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Transcript of Online Panel Discussion, July 17, 2013

Topic: Cheap Eats and Comfort Food in the Boston Area and New England

Below is a transcript of a live online panel discussion on cheap eats and comfort food in the Boston area and New England, which took place on Wednesday, July 17. The chat included several panel members, with media people, restaurants folks, and food writers participating. The hour-long chat included talks with the panel about such "summertime" foods as burgers, hot dogs, fried clams, lobster rolls, and more, and which spots to get them in the Boston area and elsewhere in New England. [Note: The original discussion can be replayed at the following link: and please go to the restaurant discussions link to check out our other chats.]

Marc H. (hiddenboston): Hello, everyone! Welcome to yet another live online discussion, with this one being on cheap eats in the Boston area and New England, with an emphasis on comfort food and classic American and New England items. Once again, we have a panel of folks who you might know, including media people, folks in the restaurant business, and food writers. Before we start, how about some introductions? I'm Marc, the founder and owner of Boston's Hidden Restaurants, as well as the news-based blog Boston Restaurant Talk.

Richard Auffrey: Bronuts!

Marc H.: Ahh, yes, bronuts. Have you had one yet, Richard?

Richard Auffrey: haha, no, not yet

Leah Klein (@bffoodie): Here early with a small child tickling the back if my head with his feet from the carseat. Will be here as long as books on cd allow

Drew Starr @TheDrewStarr: random twitter guy turned contributing editor for Eater Boston here.

Richard Auffrey: Hello all, I am Richard, the Passionate Foodie, a food, wine, sake & spirits writer. @RichardPF

Michelle Collins: Hey all! My name's Michelle, and I blog over at

Leah Klein (@bffoodie): I'm leah

Julie King: Hello!

Marc H.: Hello, all! Julie, feel free to introduce yourself!

Leah Klein (@bffoodie): Leah of I blog tweet and eat locally wherever I am. I care about good food that's pretty much it.... well that and my family.

Drew Starr @TheDrewStarr: Haven't tried the bronut, but I have had Sammy Monsour's version, that predates it, and is more or less the same concept (which itself isn't dissimilar to previous incarnations elsewhere) and was surprised to find I really liked it. Not being a fan of the griddlers patty, not sure I'd feel the same about the bronut

Julie King: I am the owner of Villa Mexico Cafe, big fan of our Hidden Boston friend and now bottling our salsa!

Marc H.: Thanks, Julie. I still think of the great food from the popup you had in Somerville awhile back.

Richard Auffrey: Dossants still sound better than the bronuts

MC Slim JB: MC Slim JB here, restaurant critic without portfolio (at the moment), Tweeting as @mcslimjb, very occasionally blogging at

Julie King: Thank you my dear! Nice to meet you all as well!

Leah Klein (@bffoodie): you are your portfolio mc slimjb

Steve L (@StevenL57): Hi all, I sorta eat at the food trucks on occasion....

Lisa DeCanio: Hi! Lisa DeCanio here, lifestyle at BostInno

Marc H.: Hi, Lisa and Steve! We may have a couple more people joining us later (looks like a full house already!), but I think we can start.

MC Slim JB: I like to think of myself as a frequently-updated app.

Marc H.: So today we'll be taking a look at what I suupose you could call classic "summer" foods or maybe guilty pleasure foods of the type that you might get on road trips, at the beach, or on hot days in the city when you don't want to cook and would like to get something cheap and tasty. The focus will tend to be on items such as burgers, hot dogs, fried clams, and other foods that are so popular in the summertime, with an emphasis on seafood shacks, roadside eateries, and takeout spots. We'll start by working our way out from the Boston area, eventually making our way through the rest of Massachusetts and New England.

Marc H.: And as is usually the case, this is mostly a panel chat, though there may be a few guests and readers here and there along the way.

Jennifer from Sorry I'm joining a little late.

Jennifer from Jennifer from

Julie King: YUM!

Leah Klein (@bffoodie): Thank goodness I'm planning on lobster roll for lunch. I have a feeling we'll be craving all kinds of things after this!

MC Slim JB: I suppose if we're talking hot dogs, we have to start with Boston Super Dogs, though it doesn't have quite the cultish feel it did in the days when it was Ezra, and Boston Speed Dogs. (Too easy to find: SoWa Market, not Newmarket Square.)

