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Boston Restaurant Blog -- November, 2005

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sagamore Inn, Bourne: A Casual Italian Restaurant on Route 6A

What a beautiful weekend it was...we took advantage of it Saturday by biking on a part of the Cape Cod Rail Trail in Harwich and Brewster, then we drove up to Scenic Route 6A along the quieter bay side of the Cape. I love Route 6A, but when you're wearing sweats and a "Life is Good" shirt, there are few restaurants on Route 6A that you can go to. I was hoping that the excellent yet casual Grumpy's Restaurant in East Dennis would still be open, but no such luck. So we wandered through the beautiful towns of Dennis, Yarmouthport, Barnstable, and Sandwich, looking for an informal restaurant that wasn't a pizza place or sub shop. No luck...

Finally, just before we hit the Sagamore Bridge, we saw a cozy little place on Route 6A called the Sagamore Inn in the Sagamore section of Bourne. We gave it a shot, and were very happy with the place. The Sagamore Inn is a casual Italian restaurant with a cozy dining room. Families and older couples made up most of the clientele at the Sagamore Inn, and most seemed like locals rather than tourists (of course, not many tourists go to Cape Cod in November). We ordered two classic, simple Italian dishes: The homemade lasagna and the chicken cacciatore, both of which were very good. The Sagamore Inn also has a decent wine list, and a rather tempting dessert list (the bread pudding was a bit heavy, but very tasty).

I'm glad to see that there is a good, casual family restaurant on Route 6A. The road definitely seems to be lacking in these kinds of places, so The Sagamore Inn certainly fills a need. I know that I'll be going back there again, perhaps the next time I hit the Cape Cod Rail Trail again.

If you want the address for The Sagamore Inn, here it is: Sagamore Inn, 1131 Sandwich Road (Route 6A), Bourne, MA 02532; the phone number is (508) 888-9707.

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Tom said:
My mother was brought up in Sagamore in the 1920's/30's. She is still living and said that the interior of the Inn hasn't changed much since she went there as a kid. I've also gone there many times over the years and was there last in 2005.
Posted on 10/25/06
dibeller said:
Comments to date have missed the real secret of this restaurant: twin baked stuffed lobsters. For less than what one would cost in Boston, you get two, perfectly prepared lobsters AND there is lobster meat (including half a tail) in the stuffing! I don't know about anything else on the menu (and even the waitresses consider it indulgent), because I couldn't imagine ordering anything else.
Posted on 5/24/07
George Pearsons said:
I happen to know quite a bit about the Sagamore Inn. My grandparents, the Biancos, owned the Inn from the late 30's until the late 60's. Until we moved to the Cape in 1963, all of our vacations were spent at The Inn. My childhood memories were made up of Grandma Bianco's Italian food and Grandpa's careful oversight of the place. I worked there as a teenager during the summers washing dishes. My parents and grandparents are gone, but the Lord blessed me with a lifetime of memories growing up at The Sagamore Inn.
Posted on 8/15/08
Bryan said:
We have been going to the Cape for over 20 years and have always stopped at the Sagamore going out and coming back. We were very saddened to see it shuttered this past summer. We loved the food and atmosphere. We knew something of the history but George's entry was a treat to read. We can only hope someone will reopen it with the same care and good food.
Posted on 11/8/08
James said:
Bryan, the Sagamore Inn just reopened under new ownership. I also grew up going to the Sagamore Inn, and missed the delicious food last summer! I haven't gotten the chance to get over there yet since it reopened, but I've heard from friends that it is as delicious (if not more so!) as ever!
Posted on 4/21/09
Susie said:
The Sagamore Inn has been reopened under new ownership (a townie from Sandwich) and it is terrific. Growing up in Sagamore, I always loved the Red Clam Sauce and the Shrimp and Eggplant Parmesean. I am sure the lines will be out the door like so many warm summer evenings in the past.
Posted on 5/7/09
Joyce said:
We were thrilled to see the Sagamore Inn back in business as we drove past on our way home this weekend. Just hope the clams and lobster bisque are as good as the original! We'll stop in on our next trip to the Cape and find out!
Posted on 6/22/09
o said:
Not good.
Posted on 7/16/09
Joyce said:
We were thrilled to see the Sagamore Inn back in business as we drove past on our way home this weekend. Just hope the clams and lobster bisque are as good as the original! We'll stop in on our next trip to the Cape and find out!
Posted on 6/22/09
Don and Tammmy said:
New owners, Mike and Suzanne Bilodeau have carried over the great menu from previous times, but they have added their wonderful personalities and their attention to detail. Sagamore Inn is a great spot for breakfast, lunch or dinner- always fresh; always delicious!
Posted on 4/5/10
Mike W. said:
My wife and I took a quick trip to the Cape last weekend and we stopped at the inn for a quick bite to eat, well what a surprise, it was like stepping back in time to old Cape Cod and the dinner was awesome. We were so happy that we stopped there and are looking forward to a soon return. Please give it a try. You will be very happy...thanks.
Posted on 6/11/10
Jim D said:
We discovered the Sagamore Inn while sightseeing along 6A. The food and the service were both exceptional and the portions were huge. If in this area, I wouldn't consider dining elsewhere.
Posted on 6/28/10
Kevin said:
On a recent trip from Florida to visit family in Sagamore, I made a stop to the Sagamore Inn located along 6A. While deciding where to eat out we were momentarily stymied because some of us wanted Italian, some wanted fried clams, and some wanted fresh local fish. My mother suggested the Sagamore Inn and what a great choice it was. We made a reservation and upon our arrival were seated promptly at a cozy round table. Warm bread was served to us as we ordered our beverages. The fried clam fans in our group were delighted and sated with the more than ample portion of sweet lightly fried clams that tasted fabulous. My brother-in-law, who is a veal parmesan lover was delighted with his meal and the addition of eggplant to his old standby. Our diet conscious family member ordered the caprese salad and the broiled schrod both were fresh and well prepared. Everyone was content. Our waiter Linda (who is one of the best waitresses we have ever encountered) suggested we order dessert. What a great recommendation. Both the spumoni and the bread pudding were outstanding. I look forward to my next trip to Cape Cod in the fall when I will return to the Sagamore Inn for another fine feast.
Posted on 7/15/10
br said:
Worst whole clam belly roll I have had on the cape in years tonight. Everything else was ok. They need to find a new fish market.
Posted on 7/21/10
rich said:
July 15, 2011: Never heard of the place but noticed it several times while leaving Cape.
#1: The cleanest restaurant I have EVER dined in.
#2: Excellent waitress and prompt delivery.
#3: Great scallops and superb onion rings.
New owner was keeping an eye on things AND the old owner was sitting in her place of honor.
I'd rate this place excellent. Go here for seafood in Sandwich/Bourne.
PS. Great history of being a speakeasy in the 20s.
Posted on 7/15/11

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