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Transcript of Online Panel Discussion, June 19, 2014

Topic: Restaurant and Food Chat

Below is a transcript of a live online restaurant and food chat, which took place on Thursday, June 19, 2014. As always, the panel included some panel members, with food writers and media people participating. The hour-long chat included a look at some of the best dining experiences of 2014 (so far), along with a short discussion on restaurant openings and closings, and there was some limited viewer participation throughout. [Note: The original discussion can be replayed at the following link: and please go to the restaurant discussions link to check out our other chats.]

Marc H. (hiddenboston): Hey, all! Welcome back after a few months off from the food chats and discussions. Because it has been awhile, this chat will be a general one, looking at restaurants that you have been to so far in 2014 in the Boston area and beyond, as well as a look at some specific favorites among appetizers, meals, desserts, etc. (We may also talk about restaurant openings and closings and even some cooking talk if there's time.) Why don't we start with some introductions? I'm Marc, the founder and owner of Boston's Hidden Restaurants along with the news-based blog Boston Restaurant Talk. (I'm also an occasional writer for Boston Magazine and The Daily Meal.)

Richard Auffrey: Hi all, I'm Richard Auffrey, a freelance writer & The Passionate Foodie.

Michelle Lahey: Hello! I'm Michelle, and I blog over at The Economical Eater (, and I also write for the Globe.

Julie Dennehy: Hi Marc and panelists! I'm Julie Dennehy, a foodie and PR consultant to restaurants, special events and hospitality clients. @dennehypr

Jen Kain DeFoe: Hi - I'm Jen Kain DeFoe, owner of Kain DeFoe Communications and recovering magazine editor (and food writer).

MC Slim JB: MC Slim JB here. I review restaurants and write food/drinks features for The Improper Bostonian. Follow me @mcslimjb; links to all my professional work on my blog,

Steve: Hi Steve Leibowitz blogger of, good to see everyone

Patrick Maguire: Morning everyone. Server Not Servant blog and Restaurant promotions and hospitality consulting.

Marc H.: We may have a few more coming, but we can probably start in a minute. Anyone eating anything good right now? I have a big package of pecans sitting on top of my phone right now.

Michelle Lahey: Not eating at the moment, but I am drinking a strong iced coffee from Bourbon Coffee in Porter Square.

Marc H.: Oooh. Are you there right now? A true hidden gem, in my book.

Michelle Lahey: Just got back from there! It's one of my favorite coffee shops to work at.

Patrick Maguire: Just came from a late breakfast at the Busy Bee. Always an interesting adventure...

Julie Dennehy: I'm eating a bag of "Portland Fruit and Nut Co." yogurt covered almonds - a favor gift from a Bar Mitzvah party this past weekend.

Richard Auffrey: Just drinking some fresh brewed iced tea.

Jen Kain DeFoe: Does cold, sliced leftover steak from last night count? I'm nibbling.

Marc H.: Steak before noon? Sign me up!

Jen Kain DeFoe: When one gets up at 4:00 a.m., lunch comes early.

MC Slim JB: I skipped breakfast; plan to grill some Moody's bierwurst for lunch.

Marc H.: Jealous.

Steve: I'm tap my fingers on the desk, waiting to go outside to The Bacon Truck, most likely

Marc H.: Jealous, part 2.

Stephanie Clarkson: Star Market just started carrying Morinaga Hi-Chew in the regular candy section for $2 a bag. That's my breakfast.

Marc H.: Sounds good to me!

Marc H.: Ok, I think we can start...

Marc H.: As is the case with some of the chats in the past, this is a semi-private discussion, though there may be a few guests occasionally asking questions, posting comments, and so on. As soon as we're done, a transcript of the chat will be posted on various social media sites for all to see.

MC Slim JB: Hi-Chew: that's like Starburst, only classier, right?

Stephanie Clarkson: the Green Apple is *amazing*.