Marc H.: That's a good place to start, MC. How about we look at Boston proper, then move out to Somerville, Cambridge, etc. as far as Route 128? Any favorite spots for hot dogs, burgers, lobster rolls, clams, and so on?

Julie King: My daughter, Bess, loves hot dogs. We have been to Salem to "Boston Hot Dogs" and they are very good

Steve L (@StevenL57): Greg has expanded the menu there, and I'm not sure people feel the same about the dogs, I agree, anecdotally

Markeya (@drFoodie06): Hello all. Sorry I'm late.

Marc H.: Hi, Markeya! Feel free to tell folks about yourself!

Markeya (@drFoodie06): i recently rediscovered Al's Deli on Tremont in Mission Hill. He makes a mean hot pastrami sandwich.

MC Slim JB: I'm also a fan of the occasional Sonoran style hot dog (bacon-wrapped, fried, topped with lots of gooey stuff). Easy to find at Que Padre in Eastie (oddly, primarily an Ecuadoran place), occasionally a special at El Pelon in the Fenway.

Leah Klein (@bffoodie): It's more hipster than classic but I enjoy seeing the dog creations at Trina's Starlite Lounge. My fave dog though is a Niman Ranch hot off the grill with the fan condiments from Formaggio's Saturday BBQ.

Leah Klein (@bffoodie): Boston Proper?! Fenway may be the only place I've had one! Perhaps at a Bruins game too.

Steve L (@StevenL57): The Area Four food truck, A4, also uses Niman Ranch dogs, they are very good

Marc H.: I can't wait for the A4 Pizza Bar to open in Somerville, by the way.

Drew Starr @TheDrewStarr: El Pelon has taken the Sonoran off the menu for now, it had been running as a special for a few weeks. They're about to start doing elotes though.

Drew Starr @TheDrewStarr: Belle Isle is really the only place for a lobster roll for me. Not that the other places that are usually mentioned in the "best lobster roll" conversation don't offer great ones -- but they also offer menu items that you can't get elsewhere.

Michelle Collins: I had the lobster roll at Pauli's in the North End a few weeks ago, and it was fantastic...though I don't think I could stomach their new, supersized version!

Julie King: well, as cliche as it may be I love Fuddruckers on Route 1 Saugus. They ARE a chain but it's better than McDonald's when we can't go into Boston for a burger! We live in Stoneham, if that helps

Marc H.: I used to go to that one a lot, Julie. Very good burgers, and relatively cheap.

Leah Klein (@bffoodie): Unless Allston counts... Lone Star Taco dog has a fab concoction of a dog that varies daily? weekly?

Lisa DeCanio: I'll second the Trina's hot dogs, esp if you're looking for unique toppings

Drew Starr @TheDrewStarr: A hot dog is now a permanent part of the Sammy's 7 rotation at jm Curley. They're currently buying the dogs but considering making their own in the future

Steve L (@StevenL57): Julie must be the Phantom Gourmet ;)

Richard Auffrey: Hi Julie, I am in Stoneham as well.

Markeya (@drFoodie06): I am a veterinarian by trade, but my other passions are food and cocktails. I write about them at

Julie King: HAHAHA, SHHHH!

Leah Klein (@bffoodie): Thanks to Richard Chudy I went to the hidden lobster roll spot in Cambridge. I was impressed!

Michelle Collins: What spot is that, Leah??

Marc H.: Oh, Alive and Kicking?

Leah Klein (@bffoodie): yup... could not recall the name.

Julie King: HI Richard! LET'S COOK NEIGHBOR!

Julie King: Oh my caps were on, sorry!

Julie King: Has anyone been to Grass Fed?

Julie King: They're in Jamaica Plain and oh my God, they are good

Marc H.: I've been meaning to get to Grass Fed. Anyone else been?

MC Slim JB: They have burgers in Boston now?

Michelle Collins: No, but I have plans to go soon, actually. I've been told even their veggie burger is amazing.

Leah Klein (@bffoodie): It's a classic lobster/seafood shack nestled in Cambridgeport (maybe?). definitely a unique experience.

Julie King: I really don't go crazy over lobster, so lobster rolls we only have when we go to Rockport or Maine, etc...

Drew Starr @TheDrewStarr: Luke's Lobster out of NY did a popup as part of the temporary One Boston fundraising shop that was on Newbury... stopped by to try it out and it was quite good. They're looking to open in Boston, too.

