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Fifteen Chicken Dishes from Restaurants in the Boston Area

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Some dishes for chicken lovers to seek out in the Greater Boston area.

photo of chicken tenders from Wendell's Pub, Norton, MAA few years ago, a list of 12 chicken dishes from restaurants in the Boston area was posted here, with everything from fried chicken to wings to tenders to chicken parm and more being mentioned. Now it is time for a "Part 2" of the list, with this one showing 15 chicken-based items from restaurants and bars in the Greater Boston area, including a few of the best dishes tried so far over recent times. This time around, we stick mainly to dining spots inside Route 128, though one is a very short distance outside of it and the other is further out but not all that far away.

Please go to the link below to see the new list of chicken dishes.

Fifteen Chicken Dishes to Try

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