Marc H.: How about looking at some of your favorite restaurants so far this year in the Greater Boston area? (We'll look at the rest of the region later.) Any real standouts? Any first visits to places?

Michelle Lahey: Like most people, I really loved Alden & Harlow. I'm already eager to make a return visit.

Marc H.: Did you try their burger? That's what I really want to try there.

Julie Dennehy: What did you like about it, Michelle?

Michelle Lahey: I didn't! We went with a large group, so we got a bunch of plates to share. Everything we tried was great (including the cocktails...).

Richard Auffrey: Had first visits to Ribelle in Brookline & Bronwyn in Somerville. Both were very impressive. Ribelle had one of the best sweetbread dishes I ever had, and the Spatlze at Bronwyn was killer. Ribelle does a great job with their pasta dishes.

MC Slim JB: It's hardly new, but so worth knowing about: Moody's Deli & Provisions in Waltham. I've been visiting there steadily over the past few months to work my way through the sandwiches and retail charcuterie, salumi and sausages. It's a really extraordinary place, and not just because Boston I mostly abysmal on the deli front.

Marc H.: I second that, MC. I was like a kid in a candy store when we visited the place several weeks back.

Patrick Maguire: Finally got to Area Four in Kendall to try their pizza very good, despite no pepperoni. Opted for the clam and bacon--not a bad Plan B. Also discovered Otto Pizza in Coolidge Corner this year. Very impressed with the quality of the pies, the value, and the hospitality. Fresh pies are markedly better than reheated slices.

Steve: A meat candy store

Richard Auffrey: I haven't visited Moody's yet, but have eaten several products from there, and have really enjoyed their charcuterie

Marc H.: Patrick, I still miss Area's Four's olive oil chocolate cake with salted caramel. I wish they would bring it back.

MC Slim JB: Need to get to Area Four's A4 Pizza outlet.

Michelle Lahey: I love Otto Pizza! The butternut squash, cranberry, and ricotta is my favorite.

MC Slim JB: Love Otto.

Michelle Lahey: Julie, in addition to the food being spot-on, the atmosphere was also great. Lively and crowded, yet comfortable and casual. I loved the open kitchen, too.

Julie Dennehy: Great detail... thank you Michelle! it's on my list.

Patrick Maguire: I agree about the pastas at ribelle, Richard. Some of the best around, along with Prezza, Monica's, Sportello...

MC Slim JB: I've also quite enjoyed Pastoral's pizzas -- they have the most beautiful Neapolitan wood oven -- but the real standouts there for me have been the pasta dishes.

Steve: On my mobile side of eating, I just tried Sheherazad, doing Middle Eastern food. Tasty yogurt marinated chicken with grilled veggies.

Marc H.: I can't wait to try them, Steve.

Richard Auffrey: Agreed, Patrick. Was recently at Prezza & had an excellent dinner, as usual. They have never let me down.

Patrick Maguire: Speaking of olive oil, the evoo ice cream at ribelle is damn good.

Marc H.: I'll jump in here as well. All Seasons Table in Malden continues to impress. Their sushi, Thai dishes, Vietnamese items, etc., it's all so good, and the upscale but not overly trendy atmosphere is very nice. We had duck lettuce wraps a few weeks ago; pretty memorable.

MC Slim JB: I'd add Giulia to the list of Boston places with unbelievable pastas.

MC Slim JB: I love that Ribelle EVOO ice cream in "Magic Shell" dessert: I called it a Klondike bar as imagined by Thomas Keller.

Richard Auffrey: I loved the lamb kebab at Uyghur Kitchen Food Truck.

Patrick Maguire: Giulia +1.

Michelle Lahey: Another place I tried this year is Puritan & Co. in Inman Square. They had some incredible seafood dishes!

Richard Auffrey: The Oya Cuban Cafe in Malden is another winner. It really flies under the radar of many people.

Marc H.: Malden is a really great dining destination now. I find myself going there more and more often these days.

