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Boston Restaurant Blog -- March, 2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Couple of Breakfasts at Jimmy's Broad Street Diner in Weymouth

A couple of years ago I went to a restaurant just outside of Weymouth Landing called Jimmy's Broad Street Diner. The breakfast I had there was good, but not great, and I promptly forgot about the place. But over the past few weeks I've been back there a couple of times, and while I still don't consider it among the best breakfast places on the South Shore, it's definitely better than I had initially thought.

photo of Jimmy's Broad Street Diner, Weymouth, MA Located on a long street that is slightly off the beaten path and has a mix of homes, apartments, and retail spots, Jimmy's Broad Street Diner is really a place where locals seem to go. (You won't find much in the way of reviews from the media or on the Internet for the place.) It is housed in a standalone structure that is a rather colorful spot, with a sleek, modern look to it, both inside and out. The interior is relatively spacious for a diner, with tables to the left of the entrance and more tables, along with counter seating, to the right. While it has the feel of a breakfast place, Jimmy's is also open for lunch and dinner, featuring all kinds of American classics and comfort food for each meal of the day.

For both of our visits to Jimmy's Broad Street Diner, we were able to get seating right away, even though it was a bit crowded both times. And each time our server (two different servers, actually) was gruff but efficient, and our second server was downright funny at times. We had a pretty wide range of foods, from eggs to bacon to toast to waffles to home fries to pancakes and more, but I'll just comment on some of the highlights (and lowlights) here. In the former category, the Belgian waffle was really quite good, as it was neither too dry nor too mushy and had lots of sweet whipped cream on top of it. The potato pancake plate was also decent with a nice combination of herbs and spices mixed into the pancakes, though there was an underlying taste that almost seemed like the oil used to cook them may have been a bit old (or mixed with other food items, thus carrying over those items' tastes). The home fries were a little on the dry side and had too much of a raw onion flavor, while the corned beef hash was also a bit too heavy on the onions, though to be fair, some people may like their hash with that kind of a heavier onion taste. Coffee at Jimmy's was excellent, including the decaf, which was almost as good as the regular. Prices for each of our meals seemed right about where they should be, though some items on the menu seemed just a bit higher than what I've seen at similar places.

As I mentioned earlier, there are other places south of Boston that I'd probably choose over Jimmy's for breakfast (Niko's, which is just down the street, and McKay's in South Quincy), but I did find most of the food to be satisfying--and I am now also curious about their lunches and dinners. If and when I get there for a non-breafast meal, I'll try to post an update here.

If you want the address for Jimmy's Broad Street Diner, here it is: Jimmy's Broad Street Diner, 122 Broad Street, Weymouth, MA, 02188. Phone: (781) 245-1525

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MH said:
We returned to Jimmy's Broad Street Diner over the weekend for breakfast, with both dishes being decent for the most part. The dropped egg over house-made corned beef hash was fine, though the breakfast plate with pastrami was very greasy due to the meat, which was soaked in grease. Service was fine, the coffee was terrific once again, and the prices were very reasonable, but this is by no means my favorite breakfast place on the South Shore (I definitely prefer Stars in Hingham and Niko's in Weymouth).
Posted on 3/19/12

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