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Boston Restaurant Blog -- March, 2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pizza and Beer at Conley's, Watertown

Years ago, I used to go to a little watering hole on the Watertown/Belmont line called McFly's. It was housed in an old auto shop, and every now and then I would get a whiff of motor oil while sipping on a pint of Murphy's or Guinness. Well, McFly's is long gone, and so is the smell of motor oil (for the most part), with a larger restaurant and bar called Conley's having taken over the spot some time ago.

photo of Conley's Pub and Grille, Watertown, Massachusetts Conley's Pub and Grille expanded the spot when they took over McFly's, and it is now a surprisingly spacious place, with a couple of bar areas to the left, a dining area to the right, and a few tables along the narrow walkway connecting it all. There is plenty of brick and neon throughout the place, giving Conley's a local townie bar feel, though the fact that it is literally on the Watertown/Belmont line (Belmont is across the street) allows for an interesting mix of people from both towns.

Several of us went to Conley's a couple of weeks back after making a brief stop at the nearby sports bar Donohue's. We grabbed a large table by a window and ordered some beers, and I was surprised that they actually served pitchers of Smithwick's, an Irish red ale that is one of my favorites. A few of us ordered some pizza, and I fully expected it to be a form of bar pie, but I was wrong; they brought the pizza over on a pedestal (New York style) and it turned out to be a classic Italian-style thin crust pie, with a chewy, foldable crust, a sufficiently zesty sauce, and a nice mix of cheeses that included just a hint of bitterness. This was very good pizza that we enjoyed greatly and would not hesitate ordering again. While we were there, I heard that the steak tips at Conley's are also excellent, but being that it was late at night and I was pretty full, the tips would have to wait for a future trip.

Conley's Pub and Grille is a true hidden gem in my eyes, and based on how the steak tips, burgers, and other items are here when we return, it may be worthy of a featured review on our site, so stay tuned...

If you want the address for Conley's Pub and Grille, here it is: Conley's Pub and Grille, 164 Belmont Street, Watertown, MA 02472. The phone number is (617) 393-0237.

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TomC said:
I'd like to add to the comments about Conley's. The menu was a far cry from the pub style you might expect. If MH was surprised by the regular pizza, wait until MH and friends try the Mexican pizza. Think of a giant nacho that is too much for one person to eat, enough said.
There is plenty on the menu to please a casual stop for something to snack on with a drink, or for longer lunch or dinner event. A good selection of beer and mixed drinks surprised us on our first visit more than a year ago. With friends whose tastes are sometimes a challenge to please all at once, Conley's made it pretty easy. Burgers, chili, and the beef barley soup are all items I can attest to as being really enjoyable. I guess the word is getting out about Conley's, and it is good.
Parking can be a little bit of an adventure, just don't park at McHugh's Liquors or at the bus stop....
Posted on 4/6/09

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