MC Slim JB: Oya Cuban is on my list. Just tough to go to Malden and not visit FuLoon for Sichuan. I'd add Gustazo to the list of underpraised Cuban joints: does anyone know if it has moved from Belmont yet?

Steve: One other truck that I think is new on the streets is El Diez Argentinian. It's on the Boston schedule, but they have not said anything on FB and no Twitter account.

Marc H.: Steve, yes, I believe they start up next week. (I need to double check that.)

Stephanie Clarkson: In less positive, has anyone else felt that The Taco Truck has...downed their game this season, so to speak? or was it just SoWa overkill?

Marc H.: Not sure. Has anyone been to The Taco Truck's brick-and-mortar in Harvard Square yet?

Patrick Maguire: Picking up on the lettuce wraps, I love the oyster lettuce wraps at Row 34, and everything else I've had at the Wall Street "working man's oyster bar." (Love to rib them about that.) They're doing a great job there on all fronts. Recent standout was the salmon entree.

Marc H.: I hear that they have some great beers there, Patrick.

MC Slim JB: Row 34 does indeed rule, but its prices are more "guy who employs hundreds of workingmen", not actual workingmen.

Marc H.: Hahahaha

Michelle Lahey: I've only visited Row 34 for beer so far, Patrick, but I am really looking forward to having dinner there soon. Such a great spot!

Richard Auffrey: AKA Bistro in Lincoln reopened after several months & the food is as good as always. Some great new menu items like the spiced clams in a jar.

Steve: Stephanie, I have to check their menu, I had something recently from there and it was meh. Ah yes, platanos fritos. Weak.

Julie Dennehy: To Steve: I'm hearing a lot about a gathering of the trucks at MetroFest in Framingham (Sept. 20) - can't want to try some new ones in the 'burbs!

Stephanie Clarkson: I have not been to it, no. Where in HS is it? I might hunt it this weekend to see if it's better there.

Marc H.: It's in The Garage where Felipe's used to be (they're moving to Brattle Street).

MC Slim JB: Raw bar and seafood charcuterie board are my two favorite things at Row 34.

Patrick Maguire: Michelle, is Puritan still doing the smoked bluefish pate? Tavern Road also does some really nice pates.

Stephanie Clarkson: Yeah; I remember being really thrilled with their ...well, everything last year, actually. But it was hard to tell; they really screwed up the food truck situation at SoWa this year.

Steve: Usually about 20 trucks at those things, Julie. Start training.

MC Slim JB: To be fair on its prices, Row 34 is across the street from that "shot and a beer for construction workers" joint, Drink.

Marc H.: It's in The Garage where Felipe's used to be (they're moving to Brattle Street).

MC Slim JB: I agree on Fugu: those are Chang-worthy pork belly buns. The bibimbap is pretty fine, too.

Julie Dennehy: I second the pork belly - SO tasty and filling for a grab and go lunch.

Stephanie Clarkson: OMG yes.

Stephanie Clarkson: Felipes is where Flat Patties was, right? I never get to HS these days.

Marc H.: Yes, right now they are sharing the space, but Felipe's will move into their own space soon.

Steve: Love me some Fugu. Has anyone tried their ramen?

Marc H.: They were out when I went. :-/

Michelle Lahey: Patrick, I believe so. I went a while back, but it looks like they still are offering it.

MC Slim JB: Have to give a DTX shout-out to Gene's Chinese Flatbread, too. My favorite cheap lunch in that area outside of Chinatown. Unbelievable lamb dishes and hand-pulled noodles. Any menu item numbered 1-10.

Marc H.: I'm upset that their Chelmsford location closed, but happy that they will open one in Woburn.

Steve: +1 to what Slim said

Richard Auffrey: Yes, will be nice to see Gene's open in Woburn

MC Slim JB: Gene's in Woburn? That's really great for that town.

