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Boston Restaurant Blog -- February, 2009

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Two Dinners at Coop's Bar and Grill, Quincy

Quincy is becoming more and more known for its varied restaurant scene, with nearly every kind of cuisine available. It also seems to have countless bars, some of which actually serve pretty good food. And over the past few weeks, I got to try one of these places--called Coop's Bar and Grill--a couple of times, with mostly good results.

photo of Coop's Bar and Grill, Quincy, Massachusetts Coop's, which is in a long flat building with few windows, doesn't look like much (and is in a section of Quincy that is a little on the gritty side), but it is a bit nicer on the inside than it is on the outside. There is a basic sports bar on the left, though unlike many sports bars I have been to, the people there seemed pretty quiet and well-behaved both times I went. To the right is a medium-sized dining room which is where we ate on both of our trips there. The dining area is quiet and family-friendly, with comfortable tables and hardwood floors, though the paneled ceiling, recessed lights, and Keno in the corner are reminders that Coop's leans more toward being a bar than a restaurant.

The menu at Coop's is pretty straightforward with a mix of pub grub and basic American fare, though there are some twists here and there. We sampled a number of items in our two trips to Coop's, with the boneless buffalo wings perhaps being our favorite. They were crisp and buttery (much like those at Cambridge Common in Cambridge, which are my favorite in the Boston area), and the medium sauce had just enough of a kick to make things interesting. Aside from the boneless wings, the bar pizza is also excellent, with a perfectly crispy crust, a moderately zesty sauce, and a slightly greasy but flavorful topping of cheese. Steak tips were decent, though you can find better ones within Quincy (the ones at nearby Cronin's are the standard-bearer here). As for some of the other items, well, the veal parm sandwich was not all that great, as the veal was a little on the tough side and it just didn't have much taste. And the fried macaroni and cheese was crunchy, dried out, and also lacking in taste. Service was very good at Coop's, and the prices were about as low as you'd expect at a place like this.

I like Coop's and will definitely be heading back there soon. But I feel that you have to pick and choose when it comes to ordering food here, as it appears that some items are better than others. I could eat their boneless buffalo wings all day long, for instance, and their pizza is quite impressive. I may try some other dishes, however, the next time I go, just to see what else might stand out there. In the meantime, I feel that Coop's, while not quite a gem, isn't all that bad, either, and is certainly worth going to for bite to eat and a beer or two.

If you want the address for Coop's Bar and Grill, here it is: Coop's Bar and Grill, 520 Washington Street, Quincy, MA 02169. The phone number is (617) 472-2667.

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Try their Drunken Buffalo Meatballs and/or Drunken Buffalo Meatball Pizza!!!!
Posted on 2/3/10
MH said:
We returned to Coop's this week, trying the steak tips once again (better this time, with a nice, smokey taste), as well as the chili (outstanding, with just the right mix of sweet and hot tastes), the French onion soup (a little watery, but ok overall), and the chicken parmesan bread bowl (subpar tomato sauce, slightly dried out chicken). The chili was the clear winner, which is no surprise as Coop's recently won a local chili cook-off. Prices were dirt cheap and service was about as good as it gets, as our waiter was friendly, funny, and low-key. In short, the food at Coop's remains at times frustratingly inconsistent, but I've had more good meals than bad here, and like the overall feel of the place. We'll certainly be returning at some point in the future.
Posted on 2/3/11

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