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Boston Restaurant Blog -- October, 2007

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Greek Salads and Pizza at Christo's, Brockton

Growing up, I used to go to Christo's in Brockton every now and then, but had only started going back to this Greek restaurant about five or six years ago. Since then, I have tried it several times, with mixed results. But two items that have never wavered at Christo's are their Greek salad and their pizza, both of which I ordered over the past weekend.

photo of Christo's, Brockton, MA A few of us made the trip down to Christo's as a last-minute decision, getting there early, knowing that the place fills up pretty quickly on weekend nights. Even though we arrived before 6:00, we had to wait about 10 minutes before getting a table in the lounge area, which was a first for me, as I have sat in each of their other rooms a number of times, but never by the bar. Our waitress was quick, friendly, and efficient, bringing us our appetizers and entrees in a timely manner, and we chatted with her about everything under the sun each time she came over.

The Greek salads were nothing short of spectacular, with loads of shredded feta cheese on top and their delicious dressing mixed in just right. In my mind, it is easily the best Greek salad I have had anywhere. As far as the pizzas, well, it is tough to categorize them (are they Greek pizzas? Bar pies? Someplace in between?), but they were excellent as usual. The hamburg pizza was loaded with well-done pieces of meat, while the pepperoni pizza had a delectable mix of tangy cheese and grease from the pepperoni forming a truly tasty treat.

I have heard from some people that Christo's has gone downhill a bit over the past few years, but if the Greek salad and pizza are any indication, I'm inclined to disagree. Personally, I wonder why I don't go to Christo's more often than I do; maybe that will have to change over the coming months.

For those who want the address and phone number for Christo's, here it is: Christo's, 782 Crescent Street, Brockton, MA 02302. Phone: (508) 588-4200.

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Colleen and Danny said:
We went 2/15/09. I have not been there in 29 years or so. Very disappointed from the good ol' days. We sat in the lounge, very cool breeze, nice if it was summer. The waitress was great. Great Greek salad!!!!! We ordered a small. Tons of lettuce one Greek olive, two pieces of tomato and cuke. Lots of feta. But one Greek olive?? I asked why and she promptly brought 5 in a dish. We then ordered some onion rings. Very soggy not crisp. Also lukewarm. Chicken soup also lukewarm. Sliced roast beef diner, price great with potato and (what seemed like) canned beans, all lukewarm. Seriously, cold atmosphere and food lukewarm. I told waitress and said I am not complaining, but maybe you should have the cook make sure things stay hot. I may try again for a pizza and beer. The bar crowd seemed like fun and entertaining. But, for a leisurely and tasty warm meal I will stick to Atwells Ave. in Providence.
Posted on 2/18/09
Shannon said:
I go there every week; my grandparents are good friends with the owner and most of the people who work there and go there. I am never disappointed; I always get pizza and a meat greek salad and a shirley temple. I love it; it is so good I will never stop going there. I have been going there since I was 2.
Posted on 12/3/09
Christine Muncey said:
I go to Christo's once a week. Delicious. Large greek salad with grilled chicken well done. Side of oven roasted potato, squash. Yum or Baked stuffed shrimp with mashed. Pizza any kind, cooked crispy......... Yum Yum
Posted on 3/6/11
MH said:
We returned to Christo's this week and had a simple meal of salad and pizza. The Greek salad was outstanding once again, with some of the best feta cheese I've had anywhere, while the hamburger pizza was excellent as well, being somewhere between a bar pie and a Greek pizza. The white wine, however, was terrible, and I made a mental note to stick with the beer here. Service was fine and prices were cheap. It was nice getting back here, as it's a great place to go if you stick with the simple things (like salad and pizza).
Posted on 8/25/11
MH said:
We went back to Christo's over the weekend once again and had Greek salads as well as a pizza. Both the salad and pizza were terrific as always--we did takeout this time around, and are hoping to get there for a sitdown meal later this winter or in the spring.
Posted on 1/21/13
barbara f. said:
i loved christos good pizza and great drinks. i hope it remains open.
Posted on 2/5/13
MH said:
Made yet another trip to Christo's over the snowy weekend for Greek salads as well as a very tasty hot roast beef sandwich and a nice piece of moussaka, which was offered as a special. I also had baklava for dessert, which was decent, though a bit too watery. As barbara says above, hopefully the place stays open now that the owner has passed on.
Posted on 2/11/13
MH said:
What could be one final trip to Christo's (it's closing soon), this time trying the linguica pizza, which was excellent and made me a bit sad thinking that I might not be able to get it anymore--though the folks behind the restaurant are apparently looking to open a new, smaller spot (stay tuned).
Posted on 11/29/13

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