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Eastwind Lobster

2 Main Street, Buzzards Bay, MA 02532
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Photo of Eastwind Lobster, Buzzards Bay, MA The New England coastline has countless clam shacks and lobster pounds scattered along its rocky shores and placid beaches, with some being very well known, such as Woodman's in Essex, MA; The Clam Box in Ipswich, MA; Brown's and Markey's, both in Seabrook, NH; Quito's in Bristol, RI; and The Clam Shack in Kennebunkport, ME. But there are others, such as Eastwind Lobster and Restaurant in Buzzards Bay, MA, that aren't quite as well known, but are well worth checking out since they are often where the locals tend to go. And it is this latter restaurant that gets the nod in this review, as it is in an area that, while only a few minutes from Cape Cod, is not a destination spot like Chatham, Falmouth, or Provincetown, making Eastwind Lobster a largely undiscovered place.

Located along a bridge at the mouth of Buzzards Bay (near the western end of the Cape Cod Canal), Eastwind Lobster and Restaurant is a classic seafood shack in a truly classic coastal setting. The place has plenty of outdoor seating (including both in and out of the sun) right where Buzzards Bay meets Buttermilk Bay, affording diners the type of views that folks who live in the middle of the country can only dream of. Technically a seafood market where people buy fresh fish, Eastwind Lobster nonetheless is also a popular spot to dine, either inside or out. Items on the menu include all kinds of fresh seafood items, including a thick and creamy clam chowder, excellent (and reasonably priced) steamers that are as fresh as they come, spicy stuffed quahogs with a tomato base in the stuffing, tender fish and chips that are lightly battered and have absolutely no waste, and, of course, steamed lobsters. In addition to its everyday items, Eastwind also has specials not on the regular menu, such as a buttery, paper-thin fried flounder that is out of this world. Some other options on the menu include smelts, broiled sword tips, fried sole, crabmeat and lobster rolls, and scallops. Eastwind Lobster also has a family fish fry, which includes pounds of whatever the fresh fish of the day is, as well as french fries and cole slaw.

Because of its location on the South Coast of Massachusetts (which is also home to one of the most important fishing communities in the United States in New Bedford), the seafood at Eastwind Lobster and Restaurant is about as fresh as you will find. Folks who don't like seafood may not be happy going to Eastwind (though they do have burgers and hot dogs), but for those who crave food from the New England shores, Eastwind Lobster is a place that visitors to the Cape, as well as day trippers from the Boston area, should definitely consider.