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Pho Viet's

1095 Commonwealth Avenue, Allston, MA 02215
(617) 562-8828 Find location!
--- Winner, Best Vietnamese Restaurant in Boston Area, 2014 ---

Photo of Pho Viet's, Allston, MA For those who like Vietnamese food, Dorchester is one of the best places to go for it, as a number of restaurants featuring Vietnamese fare can be found there, including Pho 2000, Pho So 1, Anh Hong, Pho Hoa, Pho Le, and a handful of others, most of which are in or near the Fields Corner area. Other Vietnamese dining spots can be found elsewhere in the Boston area as well, including in the Allston section of the city where an eatery called Pho Viet's resides within the Hong Kong Supermarket/Super 88 food court. And while it doesn't look like much (and really, what food court restaurant does?), this place competes very nicely with some of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Dorchester.

Pho Viet's is located in the front section of the Hong Kong Supermarket/Super 88 food court, sharing the chairs and tables with such places as Lollicup, Misono, JMP Fine Indian Cuisine, and Chilipa. The setup is pretty simple; diners go up to the counter, order their food, grab a table nearby, and keep peeking over to see if their order is ready (waiting by the counter is less confusing, though if you're dining in, it is sometimes worth grabbing a table if the food court is busy). Because it is a food court, eating there can be noisy and feel rather hectic, but it is a bit more pleasant than some of the food courts found in shopping malls--and the smells coming from Pho Viet's and the other spots can be intoxicating.

For such a small place, Pho Viet's has a pretty extensive menu, with familiar and not-so-familiar Vietnamese items offered. A few highlights include hearty pork and vegetable dumplings; a house fried rice with Asian sausage, chicken, shrimp, egg, and veggies; nicely-marinated grilled lemongrass pork with vermicelli; pho ga (basically a Vietnamese chicken soup) with a delicious mix of cilantro, bean sprouts, basil, chiles, onions, and rice noodles; an outstanding banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich) with a choice of grilled/shredded meat mixed with cilantro, carrots, and pickled radishes in a crusty baguette; lean (but not too lean) grilled beef with vermicelli; and for vegetarians, tofu with a hot and spicy curry and rice. Drinks include a bright-tasting limeade, coconut juice, a sweet and creamy Vietnamese iced tea, and a variety of smoothies.

Pho Viet's is as good in quality as some of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Dorchester, and the cheap prices and relatively easy parking for this tiny food court spot only add to the overall experience. It may not be a place to go for a quiet date or a business lunch, but this eatery is certainly a must-visit for those who like authentic Southeast Asian cuisine.