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Which Long-Closed Restaurants Do You Miss the Most?

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What are some long-closed restaurants in the Boston area that you miss the most? What made these dining spots stand out? [Go here to post a reply.]
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REPLIES (last updated 5/27/14):

Gaz wrote:
Fantasia's in Cambridge!!

DL wrote:
Bishop's, European, Closed Mt Vernon locations, Jack & Marion's, Simeone's,

Regina wrote:
Fantasia's in Cambridge and Jimmy's Harborside in Boston.

ld wrote:
stephen james house in cambridge

Mara K. wrote:
Ararat in Watertown.

JM wrote:

JL wrote:
Nick's Beef & Beer on Mass Ave in Cambridge

matt wrote:
Pewter Pot in revere

MC Slim JB wrote:
There are many, but a few come quickly to mind: eat, Icarus, Caffe Umbra, the original Olives in its first location, Biba, Tim's Tavern (for its burgers), Jasper's, On the Park, South End Galleria, O Cantinho, Reef Cafe, the original Salamanders, the original L'Espalier.

hugh wrote:
Scotch 'n Sirloin

Carol Hutchings wrote:
I loved The Old Spaghetti Factory. I know it's a chain, but they had great pasta and shredded Mizithra cheese on their spaghetti.
I also miss both Aku Aku's.

Helen C wrote:
The Bertucci's in Davis Square. You could play Bocce in the basement.

mike wrote:
Division 16

erin wrote:
The Tasty in Harvard Square

TW wrote:
Herrell's ice cream, Buzzy's Roast Beef, local Cinnabon and Krispy Kreme locations, Tim's Bar & Grill.

mike barton wrote:
Scotch & Sirloin Boston

C Tuna wrote:
General Glover House,Swampscott.

Annie B. wrote:
Fantasia's in Cambridge. It was the go to spot for special occasions!

Bill L. wrote:
Jimmy's Harborside.

Ron D wrote:

David Madigan wrote:
Joyce Chen

gabrielle wrote:
Chanterelle on Newbury...

DF wrote:
Warmuths & Dini's

RA wrote:
Nino's was in Saugus then Stoneham...

Melissa S. wrote:
Ruggle's Pizza in Downtown. I loved their cheddar cheese pizzas, I think I ate about a million of them when I was in high school.

mp wrote:
Uncle Pete's @ Revere

mcjazzie wrote:
The Pulse Cafe in Davis Square

Julesb wrote:
The soul cooking of Dixie Kitchen on Mass Ave. and Tim's Tavern.

TD wrote:
Mississippi's in Kenmore Sq

leah wrote:
Scups in East Boston

psf wrote:

Gator wrote:
Mondo's for a late night breakfast located on the Boston Waterfront/Pier

sm wrote:
Linda Mae's

KD wrote:
Dedo in Bay Village

Joe G wrote:
Foxglove in Pembroke. Flaming Kasseri cheese, baby!

Andrea wrote:
La Groceria in Cambridge, before it went downhill...Herrell's in Harvard Square...Boston Sail Loft in Cambridge overlooking the Charles

Jimmy T wrote:
The Golden Egg Mystic Ave Somerville

Jen wrote:
Nanina's Fields Corner, Dorchester

RO wrote:
I second Uncle Pete's in Revere - fantastic BBQ and the best Asian Slaw. So sad to see them go.
Also, Hungry Herb's in Medford was a great place. It was a small sub shop, but the menu went on for days and they were very generous with their portions. The quality of food and service took a nosedive during their last year of business, but I was still very sad to see them close up shop.

BCP wrote:
Jacob's Place, Pembroke and all of the Valle's

SGS wrote:
Soup'r Salad in Kenmore parents always took us there before a sox game.

tim wrote:
The European

Digsal wrote:
Scotch & Sirloin for sure and Dandelion Green in Burlington

miller02127 wrote:
Jimmy's Harborside. Still unrivaled for best in seafood.

ed ford wrote:
Bickfords was not a great place but it was open 24 hours, which was nice and jimbos south in braintree which was related to jimmys harborside did well for a while until the Great recession.

gs wrote:
South Pacific in Newton. One of a kind. I miss Peter and Amy

anonymous wrote:
Zinc, in Boston.