Steve L (@StevenL57): Bone Daddy's food truck does nice burgers and an over the top Jack Dog - bacon wrapped, onions, jack, jalapeno relish

MC Slim JB: I don't generally approve of grinding up quality steaks, but the Kobe hot dog at Audubon Circle is now my pregame replacement for a Fenway Frank or two at the ballpark. (There's not much at Fenway I like to eat besides the kettle corn and peanuts.)

Markeya (@drFoodie06): Hi Julie. I've been to grassfed a couple of times. Loved their beet fries and boozie milkshakes

Julie King: Yes,they have very good quality my friends. And it's a small place, they are well organized

Markeya (@drFoodie06): Has anyone been to the "underground" roti place in JP? I enjoyed her food.

Marc H.: Oooh, tell me more, Markeya!

Julie King: Steve L I will have to tell my daughter about that bacon wrapped hot dog!

Leah Klein (@bffoodie): Yes been to grass fed. Liked it a lot. One of my fave burgers though is at Kitchen on Common of all places. in Belmont. A homemade pickle... a really good one will always seal the deal for me.

Leah Klein (@bffoodie): mmmmm roti!

Steve L (@StevenL57): It's pretty sinful, Julie

Laurie Higgins: Hi, Laurie Higgins from Cape Cod here. Sorry I'm late to the party. I write a weekly restaurant review for the Cape Cod Times and a weekly recipe column for The Cape Codder newspaper.

Marc H.: Hi, Laurie!

Markeya (@drFoodie06): It's out of the garage at a Jamaican lady's house. Super hidden. I will have to find out the street name and get back to you

Marc H.: Oh wow. Yes, please let me know!

Steve L (@StevenL57): Hi Laurie, I live in Brewster, though work in Boston

Julie King: Thanks for sharing it Steve, I'm sure she'll love it

Marc H.: Any other favorite spots for burgers?

MC Slim JB: My burger breakdown: Fancy ($15 and up): Craigie on Main, Catalyst, The Bristol (though it's more about the atmosphere and service, I suspect), Island Creek Oyster Bar (with fried oysters on top). Moderate ($8-14): Strip-T's, Audubon Circle, Miracle of Science, Toro (the one served at lunch only -- get it "messy"), Highland Kitchen, The Gallows, Green Street, Russell House Tavern, Abigail's, jm Curley's (I prefer the lunch burger to the dinner burger), Steel & Rye, Grass Fed, off-menu burger at Drink. Cheap (under $8): Flat Patties, uBurger, Tasty Burger, Four Burgers, Shake Shack.

Laurie Higgins: I live in Brewster too, Steve.

Julie King: Markeya, that sounds like what we do in my country. People open up little restaurants out of their garages

Julie King: It sounds like the "real deal" then!

Steve L (@StevenL57): small world :o

Leah Klein (@bffoodie): it's not classic but kind of summer... I love the sriracha deviled eggs at Bon Me are a great cheap snack

Marc H.: Any hidden places for fried clams? MC, you mentioned one in Salem awhile back I think...

Marc H.: We're still inside Route 128, by the way.

Richard Auffrey: Kipos in Wakefield actually has some pretty good fried clams.

Leah Klein (@bffoodie): Really jm has a different lunch burger? I actually really liked the burgers a Wahlburgers but they're not pissed drunk greasy goodness that a Shake Shack eater might prefer. I also think the fried oyster slider at Island Creek Oyster Bar should be had by everyone!

Markeya (@drFoodie06): Julie. Exactly. I went to school for 8 years in Alabama. I probably ate that way more times than not

Julie King: You know what I haven't been able to find for summer???

Julie King: GOOD lemon ice cream or sorbet as it's called here. Made with water, not milk.

Marc H.: Hmmmm, Where did I try sorbet recently? Dairy Barn in Randolph, perhaps?

Markeya (@drFoodie06): The burger with fried oyster at grass fed is amazing

MC Slim JB: Curley's lunch burger is smaller and cooked on a flattop. Dinner burger is bigger and grilled.

Leah Klein (@bffoodie): Still always a fan of Celebrity Pixza for fried clams but in the city Island Creek Oyster bar works for me!

Steve L (@StevenL57): I have had the clams (and other fried seafood) from the Capt Marden food truck. The good part is it is fresh, I wish their batter had a little more zing to it.

Drew Starr @TheDrewStarr: I've been feeding my piles of clams fix in Chinatown, lately. Instead of fried, just drowned in black bean garlic sauce. So good. Peach Farm is where we most recently had them.

