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Boston Restaurant Blog -- March, 2007

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Wednesday Night Dining at Chau Chow, Dorchester

A few Wednesday nights ago, we drove down to Chau Chow on Morrissey Boulevard in Dorchester for a very large amount of Chinese food. I wanted to try many different dishes, so we ended up with a lot of leftovers, but this wasn't necessarily a bad thing, since nearly all of the food we had at Chau Chow was great.

We started out with hot and sour soup, which was delicious, though the broth was a bit heavier than I'm used to. Then we moved on to a couple of appetizers; the chicken fried rice was more sauteed than fried, and a lot fresher and lighter than the kind you get in many of the lower-quality Chinese restaurants. We also ordered that most American of Chinese dishes--chicken fingers. They were actually better than most, though I still like the chicken fingers at New Jumbo Seafood in Chinatown better. The main entrees soon came, and we dug into our kung pao chicken and beef chow foon. The kung pao chicken was ok, but the chicken was rather gristly and the dish was a bit bland overall. The beef chow foon was much better, however, with tender strips of beef, a good amount of fresh vegetables, and wide noodles that had a delightfully smoky taste to them.

I liked Chau Chow a lot, but it didn't quite make me forget about places like Hei La Moon or King Fung Garden in Chinatown, or Shanghai Gate in Allston. But this cavernous restaurant just off of the Southeast Expressway seems to be better than most Chinese restaurants, as well it should, considering that it is an offshoot of the tremendous Chau Chow restaurants in Chinatown. I'll definitely be going back one of these days, perhaps for their dim sum. I'll let you know if I do...

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