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Maggy's Lounge

609 Washington Street, Quincy, MA 02169
(617) 481-5141 Find location!

Photo of Maggy's Lounge, Quincy, MA A quick drive around the city of Quincy would show that it has more bars than nearly any other community in the Greater Boston area, and a good number of these watering holes are dives while many others offer bar pizza (and a Venn diagram would show a good bit of overlap between these two categories). And an initial glance of a drinking spot in Quincy Point called Maggy's Lounge might give the impression that it would fit into both of these categories, but the truth is, this Washington Street place is neither a true dive bar nor a place to get bar pizza, but it does have pizza--and their pies are easily among the best in the city.

Maggy's Lounge resides in a house that has some vaguely mansard-like qualities to it, with a driveway to the left, a dirt parking lot to the right, and a porch and front yard where people can sit during the warmer months. The interior feels a lot like someone's home, with a tiny bar in the cozy room by the entrance, a few high tops to the left of the bar, and a second small room further to the left that is used for additional seating along with entertainment (a stage is set up in the second room for live music, comedy shows, and more). Dim lighting, radiators, lots of dark woods, and a phone booth (yes, a phone booth) inside the place add to the atmosphere, making Maggy's feel just a little like a private social club, especially since it is located in a residential structure.

If you're looking for a place with lots of food and drink choices, you'll probably be more happy with the latter than the former here, as the beer and cocktail list at Maggy's is extensive, but food-wise, it is limited to a few starters (salads, pretzels, garlic and cheese knots, etc.) along with pizza. As mentioned earlier, however, the pizza is very impressive, and it leans more toward thin-crust Italian pizza than bar pie, setting it apart from such nearby places as Coop's, Cronin's, and Rag's Tavern while being somewhat similar to that of Cagney's. Options include pizzas with basic toppings such as hamburger, onion, peppers, mushroom, and pepperoni, along with "signature" pies including a Hawaiian, a shrimp scampi, a Big Mac, and a Greek, and diners can also do fully customizable pizzas where they choose their cheeses, sauces, and meat and veggie toppings. The pizzas at Maggy's have a particularly good crust that has very little grease and a lot of flavor, which tends to make them stand out from your typical pizza from a pub or bar where the focus seems to be more on the sauce and cheese. Again, the comparison to Cagney's a bit further up Washington Street is an apt one, as the pizzas there also have an outstanding crust and do not taste anything like your basic pie from a neighborhood watering hole. The beer list at Maggy's includes a mix of craft beers and mass-produced brews, while both classic and modern cocktails are offered including an almond joy, margaritas, a hard version of sweet tea, melontinis, and sangria.

Maggy's Lounge may look like a rough-and-tumble dive bar from the outside, but it is nothing like that, especially since it is a friendly place that serves some excellent pizza (which immediately disqualifies it according to those who say a true dive should not even serve food). Add to the pizza a warm, welcoming atmosphere, live music and comedy, and plenty of free parking, and you have a spot that succeeds on many different levels. The place hasn't been around for all that long and it still remains a hidden spot for the most part, but that could change as word continues to get out about all that Maggy's has to offer.