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Duck Walk (CLOSED)

397 Main Street, Wakefield, MA 01880
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Photo of Duck Walk, Wakefield, MA Not every restaurant that we feature on this site is mind-blowingly great; some are simply good, solid dining spots that tend to fly under the radar. One example is a Thai restaurant in Wakefield called Duck Walk. While it doesn't quite reach the heights of the best Thai places in the Boston area, it is a very nice restaurant, with tasty food, a comfortable atmosphere, reasonable prices, and easy parking. And it is one of very few options for Thai food in and around this northern suburb of Boston, so it certainly is a welcome place to locals who enjoy Southeast Asian cuisine.

Located in the heart of Wakefield Center, Duck Walk is one of several dining spots that resides on or near Main Street. The sign out front could use some fixing up, as it is rather washed out and difficult to see, so the place is easy to miss (especially at night) if you don't know that it is there. Other than the difficult-to-read sign, however, both the exterior and interior of Duck Walk are attractive, with a variety of plants displayed outside during the warmer months and more plants inside the dining area. The dining room itself is rather interesting, with big umbrellas open above some of the tables, exposed pipes and oddly shaped objects hanging from the ceiling, pastel-colored walls with pictures of ducks here and there, and all kinds of lighting (including candles and hanging lamps). A bar sits to the right, while a private room is in the back.

The menu at Duck Walk seems to go on and on, with so many pages dedicated to wine that you have to wonder where they keep all of the bottles (many of them are displayed in the bar area). A familiar mix of traditional and Americanized Thai dishes can be found on the many pages of the menu, with items including tom yum soup, satay, shumai, drunken noodles, tamarind duck, massaman curry, mango fried rice, and so much more. Some highlights include a "duck" soup that doesn't actually have duck (it comes from the name of the place), but instead has pieces of chicken and veggies in a savory broth; fresh-tasting steamed vegetable dumplings that come with a zesty ginger sauce; a custard-like red curry and chicken with vegetables which is a bit unusual looking (the curry and chicken comes as a cylindrical "glob") but is smooth, creamy, and delicious; and a flavorful country pad Thai dish that has a decent amount of spiciness (though the heat is not overwhelming). In addition to the aforementioned wine, beer is also available at Duck Walk, as well as a number of teas (including a floral, sweet chrysanthemum tea).

Is Duck Walk the best Thai restaurant in the Boston area? Probably not, with such outstanding places as Dok Bua in Brookline and Montien in the Theater District around, but it is a very good place that has a lot going for it. Folks who live or work north of Boston and have a love for Thai food should surely have Duck Walk on their list of places to try, as it is one of very few good options for this kind of cuisine in the area.