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Boston Restaurant Blog -- October, 2008

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Martini's Restaurant: A Roadhouse in Weymouth

I love a good roadhouse. It seems that whenever I travel to another part of the country, I'm able to find a loud, boisterous place filled with locals that is completely unpretentious and has decent food and drink. But the Boston area has few of these often tacky and cheesy roadside joints, and it seems that the number is getting less and less each year. That is why I was happy to get to Martini's Restaurant in Weymouth a couple of weeks ago. It is about as close I've seen to a true wild and wooly place in the Boston area, and while the food was a mix of good and not-so-good, it was certainly a memorable experience.

photo of Martini's Restaurant, Weymouth, MA Martini's is located in a nondescript blink-and-you'll-miss-it type building on a similarly homely section of Route 53 that is overloaded with commercial and industrial buildings. We actually drove right by it and had to turn around, pulling into the lot and grabbing the last space among a throng of pickup trucks and SUVs. Upon entering the restaurant, we were greeted by a large number of people at the huge bar to the left singing mostly out of tune to a song by Journey. The first thing I noticed (after the song) was how huge the bar area was compared to the rest of the place, and indeed, the little semi-partitioned dining area in the right rear corner almost seemed like an afterthought. In front of the dining section was an empty area that looked like it might be used for dancing and/or bands, but when we were there, it was just a big, empty spot.

We were brought over to one of the few booths in the back dining area and started out with an interesting appetizer called garlic parmesan chicken tenders. Basically it was a plate of chicken tenders smothered in a white wine garlic cheese sauce, and it was actually quite good in a sinful, rather unhealthy kind of way. While waiting for our entrees, one of the servers brought us a big salad bowl to split between us, and it was pretty decent overall, with a basic but tasty salad dressing. The meals soon came out, and with mixed results. The chicken pesto panini had a terrific mix of flavors, with grilled chicken, pesto, sweet vinegar peppers, and mozzarella cheese slapped between two delicious pieces of toasted bread. Unfortunately, the bar pizza was not nearly as good as the panini sandwich, as it had a bland, bloated crust and a moderately tasty sauce that nonetheless could have been seasoned a little better. I had my hopes up for the pizza, as the menu had specifically called it a "bar pizza" (and I do love my bar pizza), but in the end, it was just a basic, ordinary pie.

Pizza aside, I did like Martini's Restaurant, as the atmosphere was unique (to Boston, anyways), the servers were gruff but friendly, the beers were cold, the music was sufficiently cheesy, and most of the food was pretty good. When I have a chance, I'd like to get back here to try another one of their sandwiches or perhaps their steak tips or scrod. Hopefully the food will be closer in quality to the panini than the pizza; if so, you may be seeing me there singing out of tune to Journey songs at least a few times in the not-so-distant future.

If you are looking for the address for Martini's, here it is: Martini's Restaurant, 450 Washington Street, Weymouth, MA, 02188. Phone: (781) 337-5800.

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j.l. said:
Hi, I love Martini's...good food and the owner is a great guy!!! What more could you ask for.
Posted on 4/16/09
bl said:
The owner is a great guy and his other restaurant (chowder house) in Columbian Square features the best haddock on the South Shore.
Posted on 7/6/11

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