Marc H.: Yes, Woburn and Malden are both moving up as far as restaurants. It's not just roast beef and seafood anymore.

Rachel L.: YES on Gene's. Those bouncy hand-pulled noodles are dreamy. Wish he stayed open later in the evening!

Stephanie Clarkson: we keep thinking, "Oh, Gene's Chinese Flatbread' when we're Worcester or Salem. We never seem to think of it when we're anywhere near it.

Ezra: I really wish Gene's were open until 8 or on weekends. I can't quite make it to Chinatown for lunch so it might as well be in Chelmsford. Such a tease.

Marc H.: I wish it were open late on weeknights, too! I was at South Station the other night and was craving their food.

MC Slim JB: Gene's has slightly later hours later in the week.

Stephanie Clarkson: yeah; that was one of the issues. We thought we might go there last Saturday, and then we realized it was 7:55 and we were 15 minutes away. none for us.

Richard Auffrey: Gene's in Woburn will be open till 8pm, Tues-Sunday

Marc H.: Oh, that's great news, Richard.

MC Slim JB: Gene's stays open till 6:30pm downtown Wed-Fri.

Stephanie Clarkson: "They would be closing now anyway."

Patrick Maguire: Finally tried the mac + cheese at Publick House. Not a very large portion, but VERY interesting combination of cheeses. And obviously the craft beer selection is pretty intense. They were on that bus early...

Marc H.: Patrick, did you try the truffle option? So good, and even better with a Chimay or two.

MC Slim JB: Nice that Publick House has so much company in the beer-nerd bar segment these days.

Patrick Maguire: No, the basic w/saison.

Michelle Lahey: LOVE the mac and cheese at the Publick House. I definitely don't make it there often, but that's one of my favorite spots in Brookline.

Steve: The problem with this chat being at 11am is I am stark raving hungry now :/

Marc H.: Me too. I just ran out of pecans.

MC Slim JB: Even little indie restaraunts are opening with interesting small-producer beer programs these days.

Stephanie Clarkson: *offers Steve some Hi-Chew.*

Stephanie Clarkson: we wound up at Little Q Hot Pot which was very good.

Marc H.: In Arlington? I loved the place when it was in Quincy.

MC Slim JB: I love Q's TV ads. So very cheesy.

Marc H.: How about briefly looking at favorite restaurants and dishes elsewhere in New England over the past few months? What stands out in your mind?

Marc H.: I'll go first. I got weak in the knees whenever I go to Armsby Abbey in Worcester, and this was the case once again a few weeks back. Their beer selection is unbelievable.

Richard Auffrey: Has anyone else had the beer eau-de-vie at Bronwyn, the Stickum Uerige? The one aged in Port barrels was delicious.

Richard Auffrey: Gotta run, sorry!

Marc H.: See you, Richard! Thanks for swinging by!

Michelle Lahey: I had a great meal at Short and Main in Gloucester about a month ago. From the same folks behind Market - really great spot, with awesome pizza and oysters.

MC Slim JB: The best outside-of-Boston meal I've had in a good while was a Prairie Whale in Great Barrington. Chef/owner has a farm, does snout-to-tail and sustainable for reals. Very casual vibe. Stunning food.

Michelle Lahey: I just went to Armsby Abbey a few weeks ago and loved it. Again, just for beer. I'm starting to think I have a problem...

Marc H.: You and me both!

Michelle Lahey: Haha!

Drew Starr: Sorry for being late. Answering Marc's question: My wife and I did a short honeymoon in Portland. Central Provisions is the best new restaurant I've eaten at in 5 years. (Chris Gould, formerly of Uni opened the place up)

Marc H.: Hey, Drew!

Patrick Maguire: The only problem is running out...

Julie Dennehy: Gotta run too friends... next time

Marc H.: Have a good day, Julie! Thanks!

MC Slim JB: Prairie Whale (a 19th century term for a pig, from the time when people started burning lard in their lamps instead of whale oil) served me the best coppa I've ever tasted in my life. From one of his own pigs, of course.