ECB wrote:
Marche Movenpick in the Pru. Great place to get a late night snack and breakfast!

joe p wrote:
August Moon in Revere

Kevin wrote:
Fontaines in W. Roxbury !!

Beth wrote:
The Rockmore floating restaurant in Salem...there was nothing else like it!

Cac wrote:
Rocca. I'm still heartbroken.

k wrote:
Zon's and Cafe D In Jamaica plain.

dc wrote:
Full of bull Saugus

jw wrote:
Cao Palace in Allston (will never forget the great Mrs. Cao), Nick's Beef & Beer, Elsie's in Harvard Square, Ararat in Watertown...

LH wrote:
Jake's Post Road Grill in Danvers.

jw wrote:
Cao Palace in Allston (will never forget the great Mrs. Cao), Nick's Beef & Beer, Elsie's in Harvard Square, Ararat in Watertown...

Nettie wrote:
Original Hilltop Steakhouse.

JCP wrote:
Cafe Rio Grande in Marblehead and The Edgewater Cafe in Salem

amy w. wrote:
Alvin Ord's (sandwiches) in Saugus and the old (pre-gargantuan) Weylu's in Saugus. Oh how I miss my Salvations and Moo Shi!

Helene wrote:
El Phoenix Room, Comm. Av, Brighton

JQ wrote:
Island Hopper in the Back Bay

Chrissy wrote:
Grotto LaStrada, North End.

T. wrote:
Sushi 21 in Watertown

Stephen Walsh wrote:
The Tasty! Buzzy's Roast Beef!

Elissa wrote:
Division 16, especially their nachos, Original Sports Saloon

ka wrote:
Bonfire and Rocca.

JV wrote:
Jake & Earl's BBQ in Cambridge

jl wrote:
Division 16 - esp their fried mozzarella and carribean chicken salad

du dat wrote:
callahans in newton

BosGuy wrote:
Appetito's & Columbus Cafe both in the South End

anonymous wrote:
Good luck farms on the Lynn/Lynnfield line. The original Rolly's in Lynn, The Ground Round, Buzzy's roast beef

RMS wrote:
Joyce Chen in Cambridge. Bel Canto in Lexington.

ST wrote:
Buzzy's, Buffalo Bo's, Park Plaza Fuddruckers

rgb wrote:
Suntory in Boston, Marconis in Ashland

Dirtdog wrote:
Joan and Ed's Deli in Natick!

RP wrote:
Michaela's - wonderful food and atrium, easy to park
Metro - great food under amanda lydon

Paradoox wrote:
English Room
Bailey's Ice Cream in Harvard Square

KO wrote:
Serendipity II. Loved the Fatatatitas Toast! It was like French toast stuffed with chocolate or something.

RLM wrote:

rc wrote:
Ruggles Pizza with yummy cheddar cheese, Jimmy's Harborside for great swordfish and Lobster Newburg and beautiful,peaceful views!

Elder Berry wrote:
Buzzy's Roast Beef, Casablanca, Acropolis, Bailey's, Joyce Chen, Jack and Marions. Plus the original Legal Seafood's old days when you ordered at the counter and ate on paper plates at picnic tables.

JL wrote:
Tang Dynasty in Newton

Walt wrote:
39 Newberry Street, Simeone's in Central Square Cambridge, Ken's of Copley, Jack and Marion's, The Wayside (owned by Vaughn Monroe), and of course Jimmy's Harborside and Anthony's Pier 4

CNahil wrote:
Rocco's, Newbury Steak House, Icarus, Blue Wave, Michaela's, 29 Newbury, Jasper's. But most of all...The Hoodoo BBQ!

