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Boston Restaurant Blog -- March, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Five Restaurants That Have "Hidden" Outdoor Seating

photo of The Ledge, Dorchester, MA Believe it or not, warm and pleasant weather is not all that far away, and with it, outdoor dining in and around Boston. There are countless places with outdoor seating, including prime spots for people-watching on Newbury Street in the Back Bay, scenic spots along the Boston waterfront, and sidewalk seating all over Cambridge. But the focus on this article is on those places whose outdoor seating areas are, well, hidden--restaurants with patios out back, at the end of alleyways, and so on. A number of such places could be mentioned here, but we will limit it to the five restaurants listed below:

1) Sophia's Grotto, Roslindale
This is one of those restaurants that is appealing whether you sit indoors or out. The interior of this Mediterranean restaurant in the heart of Roslindale Village is quite attractive, with exposed brick and little nooks and crannies that are just made for romantic dinners. But the outdoor dining area is terrific as well, as the space is a shared courtyard that can be accessed through a narrow alleyway off to the side. It feels a bit like an Italian piazza, and the food only adds to this vibe, with a mix of Northern Italian and Southern Italian dishes along with Spanish items as well. And the courtyard is almost completely protected from the elements, making it a good choice on windy evenings. Address: Sophia's Grotto, 22 Birch Street, Roslindale, MA 02131. Phone: (617) 323-4595. Our featured review can be found at:

2) Scup's in the Harbour, East Boston
The outdoor seating at this eclectic eatery in Jeffries Point isn't necessarily hidden (the picnic tables are in clear view out front), but the restaurant itself sure is. In order to get to Scup's, you have drive past a guard's booth, since the restaurant is within the Boston Harbor Shipyard--an odd place for a dining spot, indeed. By the way, there is word that this year, Scup's will have a backyard patio, making for more in the way of outdoor seating, which is currently rather limited. Address: Scup's in the Harbour, 256 Marginal Street (Building 16), East Boston, MA 02128. Phone: (617) 569-7287. Our featured review can be found at:

3) Khushboo, Lexington
While not our favorite Indian restaurant in the Boston area, this dining spot in Lexington Center has something that few other eateries tend to have--a 2nd-floor outdoor patio that affords views of the hustle and bustle below, as well as some beautiful sunsets. Khushboo, which resides in the space where the popular deep-dish pizza spot Bel Canto used to be long ago, feels well-worn and could probably use some upgrades, but the food is decent, the prices are mostly ok, and the upstairs patio is truly special on a mild spring or summer evening. Address: Khushboo, 1709 Massachusetts Ave, Lexington, MA, 02420. Phone: (781) 863-2900. Our blog review can be found at:

4) Ledge Kitchen & Drinks, Dorchester
Boston has seen its share of gastropubs, beer bars, and upscale American eateries open over the past few years, including this pleasant spot in the Lower Mills section of Dorchester (near the Milton line). The inside of The Ledge includes a couple of dining rooms as well as a comfortable bar area to the right, but continue on to the back of the place and you'll see a walkway that leads out to a beautifully-landscaped two-tiered patio. The outdoor area, which includes a little bar, is cozy and intimate, thanks to the high wall that gives it a private feel. On a hot summer night, there are few places south of Boston that I'd rather be for dinner, especially considering that the food is mostly very good and the drink options are varied. Address: Ledge Kitchen & Drinks, 2261 Dorchester Avenue, Dorchester, MA, 02124. Phone: (617) 698-2261. Our blog review can be found at:

5) Mexico Lindo, Melrose
Even without its outdoor dining area, Mexico Lindo would be a great option, as the Mexican fare at this dining spot in the center of town can be excellent (the arroz con pollo, for instance, is fantastic). But this is indeed another eatery that has a "hidden" outdoor seating area--a comfortable patio that is situated behind the restaurant. Because it is somewhat boxed in by the buildings that make up Melrose Center, the patio at Mexico Lindo is an especially good place to go on windy days (as opposed to, say, the rather exposed picnic tables at Scup's in East Boston, though that could change with the coming of their backyard patio). Address: Mexico Lindo, 449 Main Street, Melrose, MA 02176. Phone: (781) 662-4056 . Our featured review can be found at:

If you like dining al fresco but are more into being away from the hustle and bustle, the five restaurants above are a good start, but there are many other "hidden" outdoor dining areas out there, so do some searching online over the coming weeks before the really nice weather arrives!

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MC Slim JB said:
Others that come to mind: The Hungry I, a little interior patio that is only open for brunch; B&G Oyster, a sunken outdoor patio hidden behind a fence; Oleana, a beautiful backyard patio; Casa Romero, a hidden patio; Audubon Circle, a little patio out back; Uptown Espresso, a lovely little back deck.
Posted on 3/22/11
guycos said:
Casa Romero
Posted on 3/22/11
Meesh - Just Add Cheese said:
Also Casa Romero in the back bay has a hidden patio!
Posted on 3/25/11
@Meeps2002 said:
Poe's Rattlesnake has the "hidden" roof deck. Food is much better than a year or so ago.
Posted on 5/24/11


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