Marc H.: Hmmm, now you have me thinking about sorbet. Maybe because it's 145 degrees outside.

Richard Auffrey: Pazzo in North Andover has some delicious lemon sorbet

Markeya (@drFoodie06): Leah: yes, their tea eggs are great

Drew Starr @TheDrewStarr: possibly my favorite item of ANY kind in the city is the fried oyster slider at ICOB. They've been kind enough to let me order a platter of them to ESKD for a special occasion

Marc H.: All right--how about moving on....

Leah Klein (@bffoodie): Another summer thing that I never thought of as summer until in France everyone at fries on the beach. Sarah's market has great fries and grilled cheese. I also live the potato chips and dip at Bond.

Julie King: Well a lot of "sorbets" are sticky, syrupy, I want a natural just lime and a little sugar and water thing. I should just make my own but I have to make space in the freezer...

MC Slim JB: If we're talking non-fried clams, we have to mention Azorean pork and clams, too, like from Sunset Cafe in Cambridge.

Marc H.: How about cheap eats and comfort food along the MA coast from Beverly northward and Quincy southward, including the Cape? Any places come to mind?

Marc H.: I recently discovered Kool Kone in Wareham. Wow, do they have good cheap eats there. The fried haddock and clams are tremendous, and so cheap.

Richard Auffrey: Lucky Dog in Provincetown: Hot dogs and lobster rolls. Hot dogs are from their own recipe.

Richard Auffrey: Cider donuts from Russell Orchards in Ipswich

Laurie Higgins: For burgers, I love the Famous 400 burger at The 400 East. It's made with ground beef from Ferretti's Market in Brewster, which is my favorite butcher.

Marc H.: 400 East in Harwich?

Steve L (@StevenL57): I love me the Dog House in Dennisport, on Lower County Rd. You can go there, then Schoolhouse ice cream on the same road

Steve L (@StevenL57): My daughter works at Ferretti's ;)

Laurie Higgins: For hot dogs, the Dog House in Dennisport is the place to go on the Cape, but now I can't wait to go to Lucky Dog.

Marc H.: Two votes for the Dog House. Road trip, anyone? :-)

Laurie Higgins: Yep 400 East in Harwich.

Laurie Higgins: Like minds, Steve!

Leah Klein (@bffoodie): Drew we had one the end of June when my daughter requested oysters at icob for her birthday it was an afterthought after my husband and I saw a platter of them go by. best afterthought ever!

MC Slim JB: Actually, pork and clams is a mainland Portuguese dish, now that I think about it. carne de porco a Alentejana.

Steve L (@StevenL57): side note... Mei Mei is doing shaved ice today with homemade strawberry syrup :)

MC Slim JB: North Shore: Clam Box, Farnham's, and Dube's top my lists.

Marc H.: Dube's....that's the place I was thinking of.

Steve L (@StevenL57): I know!

Leah Klein (@bffoodie): I love the dirt bomb at Savory & Sweet Escape in Truro They have great ice cream and shaved ice too.

Julie King: There's a place in Quincy that has all kinds of mac and cheese I like

Julie King: The Fat Cat, they have lobster one too

Marc H.: Fat Cat--I was there over the weekend. Their lobster mac and cheese is pretty amazing, as are their fried pickles.

MC Slim JB: On the Cape: Captain Frosty's in Dennis (fried clams *and* soft-serve), PJ's in Wellfleet, the Raw Bar in Mashpee.

Marc H.: Oh, PJ's. I love their kale soup, though I don't think I'd have it today.

Steve L (@StevenL57): There is a food truck out on Rt 6 in Wellfleet that does a hot dog. It's expensive, $6, 100% all natural beef and they put it in a roll with lettuce, which actually works. Truck made pickled onions, catsup and mustard available

Laurie Higgins: For lobster rolls and fried clams on the Cape, the Sesuit Harbor Cafe is pretty sweet. It's right on the water next to the marina. It's BYOB and cash only.

Leah Klein (@bffoodie): North Shore I'm a Woodman's fan but to be fair I have not explored beyond. I also like the food shack at Wingaershaek beach because they have some healthy options for the kids so we can actually just run out of the house and just feed everyone from there if need be.

Marc H.: I didn't know they had a food shack there. I tend to go there in the late afternoon when everything is shut down.

