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Boston Restaurant Blog -- April, 2008

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Great Chow, Quincy: Basic Chinese-American Food

After being very impressed by the new-ish Great Chow in Abington a few months ago, we decided to head over to the original Great Chow in the Wollaston section of Quincy a couple of weekends ago. And it turned out to be quite a different experience from the one in Abington, to say the least.

photo of Great Chow, Quincy, Massachusetts I knew going in that the Great Chow in Quincy would be a lot smaller than the enormous space in Abington, and assumed that there would be no teppanyaki, no sushi bar, and no extensive Pan-Asian menu, but what I did not expect was a menu that reminded me of the Chinese-American takeout joints in the suburbs that are a dime a dozen. I had assumed that Great Chow would be a mix of authentic Chinese and Chinese-American cuisine, but it definitely leaned more toward the latter. This is not to say it was bad; the scallion pancakes were fresh-tasting and delicious with a particularly hearty scallion taste, the hot and sour soup had a good kick as well as a nice beefy flavor, and both the Singapore noodle and the lemon chicken were decent enough (though the gloppy sauce that came with the lemon chicken was almost stomach-turning). But it turned out not to be the type of place where you could get the exotic dishes you might find in Chinatown or in some other Quincy restaurants.

Overall, I didn't mind the dining experience we had at Great Chow; the atmosphere was pure old-school Chinese with lots of hustle and bustle, the semi-open kitchen behind the counter gave the place more the feel of a restaurant in a large city, and the prices were mostly very reasonable. And yes, the food, while anything but authentic, was pretty tasty for the most part. But I think I still prefer the Great Chow in Abington, with its sleek, elegant atmosphere and sprawling menu. My guess is, the next time I go to a place called Great Chow, it will be that one rather than the original in Wollaston.

If you are looking for the address for Great Chow in Quincy, here it is: Great Chow, 15 Beale Street, Quincy, MA 02170. The phone number is (617) 328-8918.

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JES said:
How dare you speak about Great Chow like that! I don't know where you're from, but if you think that the Abington location is so much better, would you mind making a delivery to my house in Quincy?
Posted on 11/24/08
MH said:
Heh, we don't do deliveries. :-)
Seriously, I didn't dislike Great Chow in Quincy; I just thought that the one in Abington had better food overall, and a more interesting menu. But for old-school Chinese food, the one in Quincy isn't all that bad.
Posted on 11/24/08
TP said:
I went to Great Chow when they first opened in Quincy and honestly I didn't like the food. Maybe it was what I ordered but I will probably go back and try something else and if after the next time it is bad, I'm done.
Posted on 3/24/09
TP said:
for years the food was great, the past 4 years service and food has been terrible. do not go there anymore any suggestions
Posted on 1/30/12

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