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Boston Restaurant Blog -- February, 2006

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

The Wild and Woolly Eagle Brook Saloon, Norfolk, MA

A group of us went to the Eagle Brook Saloon in Norfolk, MA the other day, and let me tell you, it's one unusual restaurant. Tucked away in the woods of Norfolk, about 45 minutes southwest of Boston, the Eagle Brook Saloon looks like a watering hole you might find in the backwoods of Montana. It has a big, wooden front porch, a second floor with private rooms and old wooden railings that you can lean over and see the first floor far below. And it has a local following, many of whom can get a bit on the rowdy side. In other words, I love this place; there is no restaurant in the Boston area that is quite like the Eagle Brook Saloon.

I have been to the Eagle Brook Saloon many times, and am often happy with the quality of the food. If you are looking for gourmet meals and bistro cuisine, look elsewhere; this is a place where you get steak, chops, chicken, or any number of other classic American entrees. My shepherd's pie was very good, and the microbrewed beers were outstanding. Everyone else liked their meals, and when the final bill came out, we were happy with that, too, as prices at the Eagle Brook are reasonable.

As I said, the Eagle Brook Saloon is not for everyone, but if you like an old-fashioned, down-home, unpretentious restaurant, the Eagle Brook Saloon in Norfolk is worth checking out.

For those who want the address of the Eagle Brook Saloon, here it is: Eagle Brook Saloon, 258 Dedham Street (Route 1A), Norfolk, MA 02056; the phone number is (508) 384-7312

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Lance Koren said:
I have eaten there several times. The food is very good and the atmosphere is really fun.
Posted on 8/26/08
MH said:
We returned to the Eagle Brook Saloon this past weekend, splitting a pepperoni pizza and having a few beers. The thin-crust pizza was as good as ever, reminding me a bit of the pies at Denly's in Weymouth (one of my favorite spots), and the beers were ok (the Opa Opa Watermelon and Opa Opa Wheat were decent enough), though nothing that blew me away. The place was very quiet at the peak of the dinner hour, possibly because so many people were probably heading out for Father's Day the following day.
Posted on 6/21/10
jk said:
Shysters....I ordered a pizza after looking at their website with the prices. I thought I was going to pay $12.95 for large Veggie pizza. I ended up paying $18.65. Called Mgr "Frank" he said too changed prices I am out of luck, no refund for the difference.
Bad attitude, crappy pizza. No rating low enough for these guys....
Posted on 10/24/10
MH said:
Several of us made another trip to the Eagle Brook over the weekend. The food was mostly good, with the chili being rich and filled with meat, though not a whole lot of heat was coming from the peppers. The mesquite BBQ burger was decent, but the meat was underseasoned--fortunately the mesquite sauce boosted the flavor a bit. And the cookie dough pie was delicious and wonderfully rich, in fact possibly being the best item of the day. We sat in one of the private rooms upstairs, which was good for chatting with each other without any background noise. Service was excellent and the prices were pretty reasonable overall.
Posted on 5/10/11
RDH said:
Food was pretty good, Service was fair. When we got our bill the price on one item didn't match what was on the menu. Waitress said there was a price change...Manager didn't want to adjust the bill. I was surprised at this ???
Posted on 8/13/11
MH said:
We went back to the Eagle Brook once again a few days ago, this time trying everything from the roast turkey dinner (very good overall) to the baby back ribs (excellent--tender with a delicious BBQ sauce). We also had a chocolate cake which was tasty and decadent, but the server said that they were going to be changing the recipe, which is a shame because the one they served was so good.
Posted on 5/17/12
MH said:
We returned to the Eagle Brook Saloon over the weekend, this time having a huge Caesar salad, a terrific bar pizza, a turkey dinner that unfortunately was served lukewarm, and a hearty chicken parmigiana. Service was excellent, and the prices were low as always.
Posted on 2/18/13

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