Leah Klein (@bffoodie): Love PJ's in Wellfleet. I really like the Sandwich Box too but I think I have the name wromg

Laurie Higgins: Captain Frosty's in Dennis is surprisingly excellent.

Drew Starr @TheDrewStarr: Mei Mei has one of the best drinks programs of any of the trucks. Their carrot and maple based drinks (2 different ones) have both been great.

Marc H.: Maple-based anything is good. Even bronuts (I assume).

Julie King: They are opening a restaurant, no?

Julie King: Mei Mei

Marc H.: They are.

Leah Klein (@bffoodie): Dairy Joy is a fun stop not exactly coastal but if you're pond swimming

Julie King: where can we get these bronuts? I want to try!

Marc H.: Julie, you can get them at Griddlers on Beacon Hill on the weekends.

Marc H.: Maybe we should do a bronut crawl?

Jennifer from Maple yes. Bronuts, I don't know...

Markeya (@drFoodie06): Yep

Julie King: reaaaally.... weekend plan! and we have my nephew from Mexico coming so, good!

Marc H.: Maybe not this weekend, Julie. I'll be up north, where it's only 123 degrees outside.

Steve L (@StevenL57): Fried seafood, I am a fan of Sir Cricket's in Orleans on 6A, next to Nauset Lobster Pool. If you go to Cooke's, I will unfriend you :p

MC Slim JB: Must head to Chinatown for a lunch date; hope to rejoin shortly from phone, if it works!

Marc H.: Have fun, MC!

Laurie Higgins: Kream 'N Kone in Dennis looks kind of like a cafeteria, but their fried seafood is really fresh.

Julie King: hahahaha, ok my friends

Jennifer from Don't worry. We've got lots of tasty treats to keep you happy up North!

Marc H.: That's for sure! (Pizza Barn--mmmm)

Steve L (@StevenL57): I agree Laurie

Leah Klein (@bffoodie): I'm on my phone works for me

Laurie Higgins: We recently had summer guests who went to Cooks. I wish they had asked our advice before they went to lunch. Ugh.

Marc H.: All right--why don't we look at the rest of MA (west of Route 128) for a few minutes? Then we'll move onto RI and CT, then Northern New England. Any spots you like west of Boston?

MC Slim JB: Is George's in Galilee, RI too far?

Marc H.: We'll be hitting RI in a few, but good one, MC! Love that part of the state.

Richard Auffrey: AKA Bistro in Lincoln has a superb mussels dish.

Laurie Higgins: The fried fish sandwich at JT's in Brewster is awesome. What do you think of their food, Steve? That sandwich is pretty much the only thing I've tried. Again, cafeteria atmosphere unless you eat on the back deck.

MC Slim JB: Also love Jack's Family Restaurant in Warren, RI. Shore food, Italian, and Portuguese.

Leah Klein (@bffoodie): Just picked up a melting girl from lacrosse camp..., taking kiddos to HMart for lunch or perhaps summer shack... can't wait to read the rest of the conversation!

Marc H.: Have a good day, Leah! Thanks!

Drew Starr @TheDrewStarr: herrell's in northampton -- the now home of Steve Herrell, the man behind the ice cream revolution in America many years ago. White Hut in west springfield -- the sully's of western MA. Rinaldi's in Longmeadow -- a greek pie made with an italian palate -- the only greek pie I've ever liked

Marc H.: Anyone been out to Cindy's Drive-In in Granby? (Just east of Holyoke.) That's just a classic drive-in with good food and ice cream.

Marc H.: I also like Skip's in Gill (east of Greenfield) for very cheap Polish food.

Drew Starr @TheDrewStarr: Wow, Marc... thought I was the only one who'd ever been there. Went there often as a kid.

Marc H.: Such a beautiful location in the middle of farmland and fields.

Marc H.: How about looking at RI and CT as well now?

MC Slim JB: Marc, I know you love Quito's in Bristol, RI as I do. Amazing seafood joint.

Marc H.: Quito's is one of my top 5 seafood shacks in New England. It's a must if you're down in the area.

Julie King: well In RI I love desserts and this place Pastiche is great

Marc H.: Where's that, Julie?

Julie King: In Providence, and we have sandwiches or cafeteria food at Meeting Street Cafe

Steve L (@StevenL57): I have to mention The Dogfather hot dog truck in Worcester and Coney Island dogs there also

Marc H.: Coney Island in Worcester is outstanding, and so cheap. And very dark and kinda depressing inside, but oh those hot dogs...

