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Boston Restaurant Blog -- November, 2005

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Pizza at the Liberty Grille, Hingham

We ended up at the Liberty Grille in Hingham last night by accident, as we were heading to Stars, which is next door. The lot at Stars was full, so we went over to the Liberty Grille to get a quick, casual dinner, as we were in a bind for time. It turned out to be a good choice, as the Liberty Grille is ultra-casual, incredibly cheap, housed in a charming location, and has some really great bar pizza.

Before continuing, I know people are already asking what bar pizza is. This is one of those terms that no one really knows how to define. Basically, a bar pizza is a small, individual pizza baked in a pan, typically served in bars, and usually inexpensive. Bar pizza tends to be greasy on top, but with a dry, crisp crust with no real out edge to the crust. Bar pizza can be very delicious if done right.

photo of the Liberty Grille, Hingham, MA Getting back on track (sorry to digress), the Liberty Grille has two floors; we ate in the top floor, which has lots of nooks and crannies, including tables near windows that give a view of Tosca, an upscale restaurant next door, and Stars. We sat at one of these tables and dined on pizza and salad, both of which were well worth the almost absurdly low price. I also made a mental note to try the steak tips the next time I went to the Liberty Grille, as they looked very tasty.

A few people today told me that Stars is also a good casual restaurant to go to, so I may try that the next time I am in Hingham. But it will be tough to pass up on the cheap eats at the Liberty Grille, so I may have to flip a coin.

For those who would like the address for the Liberty Grille, here it is: Liberty Grille, 8 North Street, Hingham, MA 02043; the phone number is (781) 749-2444.

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PAP said:
Liberty Grille Pizza is very good. They use a mix of Mozzarella and Cheddar, which stays hot and chewy while the crust stays crisp. In the summer they have fresh basil and tomato pizzas. My choice is the Linguica, with jalapenos and garlic.
Posted on 11/16/09
KBA said:
I just left the Liberty Grill within the hour and if it wasn't for a decent chowder, I would have gone for no stars. I was greeted at the front door as if I was an intruder by a younger lady who apparently had more important business on her I-phone or Blackberry. She seated me at a table looking over the outside dumpsters and the "wait-station". (There was plenty of availability. Only two other tables were then occupied.) She never asked if I preferred or offered upstairs seating although a number of folks after me did go up.
I had clam chowder and Nantucket scallops. My waitress asked if I wanted mashed potato or rice. I asked for rice. The chowder came relatively promptly and was good.
When she brought the scallops, they were swimming in a dish full of a buttery/something liquid of which some she spilled on the table and either didn't notice nor care so I wiped it up for her. My rice came as a baked potato! The scallops were nothing special with some cheese and ritz crackers crumbled on the top.
The waitress didn't return until I was finished, never inquired about the untouched rice (excuse me - baked potato). The total bill came to $20 which I paid with a $2 (10%) tip which was generous for this meal and service.
I have never written such a negative review but this place, this evening with this service earned it.
Posted on 4/1/11
SS said:
Place is a dump and the food is a joke. I miss "The Olde Mill Grille. "
Posted on 7/20/12

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