Photo Gallery of Some Now-Closed Restaurants in the Boston Area

(From Boston's Hidden Restaurants)

photo of Montreal French Fries, West Bridgewater, MA
Montreal French Fries, West Bridgewater
photo of Rocca, Boston, MA
Rocca, Boston
photo of Henry's Root Beer Stand, Quincy, MA
Henry's Root Beer Stand, Quincy
photo of Joan and Ed's Deli, Natick, MA
Joan and Ed's Deli, Natick
photo of Il Buongustaio, Cambridge, MA
Il Buongustaio, Cambridge
photo of the Alumni Cafe, Quincy, MA
Alumni Cafe, Quincy
photo of Eastern Pier, Boston, MA
Eastern Pier, Boston
photo of Lil Vinny's, Somerville, MA
Lil Vinny's, Somerville
photo of Roast Beef Roundup, Woburn, MA
Roast Beef Roundup, Woburn
photo of Reef Cafe, Allston, MA
Reef Cafe, Allston
photo of Pizza in Piazza, Winchester, MA
Pizza in Piazza, Winchester
photo of Mannion's, Quincy, MA
Mannion's, Quincy
photo of Andros Diner, Belmont, MA
Andros Diner, Belmont
photo of Common Ground, Dorchester, MA
Common Ground, Dorchester
photo of Zon's, Jamaica Plain, MA
Zon's, Jamaica Plain
photo of Scup's, East Boston, MA
Scup's, East Boston
photo of Channel Cafe, Boston, MA
Channel Cafe, Boston
photo of Sadie's, Waltham, MA
Sadie's, Waltham
photo of Coffee Sensations, Medfield, MA
Coffee Sensations, Medfield
photo of The Paddock, Somerville, MA
The Paddock, Somerville
photo of Zaleks, Wakefield, MA
Zaleks, Wakefield
photo of Lawton's, Lawrence, MA
Lawton's, Lawrence
photo of Chez Henri, Cambridge, MA
Chez Henri, Cambridge
photo of Betty's Wok and Noodle, Boston, MA
Betty's Wok and Noodle, Boston