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Boston Restaurant Blog -- December, 2012

Monday, December 31, 2012

A Few Restaurant and Food "Predictions" for 2013

Today is the last day of 2012, and what better time than now to make some food and restaurant predictions for 2013? Below you will find a list of 10 such "predictions," though you *may* want to take most of these with a grain of salt. Happy New Year, everyone! Here's hoping for a great 2013 for all.

1) b.good to Launch an Entire Restaurant into Outer Space
This fall, it was reported that the local restaurant chain b.good had launched one of their burgers into outer space via a weather balloon, and now it appears that they may be ready to take that next giant leap, sending one of their Boston-area restaurants into orbit. It is not yet known where it would launch or where it would land (and which location would be sent up), though if it ends up in the Charles River, it would become Boston's first floating restaurant.

2) A 500,000 Square Foot FroYo Emporium Will Open in Cambridge's Kendall Square
Taking the frozen yogurt craze to a new level (literally), a multi-story froyo food, drink, and entertainment center will open somewhere in Cambridge's hottest neighborhood for dining. The first floor will feature a cafe that will offer items such as frozen yogurt, while the second floor will be more of a full-service dining area that will focus on frozen yogurt. Finally, the third floor will be a bar and nightclub with live music and a menu that features frozen yogurt.

3) Baby Formula Will Become 2013's FroYo
With 2012 seeing an upscale restaurant on the Boston Waterfront offering baby food and baby formula to folks who take their little ones out to eat, other eateries will decide to ride this trend over the next year, with some of the more cutting-edge spots offering formula flavored with such items as lardo, coppa, and duck tongue.

4) Route 20 Will Become the Next Restaurant Row
Waltham's "restaurant row" may be suffering a bit these days due to the economy, but developers are looking into creating a new restaurant row along Route 20 from its eastern terminus in Boston's Kenmore Square to the New York border. Plans have been stalled a bit because the towns of Becket and Fiskdale have not yet voted on the proposal, but if both communities approve, the longest restaurant row in the country could indeed become reality. On a side note, sources tell us that the new restaurant row could be anchored by a Wegmans.

5) A True Chef-Driven Restaurant Will Come to Boston (In the Form of an RV)
With all the talk of chef-driven dining spots opening in 2012, there is word that 2013 could see the development of what would literally be a chef-driven restaurant, with a well-known Boston chef taking folks out into the country in an RV and setting up inventive American meals on large picnic blankets in places such as Carlisle and Sherborn.

6) In-N-Out Burger Will Continue to Not Expand Throughout the Boston Area
It appears that the California-based burger chain will usher in 2013 with plans in place to avoid opening any locations in and around Boston. Rumors abound, however, that these plans could be delayed or even derailed, in which case In-N-Out Burger would have to push back the ignoring of the Boston area until 2014.

7) Fort Point to Become the Next Seaport District
Now this one might actually come true, with well-known chefs and restaurateurs of all kinds looking to open upscale and high-end eateries in a number of old warehouses and factory buildings, turning this quiet artist colony into a potential world-class spot for dining.

8) Seaport District to Become the Next Fort Point
With rents shooting sky-high in the Seaport District, 2013 could see the closing of every restaurant in the neighborhood, which in turn would cause rents to collapse and artists to move into the vacant buildings. This would likely cause the Seaport District to undergo its 18th name change in the past 24 months (possibly being called "Fort Point Redux").

9) A New Restaurant to Open within a Still-Working Substation
Earlier this month, we reported that a new restaurant, cafe, and market were being proposed for a former electrical substation in Roslindale. We hear that this trend could continue in 2013, with a new dining spot possibly opening inside a substation that is still in operation. Sources tell us that the proposed eatery would probably focus on Cajun food, with blackened everything being on the menu.

10) Farm-to-Table Is Out; Table-to-Farm Is In
This one also has a grain of truth to it (give or take), as more and more farms are featuring outdoor dining under the stars where folks sit at communal tables and enjoy inventive American dishes of all kinds. Some farm-to-table spots will also likely jump onto the bandwagon in 2013, creating the first farm-to-table-to-farm dining experiences.


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