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Boston Restaurant Blog -- October, 2009

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hot Dog Heaven at Speed's in Newmarket Square, Roxbury

I am generally not a big fan of hot dogs that "snap" when you bite into them (I actually like skinless franks better, especially Kosher beef franks), but sometimes I just have to try a hot dog with a natural casing, especially when it gets the type of reviews that those at Boston Speed's Famous Hot Dog Wagon do. This humble little food cart hidden away in an industrial area just south of downtown Boston has gotten so much praise over the years (including the Wall Street Journal calling it the best hot dog in America) that it is almost a crime that I had never gotten to the place until recently. But the wait was worth it, as it was easily up there with the best hot dogs that I have ever had.

photo of Speed's Hot Dogs, Boston (Roxbury), MA Speed's Hot Dogs is located in a dusty, dirty, and rather ugly section of Newmarket Square near the Southeast Expressway. The truck is set up among the many warehouses that call this bustling area their home, and the rumble of trucks can be heard (and felt) nearly constantly. Speed's is obviously takeout only, but they do have plastic picnic tables that they set up for folks if the weather is good enough to eat outside.

On our recent trip to Speed's, we ordered one hot dog each (with each dog having two different toppings), watched in anticipation as the marinated half-pound dogs were char-grilled over coals, slathered with the sauces, and placed in a toasted bun. And how were they? Well, words can barely describe how good they were; the combination brown sugar/apple cider marinade gave the hot dogs a noticeable richness, while the special sauce added a hint of sweetness and the chili sauce rounded everything out with a meaty taste and an added texture. And the "snap," while there, was something I could overlook, as it really did hold in the juices and the overall flavor of the massive hot dogs, which almost seemed more like kielbasas to me. One final comment: For those of you who typically down two or three hot dogs in one sitting, think twice before you order multiple dogs at Speed's; I couldn't imagine eating more than one unless I went the entire day without eating.

For all the accolades thrown upon Speed's Hot Dogs, the place remains a bit of a hidden spot to most people, perhaps because it is literally hidden away in a no-mans land near where Roxbury, South Boston, and Dorchester meet. Because of that, we can definitely see Speed's being featured on this site at some point, but we will probably hold off until trying a couple more of their sauces--and waiting until the spring, since they are already closed on Saturdays and will only be open on weekdays until the cold weather hits in a couple more months. So check back sometime in April or May, as Speed's may indeed be added to our list of featured hot dog spots.

If you want the address for Speed's, here it is: Boston Speed's Famous Hot Dog Wagon, 54 Newmarket Square, Boston (Roxbury), MA, 02118. There is no phone number.

Speed's Hot Dog on Urbanspoon

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EDS said:
These Hot Dogs are the best I ever had! the wagon leads a lot to be desired. It has no running water.
How does the BOH allow this, and right in there back yard!
Posted on 8/27/11

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