Marc H.: I'll be out there in a few weeks, MC. Hopefully I have time to stop by there.

Jen Kain DeFoe: Does Cape Cod count for 'elsewhere in New England' or aren't we there yet?

Marc H.: Yes, we're there for sure!

Steve: Jennifer, have you been to the Thai place on 6A in Orleans? I just tried it the first time and thought it was pretty good. Better that than any of the other ethnic options.

Stephanie Clarkson: (the only thing I've had that wasn't reachable by MBTA of late was Sonic. I wanted the jalapeno chocolate milkshake, but then chickened out.)

Stephanie Clarkson: is anyone else having issues where they say something, and it doesn't show up until *after* the next thing they say? Is that just a 'feature' of this chat client or should I reload?

Marc H.: It's the nature of the software, Stephanie. :-/

MC Slim JB: Nice choice for a honeymoon destination for a couple of food geeks, Drew! Love Portland.

Patrick Maguire: Portland hospitality biz/restaurants/food featured in today's Globe, Drew.

Drew Starr: also a big fan of Hunt & Alpine Club -- Scandinavian influenced food (mostly snacky, but you can makea meal out of it easily) and Portland's first GREAT cocktails. Kit Paschal, formerly of Eastern Standard is working there

Marc H.: (A couple more left over from the Boston chat.)

MC Slim JB: "Q is for hotpot!" Clearly one of those, "Why hire a professional voice-over person when we can get cousin Louise to do it?"

Ezra: In Chinatown my personal preference is Kaze over Q

Jen Kain DeFoe: Have not been to the Thai place in Orleans yet. The Szechuan Delight in East Harwich - in a strip mall of places - has surprisingly flavorful and fresh food.

Jen Kain DeFoe: Not a new place, but a new try for me is the pulled pork sandwich at Zia Pizzeria in East Orleans. Fab. Cranberry slaw on the side is yummy.

Michelle Lahey: 15 Walnut in Hamilton has some fantastic cocktails and great food. Good place to stop on the way to or from Gloucester.

MC Slim JB: Big fan of Kaze, too. Give Q a slight edge for their broths.

Jen Kain DeFoe: Best new bar in Hyannis is at Colombo's on Main Street - retractable windows make for serious watching of the circus of tourists. Charcuterie plate is great.

Ezra: Ya, I just get vibed out by the sushi and general menu vastness of Q. And, as you mentioned, those ads.

MC Slim JB: I rarely go with anything that's not the specialty at Asian places with a specialty. Hotpot at the hotpot place, no sushi.

Steve: I didn't know Zia was doing pulled pork. Frank N Swine is my East Orleans go to on weekends

Jen Kain DeFoe: The mango BBQ sauce on it is awesome - smoky flavor.

Marc H.: Oh, I do need to mention one of the most memorable dining experiences of 2014 in New England. We were at American Flatbread in Waitsfield, VT a couple of weeks ago. Just the drive up Rt. 100 to get there is worth the trip, but the pizza is outstanding, the location is one you won't soon forget (in a huge valley near Sugarbush), and the outdoor fire pit and tables....well, I could go on and on...

Michelle Lahey: Marc, I remember your photos from that meal. Everything looked wonderful!

Marc H.: Also, the pub at the Long Trail Brewery in Bridgewater, VT is great. Sitting by a river with beer in hand is tough to beat.

Michelle Lahey: I second the Long Trail Brewery. Such a great spot, and the food was decent too.

Jen Kain DeFoe: Fave dishes closer to home in Harwich are the black truffle parmesan fries at Mooncussers and the fig, proscuitto and honey-pear pizza at Wequassett's Outer Bar.

Drew Starr: I recently got a chance to check out some North Shore fish-shacks that I hadn't been to before (or at least in a while). Woodman's had gone downhill since my last memory, but Farnham's (new to me) is definitely worthy of a trip for fried clams and seafood chowder.

