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Boston Restaurant Blog -- June, 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Saturday Night at Roy Moore's Fish Shack, Rockport

I've been in Rockport a couple of times this spring, with the last trip being two weekends ago. On this trip, we decided to go the lobster route, heading over to Roy Moore's Fish Shack in Dock Square (where Bearskin Neck begins in the center of town). I had been to the Fish Shack a few years ago and honestly wasn't overly impressed by the place, but this time the food was much better, making for a pleasant meal on a humid but otherwise gorgeous Saturday night.

photo of Roy Moore's Fish Shack, Rockport, MA Roy Moore's Fish Shack feels less like a seafood shack and more like a comfortable family-friendly restaurant, with plenty of tables, a relatively low noise level, and large picture windows affording views of the water. The main dining room is fairly spacious and perfect for larger groups, while a smaller and more cozy room is slightly below and off to the right, and is better suited for couples. The Fish Shack, by the way, is connected with Roy Moore Lobster Company, which is a short walk up Bearskin Neck and is more of an "eat in the rough" type of place.

We were seated at a window table in the smaller room and started our meal with a decent dirty martini and a pina colada that was very tasty (though for some reason it was served in a milkshake glass). Then it was right to the main course, namely the lazy lobster casserole and the lobster scampi. The casserole included about a quarter pound of lobster meat mixed with a butter sauce and topped with cracker crumbs. It was a simple dish made great by the sheer freshness of the lobster meat (which is what both the Fish Shack and the Lobster Company are known for). And it was the same case with the lobster scampi, which was another basic, ordinary dish that was extremely satisfying due to the deliciously fresh lobster meat. The garlicky sauce that came with the scampi enhanced the taste of the meat, while the linguini and tomatoes in the dish complemented the lobster nicely. The casserole came with a baked potato and green beans, while the lobster scampi was served with cole slaw, but it really was all about the lobster when it came to both of these dishes. Our server was friendly and smiling and checked back with us a few times to make sure we were all set. Prices were reasonable, though the fact that we did not have any appetizers or dessert did keep the bill a good bit lower than it could have been.

Based on the fact that the so-so meal several of us had at Roy Moore's awhile back didn't include any lobster dishes, and our recent lobster-based dinner there was a lot better, I'm inclined to think that the greatness of the lobster at this dining spot perhaps keeps it from being just another good-but-not-great restaurant. It also makes me want to try the Roy Moore Lobster Company on Bearskin Neck even more, since that seems like more of a bare-bones shack where lobster lovers tend to go. In either case, I know I'll be getting more lobster at one of these places at some point in the future.

If you would like the address for Roy Moore's Fish Shack, here it is: Roy Moore's Fish Shack, 21 Dock Square, Rockport, MA, 01966. Phone: (978) 546-6667

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