad of a breakfast.
Posted on 1/25/09
MH said:
Another trip back to Stars for breakfast yesterday...the corned beef hash breakfast was terrific, though I made sure to ask for the homemade hash to be a bit well done (a past order of it there had resulted in undercooked and slightly watery hash). The farmer's breakfast was mostly decent, with a delicious cranberry muffin included, but the chicken apple maple sausage links seemed overly sweet and undercooked. I do like going to Stars for breakfast (have been there a few times since the last comment above from January 2009) but some items are definitely better than others.
Posted on 6/28/10
MH said:
One more trip back to Stars for breakfast over the past weekend, and this time, my meal was really quite good. They had mocha waffles as one of the specials, and while the waffle I had was just a bit on the dry side, the rich chocolate and coffee flavor really came out with each bite. The waffle was served with real maple syrup as well, which was a nice touch.
Posted on 10/12/10
MH said:
We returned to Stars once again the other day, and I tried one of their specials, the house-made maple and brown sugar pop tarts, or pop "stars" as they are called. They were terrific, with a flaky exterior and lots of sweet goodness inside. The exterior was also frosted, which added more sweetness to the pastries.
Posted on 2/1/11
MH said:
We did yet another trip back to Stars recently, and this time, I had the Oreo cookie pancakes, which were filled with chunks of Oreo cookies and very good, though part of the pancakes seemed to be just a bit overcooked. I also tried the bacon cheddar tater tots, which had some extra saltiness from the bacon and were absolutely delicious. Two more unusual dishes from an interesting restaurant on the South Shore...
Posted on 9/6/11
MH said:
We've done several more trips to Stars, getting such items as the pumpkin pancakes, which were on special the day we went, the Bostonian, and the steak and cheese benedict. The pancakes were not exactly fluffy, but they were delicious, with a perfectly sweet pumpkin taste and pure maple syrup that was heated up for us (a nice touch). The Bostonian was terrific, with baked beans, bacon, eggs, a grilled muffin, and cheddar tater tots all making for a filling but delicious meal. And the steak and cheese benedict was wonderful, with the steak and cheese being about as good as any cheesesteak I've had in the Boston area.
Posted on 11/27/13

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