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Boston Restaurant Blog -- April, 2006

Thursday, April 6, 2006

A Lack of Good Restaurants in Milton, MA

We ran over to East Milton Square (the town that resides on top of the Southeast Expressway just north of the Braintree split) the other night for a quick meal. Time was short, so we picked the first place we saw, which was Mr. Chan's, a Chinese restaurant that is mostly a takeout place, but with a few tables. I wasn't all that impressed by the food at Mr. Chan's, though I have heard from others that it isn't all that bad.

Looking around East Milton Square, I noticed a distinct lack of restaurants to go to--especially restaurants where you can sit down and enjoy a nice dinner. The only places I saw were Java Jo's Coffee House, which is a great place for a sandwich and a coffee or tea, but they don't serve full dinners; Stella Luncheonette which was closed for the evening; Mozzarella's Pizzeria, a pizza place that seemed to be mostly a takeout joint; and Fiesta Mexican Grill a Mexican restaurant that, yes, also seemed to be pretty much just a takeout place.

While I don't know the rest of Milton all that well, the only restaurant that even comes to mind outside of East Milton Square is Newcomb Farms, which is a very good breakfast place. Other than Newcomb Farms and the East Milton Square dining spots, I'm at a loss to think of anywhere else to dine in Milton, and I can't really think of one restaurant in town to go to for dinner.

Sure, there are some great restaurants just over the Milton border; Dorchester has a ton of good eating spots, as does Quincy, and both Braintree and Randolph have several good restaurants, too. But Milton? Nothing comes to mind.

If anyone can think of a good restaurant in Milton that has a dining room and serves dinner, please contact us if you would like. I would be very interested in hearing about the place. Thanks!

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MH said:
As many of you probably know, Java Jo's in East Milton Square was heavily damaged in a fire awhile back. It now appears that they will not re-open, though I heard that the owner will be opening a new restaurant a few storefronts down. If any of you miss Java Jo's (and I am definitely one of them) and live close to Jamaica Plain, there is another location there. I haven't been to that Java Jo's, but hope to get there one of these days.
Posted on 11/7/06

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