Marc H.: How about returning to the Boston area for a bit? Are there any new restaurants that you're looking forward to trying? Any recently-closed spots that you'll miss?

Marc H.: Everyone seems to be talking about Jimmy John's coming to Southie, by the way.

Stephanie Clarkson: Is it everyone talking about it, or just McSlim Jb making us all talk about it? ;-)

Marc H.: Ha ha. You mean MC's Facebook page? :-D

Drew Starr: Jimmy John's is nothing that exciting. I think it's a nostalgia thing for people.

Michelle Lahey: I'm actually looking forward to checking out The Precinct's reinvented space, now called Brass Union (in Union Square). They had me at Pac-Man and corn hole, but there's also a new food menu.

Steve: Bacon Truck time, before the rush I hope. Take care all!

Marc H.: Have a great day, Steve! Thanks!

Drew Starr: The new places announced from the Journeyman team sound interesting, as does Todd Maul's new bar. Where do the keep finding space in Kendall?

MC Slim JB: Kendall Square was a vast, industrial wasteland for years. (I know; I worked there for a time.) Naturally, it got interesting once I moved to a downtown office.

MC Slim JB: I envy folks who do so much dining outside of Greater Boston. Top of my local to-try list: La Brasa in Somerville, Liquid Art House in Back Bay (sampled only a few things there so far), Glenville Stops in Allston. Long-term, Townsman, from Farmstead (RI) chef/owner Matt Jennings.

Michelle Lahey: I was sad to hear about Charlie's Sandwich Shoppe closing, but happy that the owners are retiring happily.

Marc H.: Yes. So sad to hear, but glad that they'll have some time to kick back after all these years.

Marc H.: One place I want to try is Liquid Art House. The pictures of the place look pretty incredible.

MC Slim JB: The bar at Liquid Art House is indeed beautiful, and it's got a very solid cocktail program (unfortunately rare in Back Bay).

Drew Starr: haven't made it into liquid art house, but not surprise the bar is great. Dan Lynch was at the Hawthorne immediately prior.

Ezra: Can anyone give me a one word answer on whether or not I need to go to Pastoral? All of my research has left me kinda confused.

MC Slim JB: I have been to Pastoral seven or eight times with none of the consistency problems other reviewers have noted. Very good pizza, excellent pastas, very solid beverage program. It's punishingly loud in the dining room, which every other damned new place in town seems to suffer from.

Marc H.: Also curious about Yong Yong in Malden. Hot pot, sushi, dim sum a la carte, and more. Sounds like my kind of place.

Rachel L.: Looking forward to the new Vietnamese place (Noodle Barn, I think?) on Centre Street in JP sometime this summer. I drive to Dorchester for banh mi; would be nice to have it within walking distance.

Marc H.: I am too, Rachel.

MC Slim JB: Rachel, if W. Rox is closer than Dot for you, Bahn Mi Ngon is very good.

Michelle Lahey: I unfortunately have to run, but thanks all! And thanks for hosting, Marc!

Marc H.: Thank you, Michelle! Have a good day!

Stephanie Clarkson: Oh, in the 'no one ever seems to know about it, but everyone I take there loves it' is Dosa-n-Curry in Somerville. just to throw that out.

Marc H.: Is that the place that had the name change, Stephanie? On Somerville Avenue?

Stephanie Clarkson: Yes.

MC Slim JB: I love Dosa-n-Curry: great spot for vegetarians.

Stephanie Clarkson: I've taken several non-vegetarians there and twice now had them suddenly say, "Wait, is this place vegetarian?" halfway through the buffet lunch.

Drew Starr: I'm also looking forward to Pho Cup ..... 's licensing hearing.

Drew Starr: sorry, that's Pho Kup. Somehow much much worse

Marc H.: Try not to say that one too quickly.