@Amanda_ZW wrote:
Croma. Though that location changed hands about twelve times during the years I lived in Boston.

@tammytantrum wrote:
the Quiet Man in Southie

@joeyballs825 wrote:
fontaines... Chicken, onion rings and hot buttered rolls!!!

BG wrote:
Salamander Restaurant in Cambridge and then Boston.

Sue L. wrote:
The European, Jaspers, and I loved Anthony's Pier 4 in the 70s and 80s with those popovers and all.

AF wrote:
Pho Repbulic in the south end

Razz wrote:
House of Roy, Giros, Topsys

@GemGravure wrote:
Mister Donut, come back

@saracena1980 wrote:
Gargoyle's in Somerville

Frederick W. wrote:
Buzzy's Roast Beef : one of our precious few 24 hour places
Pho Republique : in it's heyday, a unique spot where everyone was welcome

Chris wrote:

Angela T. H. wrote:
The Wursthaus, La Veronique, Cappuccino's, Jack & Marion's.

Greg P. wrote:
Stephen James, Buzzy's for two.
I miss the Roundup Steakhouse in Waltham. Not so much for the food, but for the memories. I worked there from 14 yrs old to 18.

@CappyinBoston wrote:
Blazing Salads! Hole in the Wall Deli and Steve's Ice Cream all in DTX.

@TheDrewStarr wrote:
El Phoenix Room, Division 16, Botolph Cafe, Tim's Tavern, Newbury steakhouse

BosFancy wrote:
Any answer thst isn't Deli Haus is wrong.

Deborah Sue wrote:
Amalfie's on Westland Ave

jack wrote:
the Waltham spa ..on moody st in Waltham...

DG wrote:
Guido's in Cambridge! Dukey's meatballs were the best

JC wrote:
TIM'S TAVERN (The Burger!)

JN wrote:
Radius and Icarus!

Phyllis A.H. wrote:
Giovanni's in Framingham, every item was terrific, and so was the crew!

pf wrote:
Buzzy's and Donovan's

kp wrote:
Tims tavern

Dan M. wrote:
Jimmy's harborside

CMK wrote:
Mucho Gusto on Boylston St. near Berklee College. Authentic Cuban food in a nice and friendly atmosphere. Oz was the best.

CMK wrote:
Also, Radius. I had many, many fine meals there.

M wrote:
Canestaro's in Fenway & Bennigan's in Back Bay!

MS wrote:
Joan & Ed's Deli!!

AB wrote:
I second Linda Maes - especially the rotating cases of desserts.
Also, the Santoro's on Northern Ave, where the courthouse is now. I used to love their sheet cake! And their subs.
Oh and the Victoria Station that used to be on Sleeper Street...

MH wrote:
Upstairs On The Square

jc wrote:
Callahan's, both locations. Chef Chang's, Colorado Public Library, Cognac Bistro. All begin with "C"! +1 for the European, Salamander.

disco dan wrote:
Aku Aku Cambridge

sara wrote:
Christo's in Brockton :(

tjm wrote:
The Tasty in Harvard Square, seconded. Burgers were killah

AC wrote:
Tim's Pub and Deli Haus

N.O. wrote:
Spaghetti Eddies, Spaghetti Freddies, The Ground Round (popcorn!!), Tims Tavern,

d wrote:
Paco's Tacos kenmore

RNK wrote:
Pho Republic and Tim's Tavern.!

md wrote:
Dini's and Michael's Waterfront

RFSB wrote:
Carl's Duck Farm in Saugus; the Old Farm Inn in Rockport. Both served exemplary roast duck.

jack wrote:
midnight subs in newtonville...
and the magic pan in Faneuil hall..

ETD wrote:
Chadwick's in Lexington.

JAD wrote:
The Old Spaghetti Factory Remember the shredded Mizithra Cheese and burned butter dish. To die for

Len wrote:
Jack & Marions, English Tea Room, Baileys, Pewter Pot, Kens of Copley, Peter Pan


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