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Boston Restaurant Blog -- July, 2012

Friday, July 20, 2012

Five Places to Get Good Steak Tips

photo of steak tips from Cronin's, Quincy, MAIt seems that when people talk about good restaurants and bars to go to for steak tips, the Newbridge Cafe in Chelsea is mentioned more often than not. But what about other places for steak tips? Well, there are a number of spots in the Boston area that serve up excellent versions of this dish, including a few that rival those of the Newbridge. So which restaurants and bars other than the Newbridge Cafe have steak tips that are well worth checking out? Below is a list of five such places, in no particular order:

1) Sadie's, Waltham
As is the case with many good places for steak tips, Sadie's is a classic Boston-area dive bar that looks a bit intimidating from the outside. But this spot, which is located just west of Moody Street (Waltham's "restaurant row"), is frequented by everyone from families to couples to nearby workers, and it features outstanding steak tips with a basic or teriyaki marinade. A final note: Their pork tips may be even better than their steak tips.

2) Cronin's, Quincy
When a place's website address is, you know there's a pretty good chance that their tips are going to be all right. And this is certainly the case with Cronin's Publick House in Quincy, a neighborhood spot near the old shipyard that has a number of excellent food options. The steak tips here are particularly tender and come with a zingy marinade that comes close in quality to that of the Newbridge.

3) Salem Wood Cafe, Malden
More than a few people have said that if anyone equals the Newbridge Cafe in quality when it comes to steak tips, it would be this little Italian-American joint a short distance east of downtown Malden. Their marinade tastes a lot like that of the Newbridge, possibly making one yearn to do a quick "taste-test," eating the tips here and then driving a few minutes east to its competitor in nearby Chelsea.

4) East Side Bar and Grille, Cambridge
Not quite as dive-y as the first three places listed here, the East Side Bar and Grille is more of an old-school family restaurant that focuses on Italian food. And while their menu includes many excellent options (including their wonderful pizza and delicious eggplant rollatini), it is tough to pass on the steak tips here, which are house-butchered and feature a zesty sauce that has a bit of a bite to it.

5) Conrad's, Norwood
Often considered the Newbridge Cafe of the southwestern suburbs of Boston, Conrad's is a spacious, comfortable spot that attracts everyone from families and retirees to group of folks who want to catch some games on TV. And it seems that many, if not most people who come to this bustling Norwood Center eating and drinking establishment order the steak tips, which have a full, robust flavor with a nice bit of smokiness to them.

There are a number of other places that we could have added to this list (including Conley's in Watertown and Barefoot Bob's in Hull), but think of this list as a "starter" to get you pointed toward some of the better spots in the Boston area to get tips. And as always, if you have any favorite places for steak tips, please let us know!

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Dana said:
Sunset Grill & Tap in Allston also has great tips. And, I agree that the Salem Wood tips are also very tender and tasty.
Posted on 7/20/12
SK said:
Silvertone in Downtown Crossing has fabulous steak tips at a great price as well!
Posted on 7/24/12
DDD said:
New Bridge, Chelsea, Anyone?
Posted on 7/24/12

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