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Best Steak Tips (Other Than New Bridge Cafe)?

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After lots of searching, I still haven't found a restaurants in the Boston area that beats the New Bridge Cafe in Chelsea when it comes to steak tips. The Salem Wood in Malden, Sadie's in Waltham, Cronin's in Quincy, and Joe Sent Me in Cambridge come close, but don't consistently reach the level of the New Bridge, in my opinion. Has anyone found a place in the Boston area that has better steak tips than the New Bridge? [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted on 1/23/08 by hiddenboston)


MZ wrote:
The Half Way Cafe in Watertown, Dedham, Canton, etc. has my favorite to New Bridge!
(Posted on 2/15/08)

MaineRed wrote:
These places always get raves:
-- Strip Ts in Watertown
-- Powderhouse Pub in Somerville
(Posted on 4/23/09)

Rich O wrote:
I've tried them all and the Newbridge reigns supreme still. I keep hearing about a place called Pepperoncinis which is supposed to have great tips but sadly, and strangely, not on Sundays!
(Posted on 4/23/09)

MC Slim JB wrote:
Sadie's Saloon in Waltham is a worthy competitor to the New Bridge.
(Posted on 5/1/09)

Sacue wrote:
My personal favorite is Donohue's Bar and Grill in Watertown...I think they serve a full pound of tips!
(Posted on 7/23/09)

AR wrote:
Conrad's in Norwood has the best steak tips.
(Posted on 7/24/09)

GKE wrote:
Floramos in Chelsea, where the meat falls off the bone!!!! Been there forever and the Tips are consistently wonderful. Also baby backs!!! The best!!!!
(Posted on 10/25/09)

bobby d wrote:
I like Champions in Peabody; they might be better than the New Bridge Cafe.
(Posted on 3/1/10)

LM wrote:
Floramo's in Chelsea if I'm going out to eat....but Domenics's in Malden if I'm grilling them at home.
(Posted on 3/17/10)

Paul S wrote:
Sadie's Saloon in Waltham has by far the best steak tips around, very tender.
(Posted on 3/23/10)

MC Slim JB wrote:
I had some excellent steak tips at Sonny Noto's in Eastie recently, a pleasant surprise. Got to the New Bridge again the other day, still great as ever.
(I also don't like it when "the meat falls off the bone": that usually means you're parboiling your ribs, not something to brag about!)
(Posted on 6/13/10)

thecazz wrote:
I have found the better steak tips on Elm Street in Everett, Ma. A little place called "Stewarts" right across from the best Italian bakery on this planet (Elm St Bakery). Try them Both, but Stewarts is an awesome little Irish bar, not a big menu but all great tasting foods and drinks.
(Posted on 6/18/10)

tr wrote:
Best tips aren't even in the city. Conrads Norwood and soon Conrads Walpole has hands down, the best tips in the city.
(Posted on 7/24/12)

amanda wrote:
Conrad's in Norwood or Walpole.... Great steak tips :)
(Posted on 1/7/13)

kjd wrote:
Pearl Street Station in Malden! You smell the delicious tips from the train station!
(Posted on 1/7/13)

Sean Laurence wrote:
Silvertone in Boston on Bromfield Street. The portion is large, they're delicious and not too pricey.
(Posted on 1/7/13)

RO wrote:
Pearl Street in Malden has some solid Steak Tips
(Posted on 1/7/13)

RFSB wrote:
New Bridge. All else is commentary.
(Posted on 1/7/13)

David Lowney wrote:
The Galway in JP
(Posted on 1/7/13)

rene wrote:
Champions in Peabody are very good. Lazy Dog in Lynn are excellent especially paired with their baked beans.
(Posted on 1/7/13)

btothea wrote:
Sadies in Waltham will and always will be the best steak tips of all time. They had to close after 30+ years, this past November. It will be a very long time until I ever have any steak tips again. There's is no comparison.
(Posted on 1/8/13)

OSM wrote:
Sonny Noto's in Eastie
(Posted on 1/8/13)

hzu wrote:
There's no tips better than the new bridge and I go back many years and many places comparing
(Posted on 1/8/13)

LD wrote:
Old Colony Yacht Club
(Posted on 1/14/13)

tk wrote:
(Posted on 1/14/13)


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