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Best Burrito in the Boston Area?

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Who do you think makes the best burrito in the Boston area? what type of burrito do you like there? [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted by hiddenboston)

REPLIES (last updated ):

jamie wrote:
Pedro's on Bromfield Street in Boston. The carnenasada.

PM wrote:
Purple Cactus in Jamaica Plain!

Max wrote:
El Potro in Union Square is the only Mexican Restaurant in Boston.

anonymous wrote:
Taco Loco In Somerville... best in Boston by far!!

natalie wrote:
This native Texan says Boca Grande in Cambridge. To be honest, haven't tried many others -- no need in my opinion!

j wrote:

LP wrote:
Olecito. I have been to Anna's more than I like to admit and I am not sure why I settled for so long...Anna's was good before I had better.

Ashley wrote:
I have to say El Pelon. Do not get the Anna's hype.

DF wrote:
I'm from Oklahoma, and I am a huge fan of Cactus Grill in East Boston. I think Anna's is kind of bland.

MC wrote:
I'd def go with Cafe Burrito in Belmont as they have amazing flavored meats & chickens not to mention crazy creative salsa's such as this months pinapple & bacon. A must try!

JS wrote:
El Pelon - no question. 2nd is El Potro in Union Sq.

AM wrote:
boca grande on mass ave in cambridge is the best!

st wrote:
Purple cactus in JP! Soooo good.

ER wrote:
Bueno Y Sano - Amherst/Acton

anonymous wrote:
La Siesta in Winthrop!

Silent Steph wrote:
Anna's Anywhere In Boston ! They are all consistent! I am from Texas as well and yes while not everyone in Boston can make a good burrito ? Anna's can do right everyone I go into one !

CHF wrote:
Viva Burrito!! Anna's is overrated, I don't get it...

PW wrote:
Boca Grande in Brighton or Brookline (Coolidge Corner).
Anna's is pretty much good at every location.
El Pelon's flavor profile is most reminiscent of food I ate in Mexico City.
Olecito is pretty good as well.
I have trouble thinking of Boloco as a "burrito" place (it's more of a "wrap").
Also - Burrito's are in no way "Mexican" food. Mexican inspired, yes - but hardly "authentico".
And finally Taco Loco rocks. Stopped there on a whim - but really if you're only looking for Burrito's you're short-changing yourself.

ajc wrote:
Blue Ribbon BBQ. Try the one with burnt ends.

ajc wrote:
Taqueria Carrizal, Brighton ave in Allston. Authentic and delicious.

SE wrote:
Anna's is wonderful once you figure out how to get the most out of their ingredients. Yes, you can have grilled veggies AND chile verde.

Dana E wrote:
El Pelon Taqueria - so good!

Mike G. wrote:
Howling Wolf Taqueria in Salem !!!

Patrick G. wrote:
Tenoch in Medford gets my vote

Frederick W. wrote:
Cactus Grille in Maverick Square is outstanding.
El Pelon is probably the most 'authentic.'

jb wrote:
Three amigos in stoneham

Cameron R. wrote:
El Triumfo on E. Berkeley. Looks like a hole in the wall and close by the Pine Street Inn, but it's got amazing burritos at a great price and it's open late.

Joe P. wrote:
Felipe's in Harvard Square. Best carnitas evah!

Roslindale Rabbi wrote:
Yukatan Tacos.

BH wrote:
El Pelon. All others are pretenders.

ss wrote:
Bueno y sano by a mile...but haven't had all the others yet!!

NFN wrote:
El Pelon is good but overpriced for a true burrito.

John S. wrote:
El Pelon

Mike F. wrote:
Herrera's downtown.

Tim C. wrote:
Real tacos Dorchester

Stewart M. wrote:
Taqueria el Amigo is always a delight

@_TashaMarie_ wrote:
cart at backbay

@kenmorebrian wrote:
Purple Cactus for Steak, Felipe's for Carnitas!

@kallic wrote:
I'm currently digging the El Guapo burrito from @ElPelonTaqueria

j. wrote:
El Huipil in Maynard
Blue Ribbon BBQ are also excellent

CB wrote:
El Pelon. Period.

SML wrote:
Viva Burrito is excellent. Also like Tenoch, Sol Azteca, and Olecito.

@jarroyo wrote:
Burrito Surtido
Arlington Center

pj wrote:
Anna's. *drops mic*

k wrote:
tango mango in newton center

sara wrote:
el pelon!!!

@deanykong wrote:
My girlfriend's favorite is Boca Grande in Brighton Center. I don't really have a favorite yet.

Christian M. wrote:
Sabroso Taqueria on Oliver st in Boston.

Lisa M. wrote:
Roxanne's Taqueria in Stoughton/Cobbs Corner - they make an excellent burrito!

Scott L. wrote:
El Pelon in the Fenway !

Jennifer F. wrote:
Los Amigos is pretty darn good, but Anna's Taqueria is the best!

Terry K. wrote:

Lori G. P. wrote:
Anna's Tacqueria

Paula M. wrote:
Herrera's in Boston.

Matt K. wrote:
El Pelon by far

Jocelyn S. wrote:
Blue Ribbon BBQ

Aaron G. wrote:
Vote for Pedro's...

Eileen M. wrote:
Anna's is the best, then Los Amigos.

Patrick G. wrote:
I say tenoch, though nothing will ever replace Tacos Lupita in my mind

Paul B. wrote:
The forthcoming Villa Mexico Cafe on Water St.

Frankie G. wrote:
Villa Mexico before is closed

John H. wrote:
A vote for El Pelon!!

@LostBostBlog wrote:
Romanos in roslindale

@triprotic wrote:
El Pelon on Gainesborough.

@aloudonline wrote:
Took a trip to Felipe's recently, they've got the goods. El Pelon and Olecito are also rad. -H

@shocks wrote:
Real Taco off Dot Ave in the Polish Triangle

@TheDrewStarr wrote:
@ElPelonTaqueria and when they reopen, @VillaMexicoCafe

@dillon_riley26 wrote:
Felipes in harvard square obviously

@chrisbentson wrote:
Picante on Mass Ave in Cambridge

@_Trems_ wrote:
Comida. Salem mass

@MediaGalChloe wrote:
Obv Anna's

@jarrodcohen wrote:
El Triunfo in the South End!

C Mantilla wrote:
The main stream taquerias are just fine, however if you truly want to taste a real Mexican taco or torta go to "La Victoria Taqueria" in Arlington Center, great home made fast Mexican food!

jorge arroyo wrote:
Best ever la Victoria taqueria

E. S. wrote:
La Victoria Taqueria in Arlington or Beverly!!

Alex Bolvi wrote:
Voto por ya quería "La Victoria " Arlington and Beverly ! !!! Excellent genuino and honest Mexican food!!!!!

SZ Donut Boy wrote:
Three Amigos in Stoneham

@cgorczyca wrote:
As soon as Villa Mexico comes back, they take the crown. It's not even close.

Kevin wrote:
Cantina La Mexican in Union Square.

E Martel wrote:
El Pelon is still the best I've had in Boston in a decade here. I'm open to suggestion though...
I have never ever liked Anna's, not a fan.

Barrett wrote:
Romano's Pizzeria & Taqueria
4249 Washington St

DKO wrote:
SUPER burrito in Everett. Lengua!
El Tenoch in Medford.
La Victoria in Beverly.


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