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Favorite Brewpub in New England?

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What are some of your favorite brewpubs in New England? Are there any good little-known ones that you know of? [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted by hiddenboston)


Jon wrote:
Portsmouth brewery - NH
Cambridge Brewing - MA
(Posted on 1/25/13)

Bryan wrote:
Geaghan's Pub - Bangor, ME
Liberal Cup - Hallowell, ME
(Posted on 1/25/13)

Lee M wrote:
Cambridge Brewing Company, Portsmouth Brewery, and Northampton Brewery are all FANTASTIC (though CBC and Portsmouth are hardly 'little-known'). Never been to Cape Ann Brewing Company, but their beer is fantastic and I hear they have table games at the brewpub!
(Posted on 1/25/13)

MD wrote:
Amherst Brewing Company - Amherst, MA
(Posted on 1/25/13)

julia wrote:
Massachusetts: Cape Ann brewery, Berkshire brewing co, & Jack Abby's, it's all about great beer, seasonal & local!
(Posted on 1/25/13)

AL wrote:
Marshall Wharf Brewing Co., Belfast, ME
(Posted on 1/28/13)

Tyler wrote:
The Tap - Haverhill, Ma
(Posted on 1/28/13)

MLY wrote:
Berkshire Brewing in western MA and Gritty McDuff's in Portland ME
(Posted on 1/29/13)

Chris B. wrote:
Although far from Boston, my favorite not only in New England but the entire country is The People's Pint in Greenfield, MA.
(Posted on 7/8/13)


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