Patrick Maguire: Last call for Rendezvous is 6/25, and the swan song for iconic Charlie's Sandwich Shoppe is Saturday, 6/28. Losing Charlie's is going to hurt. Last time I was in Arthur (one of 4 sibs still there) said, "I'd rather walk out than be carried out." Very happy for them. So much rich history there. Definitely going in a few more times to cherish all the pics and memorabilia.

Marc H.: June 25 for sure, Patrick? Wow, that's coming up quick.

Patrick Maguire: Yes, 6/25 for sure. I stopped in for a glass of wine over the weekend.

MC Slim JB: I have scheduled farewell visits to both Rendezvous and Charlie's. Those both sting.

Marc H.: I'm still sore about Sonny Noto's in Eastie closing.

MC Slim JB: Where am I going to get fried bologna and eggs now?

Rachel L.: MC: West Roxbury is indeed closer, and I frequently swing by Bahn Mi Ngon on the way home from work :)

Stephanie Clarkson: One moment. I just had someone ask me in a FB page 'What did Andelman do to the food trucks?', and I HAVE AN OBLIGATION.

MC Slim JB: At least Steve Johnson of Rendezvous is leaving behind a last mark on the scene. He was cultivating local/sustainable sourcing in the restaurant community decades before it was fashionable.

Marc H.: We're just about out of time. If you could pick your #1 favorite food item from 2014 so far, which one would it be? (A tough question, I know.)

Rachel L.: As mentioned earlier, Gene's hand-pulled noodles with chili oil, garlic and cilantro. Runner-up: Three-cup eggplant from JoJo Taipei in Allston.

Drew Starr: my wedding cake -- white cake w/ popcorn icing, dulce de leche filling, in the shape of a TARDIS. Made by Kate Holowchek, who is now the pastry chef at Bogie's / jm Curley (the only thing Bogie's was missing was a proper dessert menu. has one now).

MC Slim JB: Tied for first: fried smelts with squid-ink aioli at Merril & Co (bring that back, please!), and charred broccoli on winter-squash "hummus" at Alden & Harlow. I just had another Sonoran hot dog at Que Padre that was wicked, too, but that's not especially new.

Stephanie Clarkson: you favourite food item thing so far has been the bulgogi bar at Hmart. It's probably made me eat 2 meals a week in that I'd have otherwise gone out for.

Stephanie Clarkson: sorry, restaurant industry.

MC Slim JB: Have to shout out the unbelievable corned beef sandwich at Moody's, too. Incredible.

Jen Kain DeFoe: Lobster roll at hole-in-the-wall George's Fish Market in Harwich Port. Never fails to sate.

Patrick Maguire: Wednesday special-Prime rib and mashed potatoes for $12.95 at the Busy Bee in Brookline. Thanks for hosting, Marc. Great chat, everyone.

MC Slim JB: And maybe the radiatore over ragu of braised veal breast and Gorgonzola dolce at Pastoral.

Stephanie Clarkson: ok. I should get back to making another 100 or so tiny little freaking sugar roses.

Marc H.: I'm going to have to go with the pork buns from Fugu, but outside of the area, the lamb meatballs from El Colmado in NYC does it for me.

Drew Starr: oh! and also the Justin Burger at Roxy's. Their burger with pimento cheese and onions. Even their regular burger is great. Easily the best fast food burger in the area now. Sorry, Tasty / Shake Shack

Marc H.: All right, it's that time, unfortunately. Thanks, all! It was a blast!

Rachel L.: Fun chat, Marc, thanks for hosting with the mosting!

MC Slim JB: Great fun as always, Marc. Thanks again for including me!

Stephanie Clarkson: Indeed! and thanks to MC for mentioning it was on.

Jen Kain DeFoe: Thanks, Marc. Appreciate your including me.

Drew Starr: thanks!

Steve: Made it back with oxtail instead from Makin Jamaican :)

Marc H.: JEALOUS! :-D