Drew Starr @TheDrewStarr: best comfort food in WMass is one you and I have talked about before -- Chef Wayne's Big Mamou -- absolutely stellar creole food.

Marc H.: Yes! The Big Mamou is terrific.

Steve L (@StevenL57): Laurie, I'm ok with JT's, still like Cricket's better.

MC Slim JB: Mmm, Coney Islands. Tex Barry'a in Taunton.

Kara Baskin: Late to the chat, but has anyone been to the Centre Deli in Chelmsford lately!? I'm craving one of their Italian subs!

Marc H.: Hey, Kara! Please introduce yourself if you'd like!

Kara Baskin: Hi, I'm Kara Baskin. I write the Restaurant Hub site on

Kara Baskin: My indulgences include nachos with neon orange cheez sauce, ma po tofu, and clams in black bean sauce.

Kara Baskin: I also need to get up to Flo's in Ogonquit for a hot dog coated in hot relish and fine mayo.

Drew Starr @TheDrewStarr: RI & CT are outside my wheelhouse and have to go take a call for a story I'm working on. Thanks as always for the chat. Take care, all

Marc H.: Thanks, Drew! Have a good day!

Kara Baskin: best comfort food in western mass is at greenfield's greezy clover restaurant!!

Jennifer from Sometimes you just need a little neon cheese!

MC Slim JB: And Roger's Coney Island in Fall River.

Laurie Higgins: I haven't been to Cricket's in like 20 years. The one time I went, I thought the seafood was really greasy, so I never went back. Maybe it's time to revisit.

Steve L (@StevenL57): As long as it's not all at the same time, Kara....

Kara Baskin: And I am forever on the prowl for other-worldly dim sum and delicious tacos.

Jennifer from Flo's is tough to beat!

Laurie Higgins: Flo's!!! We never miss it when we're in Maine.

Julie King: Kara I'll make you good tacos ;)

Kara Baskin: Flo's is sublime, but Gail keeps, ahem, whimsical hours. Never know if you're going to pull up and find it closed. But man, is it ever tasty.

Laurie Higgins: We even bought Flo's famous sauce and made Flo dogs at home for our daughter's birthday. It was her requested special dinner. Weird, but true.

Jennifer from If you're in Maine and looking for tacos, Loco Coco's in Kittery is fantastic!

Drew Starr @TheDrewStarr: one last one before I go. fee; free to post when you're talking ME.. comfort food in Portland. The poutine at Duckfat. The ramen at pai men miyake for hangovers

Julie King: where is Flos?

Kara Baskin: @Laurie Higgins, awesome! I always order their relish online for home use. And mix it with mayo, bien sur.

Kara Baskin: @Julie, I'd take you up on that anytime.

Marc H.: Any spots to talk about in CT before we head to Northern New England? Some great places for hot dogs in the state, including Rawley's in Fairfield and Al's in Naugatuck.

Marc H.: Also Doogies in Newington for hot dogs that are 2 feet long.

Marc H.: And since we only have about 10 minutes left, how about checking out places in ME, NH, and VT now?

Jennifer from If you like Poutine at Duckfat, then you should visit The Black Birch and try their poutine. It's topped with Duck confit and out of this world!

Laurie Higgins: Of course the mayo and celery salt are a must at Flo's. I think Flo's is near York, right?

Marc H.: Yup, Route 1 in York, I believe.

MC Slim JB: I hit both those Portland spots last week, Drew

MC Slim JB: Turns out my mom likes pork buns after all.

Laurie Higgins: Oops, looked it up, and Flo's is in Cape Neddick, Maine.

Marc H.: I think Cape Neddick is within York, isn't it?

Kara Baskin: Flo's is in Cape Neddick. It's a little roadside shack. Anyone over 5 feet tall needs to duck to walk through the door.

Julie King: Thank you Laurie

Jennifer from $5.00 Sicilian slab at Micucci's in Portland is hard to beat.

Marc H.: Slab? I'm intrigued!

Laurie Higgins: Please tell me great spots in Portland. We're hoping to head up there next week.

Steve L (@StevenL57): Roxy's Grilled Cheese has occasionally made a duck confit poutine, that was crazy good

Julie King: oooh, speaking of pork. Where or anyone has had pork feet?

Julie King: we have them pickles in Mexico, so good. We call them "patitas"

Jennifer from It's out of this world. Sold out of the back room of an Italian grocery store.

