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Tuesday, April 24, 2012 (updated )

Eight Good Burgers in the Boston Area

photo of cheeseburger from Louis, Quincy, MAOur slideshow series continues, this time moving on to another popular food item, namely burgers. The Boston area has some great places for them, including little-known spots as well as more popular places, and naturally we're focusing mainly on the slightly more under-the-radar places here. And among the eight burgers are some truly delicious ones, including the Grumpy White's quad burger, the Flat Patties double burger, and the Citizen Public House burger with Stilton cheese and bacon. All eight are worth trying, however, and while it would have been nice to have included a few others (such as the terrific burgers from Cappy's in Readville and Audubon in the Fenway), perhaps a second burger slideshow will be coming sometime in the future.

Below is a link to the burger slideshow:

Slideshow for Eight Good Burgers in the Boston Area

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neil said:
nothing from Boston burger??
Posted on 4/24/12
Pauly's Girl said:
Winter begins: Sully's closes for the season! The reason to go for a long walk around the sugar bowl was to get something at Sully's at the end of the walk. Not sure if the walk burned off the calories, but know that summer is "OVAH." See you in the spring!
Posted on 11/25/12
sdp said:
The Cellar in Harvard Square and Meade Hall in Kendall as well as Five Horses Tavern in Davis are all great!
Posted on 9/18/13

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