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Himalayan Bistro

1735 Centre Street, West Roxbury, MA 02132
(617) 325-3500 Find location!

Photo of Himalayan Bistro, West Roxbury, MA While West Roxbury is often considered to be one of the more pleasant, attractive neighborhoods within the Boston city limits, it has not really been a place to consider in the past for top Indian cuisine or other Asian fare for that matter. That has all changed, however, now that a number of excellent restaurants--including Himalayan Bistro--have come to the neighborhood. In fact, it would not be a huge stretch to say that West Roxbury now has one of the best Indian restaurants in all of Boston. This little eatery is indeed that good.

Located along Centre Street, which is West Roxbury's main street, Himalayan Bistro is a peaceful, comfortable place. Inside its unassuming storefront, diners will find a dark, almost Spartan room that has hardwood floors, a smattering of tables spaced wide apart, and Indian artwork on the walls. Aside from the fact that the hardwood floors can cause the restaurant to be slightly noisy, Himalayan Bistro is indeed a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The menu at Himalayan Bistro is very extensive, with food from several regions of Indian, as well as the country of Nepal. Items on the menu include mulligatawny soup, aloo palak (an outstanding dish with spinach and potatoes, chicken tikka masala (one of the best creamy tomato sauces this writer has had), saag paneer (spinach with cottage cheese and mild spices), samosas (delicious potato turnovers) pakoras (fritters), cheese pakors (an appealing, if slightly bland, dish), and aloo tiki (spiced potato patties). There are many other items on the menu at Himalayan Bistro that sound appealing; it is certainly a restaurant to try several times to get a taste of the different regions of India and Nepal.

As mentioned earlier, Himalayan Bistro is certainly in the running for best Indian restaurant in the Boston area. It is a bit difficult to get to, especially if you rely on the T, but if you are able to find your way to West Roxbury, definitely check out Himalayan Bistro; it might just make you forget about some of the other Indian restaurants in Boston.