Steve L (@StevenL57): Jennifer that looks like something you best eat, before it attacks you first :)

Jennifer from My kind of comfort food in Portland usually includes a stop at Crema for a maple iced coffee and Standard Baking for anything to go with it.

Jennifer from Steve, it would be a delicious end either way!

Laurie Higgins: Thank you, Jennifer.

Richard Auffrey: Becky's Diner in Portland makes a nice lobster omelette

Marc H.: Any spots in VT that you like? I've hit a bunch of cheap eats places up there--the Chelsea Royal in Brattleboro is great for diner food and Eaton's Sugar House in Royalton is a great place to hobnob with the local farmers.

Laurie Higgins: A lobster omelet!

MC Slim JB: I'm bummed. Pat's Kountry Kitchen in Old Saybrook, home of the best and only clam hash I've ever had, closed this year.

Kara Baskin: Hot Suppa! in Portland for cozy comfy Southern brunch-a-roo.

Jennifer from A few other Portland highlights: The Bard coffee is fantastic, Duckfat, Micucci's, The Lost Bear, Dean's Sweets, Crema, and Rosemont Bakery and Market has great baked goods and a fantastic selection of cheese and local produce.

Kara Baskin: Hong's Chinese Dumplings in Burlington, VT -- some of the best I've had anywhere, and I've had my fair share.

Steve L (@StevenL57): Laurie, I want to say that Hearth & Kettle has done a lobster omelette, but that may not count ;)

Marc H.: I have one last question to end the chat on...are you ready? :-)

Marc H.: (Say yes.)

Steve L (@StevenL57): yes

Jennifer from YES!

Richard Auffrey: yes

Kara Baskin: Si, senor.

MC Slim JB: Yep.

Marc H.: If you could go to one cheap eats spot in New England today, which one would it be and what would you get there?

Kara Baskin: Waltham. I would be gullet-deep in a Taqueria el Amigo pork chili taco right now with a nice horchata to wash it back. Sadly, I am eating unsalted almonds at my desk.

Richard Auffrey: Clam Box in Ipswich: fried clams

MC Slim JB: Clam cakes at George's, right on the beach.

Drew Starr @TheDrewStarr: el pelon. pescado tacos. I probably have them 20 times a year and it never gets old

Julie King: Hmmmmm, I would go to Red Bones and get their pulled pork sandwich.

Jennifer from Bloom'n Cow Ice Cream in Newmarket, NH for the best fresh ice cream on a fresh waffle cone. It's too hot to eat anything else!

Steve L (@StevenL57): Bon Me is outside my office, the cold soba noodles sound good today

Drew Starr @TheDrewStarr: (@Kara: I'm eating a microwaved combination of leftover nachos ingredients without the actual chips)

Marc H.: I'd probably go to the Boothbay Lobster Wharf in Boothbay Harbor, ME for a piece of fried haddock that's the size of a bicycle tire.

Steve L (@StevenL57): Has anyone tried the Mainely Burgers truck in Portland, I heard good things about them

Laurie Higgins: I'm pretty sure the H 'n K used to do a seafood omelet years ago, but I'm not sure if they still do.

Laurie Higgins: Thank you for the Portland info, Jennifer!


Jennifer from Bicycle tire sized haddock is the perfect image for me to leave on! Thanks for including me. You're welcome, Laurie!

Marc H.: All right, gang. That's about it for today. Thanks again for joining in! More chats are on the way, so I'll let you know. Enjoy the 165-degree weather!

Julie King: Darn it

Drew Starr @TheDrewStarr: did anyone mention Eventide in portland? they always have 3 different lobster rolls, at least one is warm with a brown butter vinaigrette. they are all served on steam buns, which as soon as you have one, you learn is the only way to really serve a lobster roll

MC Slim JB: Thanks as always, Marc, for a fun discussion!

Laurie Higgins: Hmmm, I'd probably go to Wellfleet to try out that food truck.

Kara Baskin: Toodle loo!

Drew Starr @TheDrewStarr: thanks, Marc et al

Steve L (@StevenL57): Laurie, I liked the Porchetta sammie there a lot

Laurie Higgins: Thank you, Marc! This really was a lot of fun and now I have a list of places to try in Portland.

Julie King: Thank you my friends!

Steve L (@StevenL57): thanks Marc!

Julie King: Have a wonderful rest of the HOT, SUNNY, day!

Lisa DeCanio: thanks!